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Hi, Thanks for that great Template, The incoice page deas not generate PDF File for print? Thanks

No it does not..i’m not sure if there is a feature for that

Thank you for your reply Can you please help me to add this feature ?

yes I will add this feature in the next release.

When you issue updates after I have purchased, are they available easily? Thanks.

Yes you can redownload it to get the latest updates

Hi, How can i disable sort on some columns on data table Thanks

This template is using DataTable so I will refer you to this link – If you can’t get it right let me know so that I can assist you. Thanks

I can’t view the live demo, it redirects to:

something wrong with your hosting?

Check it back :)

Love the theme, but I’m running into trouble with a form when it’s part of a modal window. The select values do not show up. Not just the dropdown items, but even the default text is not showing up. I have tried z-index values, but no luck. It is inside a modal-photo, then inside the col-sm-4 modal-photo-right, then inside “details”, then a panel, then finally a form-group. The labels for the <select> boxes show up fine, as do the width of the dropdowns. Thanks for your help.

Yes, it is just a hard coded form with <option> tags. Nothing strange, just plan old HTML.

I figured out the problem. It’s crazy, but the space and the /> at the end of the <select> tag was causing the problem. <select name=”color” class=”form-control mb15” /> does not work, but <select name=”color” class=”form-control mb15”> does. Crazy!

Of course using /> does not work

update ok?

Is there a release Date for v. 1.4. The Roadmap looks fine.

Yes we’re getting there :)

I bought this theme about two months ago and I’m still waiting your promise of “More Color Skins”. I’d love to see any Less variable to change the colors in only one place as well.

you can have it in update 1.4

I noticed a strange bug: When viewing ‘Fixed Width w/ Menu’, if you refresh the page, it knocks the top menu down.

Here is example of what you see if you click the link to open the page in the demo:

Here’s what it looks like if you refresh the page:

OS X Mavericks 10.9.2 Google Chrome Version 35.0.1916.114

Works fine on Firefox, by the way

FYI, removing the following HTML code resolved the issue… Not sure what that is/was used for but doesn’t seem to have caused any issues in removing it…

<a class="menutoggle"><i class="fa fa-bars" /></a>

Thanks for letting us know. :)


I will start a new project, and I’m afraid of start and then you release the 1.4 version update with a lot of new things, did you have a release date of this new version? and idea of the new features / fixes ?

I wait your return to buy the template!


Hi, can you answer my message please? thanks!

Hopefully I can release the 1.4 next week. New features are in the description

Is there anybody who knows how to grab the “Toggle Switches” values via a post form ($_POST[’’]) ?

<label class=”col-sm-5 control-label”>Primary Switch</label>

Many thanks :)

Loving this template! Small problem getting some of the javascript to work as with popovers and rollovers on tables. What may be confusing things is that I’m only loading in the content on each page load / fixed header and side bars. Thus, all the javascript is loaded at the beginning on index.html. Would you think that I’m getting conflicts in the javascript – I notice that you only load what you need on each page.


Hi janlyn, just ignore my previous reply I get it now. I see that you position the featuredglidercontent.js in the bottom most part of your page. Try to switch it with the position of custom.js. Meaning the custom.js is now in the bottom most part of the page.

Thx for the reply! I tried that without improvement. Seems that adding in pages through a loadPage function causes a timing issue in syncing the javascript and the page calls. iow, if I refresh the page after the first load, the js engages. Haven’t found the solution but at least I know what’s happening. If you have more input, I’d be interested in hearing your ideas. Thanks again!

Try to look the below code in custom.js
jQuery('.tooltips').tooltip({ container: 'body'});
and replace it like this
    selector: '[class=tooltips]'

I updated Chosen to 1.1 and it completely lost the look of the theme. Seems like you made changes directly into the chosen.css file. Is that right? How can I fix it?

Just use the both css the updated one and the old one. Just rename it to have different filename and load the two

hello, I bought this product and I am satisfied. but unfortunately I have problems with the graphics only with Internet Explorer 8/10, other browsers are fine. the problem lies in the left navigation bar, on the top bar and the arrangement of the input fields within a form. You know you tell me if there is a way to solve, if I have to set something to make them work

ITALIAN : ciao, ho comprato questo prodotto e io sono soddisfatto. purtroppo però ho dei problemi con la grafica solo con Internet Explorer 8 /10, gli altri broswer vanno bene. il problema sta nella barra di sinistra , nella barra superiore e nella disposizione dei campi input all’interno di un form. tu sai dirmi se c’è un modo per risolvere, se devo impostare qualcosa per far in modo che funzionino

Hi, can you provide some screenshots for me? I can’t reproduce the problem here seems fine to me. What windows version are you using?

I’m having trouble getting the calendar to appear on the date picker upon click. Can you help me troubleshoot?

Here’s what I have:

Hi, you forgot to include line of code below
<script src="js/jquery-ui-1.10.3.min.js"></script>

Hi, great theme and I am just modifying it for my requirements. An odd thing is happening though. My interface requires the left panel to be sticky but for some reason, when I change the class to sticky-leftpanel, the accordion panels in the navigation cease to expand / contract, but fire a page reload for the user. Any ideas how I can get around this ?

I am presuming it is due to the sticky-leftpanel having height of 100% and as such the accordion doesn’t know what to expand or contract into ?

Thanks for your help. Really appreciated.

Ok here’s the fix.

1. Do not remove the leftpanel class when adding sticky-leftpanel, it should be class=”leftpanel sticky-leftpanel”

2. You might notice that the left panel is stick on the left most of the page. For the fix just add left:auto to .sticky-leftpanel {} in the css
.sticky-leftpanel { left:auto; }

Perfect, I should have realised it was a secondary class. Thanks for your help.

Apologies, another little thing I have run into with the fixed width option. Once your browser is down to a width of say 1024px, when you re-open the leftpanel, it ‘scrapes’ the main content panel off to the right.

Ideally, I would love for this panel to re-size into the available space, so that content within this can be seen at all times.

Does that make sense ?

Where I can set the sending compose.html to send mails ?

compose.html is just a template. you have to integrate it yourself to send mails


Like I say, I bought :)

Any news about:

More UI Kit in PSD More Color Skins

I just need know if you will create any color scheme that has RED as a predominant color?

Thank you!

Yes it will be available in 1.5 version. About the date estimate is in 3weeks

An amazing theme, very glad you’ve decided to add support for LESS as well. Only thing thats missing is some kind of tree structure plugin/design

Ok I will add this in next version release. Thanks

Hello, can you fix the panelhight of the mainpanel?

I know the adjustmainpanelheight() function corrert the Panelhight, but sometimes change the hight. for examble in your Demopage -> Buttons.

If i open the Dropdown at the button, the site is growing but not the gray panel.

Its happen to if I have many panels in much collums an change the windowsize.

I don’t see that you purchase this template but thanks if you found the bug in demo and i’ll fix this in next update