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Just saw that you plan to release more colors for this template. Any date for the release?


Estimate would be in 3 weeks

How many levels do the drop down menu (leftbar) allows to be created? the demo shows a single level drop down menu and i’m looking for a template with multi levels.

It’s single for now. I will create multi-level version of the menu in future version of this template

Can a nav li link to an anchor farther down a page in the content window? I have tried several different methods of doing so…not any success so far.

Please advise, this feature is needed badly as the main content is quite extensive, and each li within the ul is a sub section stacked in one long html.


I can’t really understand what your question here.

This theme is pretty nice. But there is a lot of problems into LESS files: Missing variables, some typos, missing mixins and others. Have you tested it?... Are you OK to fix these ASAP? Thank you for answer and sorry for my bad english (I’m french).

variables are in variables.less, mixins are in general.less. please check

Hum, I’ll check that, but many syntax errors and typos:

form.less (line 23): ”.borde-radius” instead of ”.border-radius”

pages.less (lines 354 and 880): a ”;” is missing

pages.less (lines 939): a “)” is missing

variables.less (line 5): a double ”@font-family-bold” variable instead of ”@font-family-light”

variables.less: @white-bg is missing…

Will I continue? :) It should be pretty cool to check these king of problems before updating new versions. Thanks.

Ok thanks for letting me know. I’ll let my partner know on this.

hi, that’s great theme. i want to buy full license of this. it mean you buy all of copyright of this to me and you don’t buy this to other. can do this?


i don’t really understand what you mean. can you send me an email?

what is your email?


How do I update the “Select box” with ajax?

The scenario: Step 1: Select the country from “Country” select box Step 2: Get the city from the database via ajax Step 3: Update the “City” select box.

What do you mean like user have to select city but before that they have to select country first through dropdown and then once they selected country the same dropdown update into a city? Is that what you mean?

Hello, I also noticed many syntax errors in the LESS, and although I went through and fixed them all so that I could compile it, once I compiled it, the output CSS file (style.default.css) completely changed the look of the site files, most of the style is stripped away.

We are currently fixing the less right now.

after compiling the style.default.less you can add the import css urls that I used in the style.default.css. I forgot to include it in the less file

I bought this template, it’s very good.

But, I dont found a option to put one more sublevel in sidebar menu like a treeview. This already exists or has a way to put easily?

If not, can you give me a hint how to develop?


The current version doesn’t support multi level menu right now.

Hi, What about implementing PACE (, instead of actual basic spinner?

That is a great addition to the theme. Thanks for letting me know.

Hey – when you set a class like table-primary to color the header it does not work with datatables. Is this a quick fix you can help me with?

Hi, it is because the datatables css is loaded after the style.default.css. To fix this you have to load the datatables css first before the style.default.css
<link href="css/jquery.datatables.css" rel="stylesheet">
  <link href="css/style.default.css" rel="stylesheet">

The color applies to it but the sort arrow disapper because in my css I use background instead of background-color. You can adjust it yourself if you know. I already fixed it and will be included in the next release.

perfect, that fix worked :) thank you.

IT’s a small thing, but just wondering if I can ‘auto’ open a panel in the navigation, i.e. the ‘Pages’ drop down. I tried adding nav-active to the li class, but that just adjusts the header. I am presuming, I need to somehow call the JQuery functionality directly from the page ?

Just add class nav-parent nav-active active class
<li class="nav-parent nav-active active">

I tried that as well previously, but all it does is make the header active and does not expand to show the list items underneath.

Just add style=”display:block” in ul with class children. If you want to automate using javascript I’ll post a code here once im in my computer. I cant give you code for now i am using phone to reply your comment

Hi there,

Am I just not seeing it or is there not a way to get an instant message window open from the chat section on the right side?

There is no instant message window in the chat section. I’m planning to add in future release if given enough time. Thanks

can you add more css effects on this template? on buttons, icons, menu slider with easing effect / smooth slider / fade in fade out, like some other templates? will be nice!

Yes thanks for the suggestion. I will add in future releases

Hi, I came across a couple of problems with this template when evaluating it on the live demo:

1) The template does not scale down properly in IE or FF as the window is resized. We wind up with horizontal scrollbars but shouldn’t. It scales down perfectly in Chrome.

2) Tables with borders don’t have borders all the way around the table. The border appears at the top of the table and on the left side of the first row. The problem seems to be related to the border-collapse property, which is set to collapse. You can see it here:

Is there any chance these issues can be address in the next update? Lovely design otherwise.


Yes it looks like the charts are not collapsing properly and forcing a horizontal scroll bar in the browser. If you just left click and hold the top corner of your browser, then slowly increase or decrease the size of the window, you will see the problem. Might be a CSS issue/solution. But it’s not serious IMO. Any idea how to get the borders working properly in tables though?

Ok the problem is with the bootstrap style customizations you’ve defined in bootstrap-override.css. Namely, table cell colors being hardcoded to #eee. See lines 1271 and 1284:

.table thead > tr > th { border-color: #eee; background-color: #fff; padding-top: 12px; padding-bottom: 12px; color: #444; } .table thead > tr > th, .table tbody > tr > th, .table tfoot > tr > th, .table thead > tr > td, .table tbody > tr > td, .table tfoot > tr > td { border-color: #eee; padding: 10px; }

So this ends up overriding the border color defined by your table class .table-bordered. Tables show up with a partial border on the top and header row, which looks very odd.

My temporary solution, for posterity: .table thead > tr > th { background-color: #fff; padding-top: 12px; padding-bottom: 12px; color: #444; } .table thead > tr > th, .table tbody > tr > th, .table tfoot > tr > th, .table thead > tr > td, .table tbody > tr > td, .table tfoot > tr > td { padding: 10px; } .table:not(.table-bordered) thead > tr > th, .table:not(.table-bordered) tbody > tr > th, .table:not(.table-bordered) tfoot > tr > th, .table:not(.table-bordered) thead > tr > td, .table:not(.table-bordered) tbody > tr > td, .table:not(.table-bordered) tfoot > tr > td { border-color: #eee; }

Great Look Great Work;

Hello, What is the date forecast for the launch of Fronted Themes?

I can’t tell it right now. There are lots of things to do on front-end template.

Better responsive performance with text. Please help.

Can you tell us if we can easily use the above and can you include this on your next upgrade? This would greatly improve the performance.

Can it be easily converted with the bracket theme? Do we need to convert from Pixels to EM?

I never heard of this until now. I will try to use this in my template but I cannot tell if this is compatible in my template yet, we’ll see.

I don’t think that you need to convert from pixels to em

When is the next update and release?

I can’t tell it right now but I am still working on fixes and additional features on this template for the next release

Very nice theme.

When can we expect more colors ?

I am still working on fixes and additional features on this template for the next release and that includes more colors

Awesome theme! I have a question about the modals. I have a few links that I want to launch a ‘panel as modal’ but it works in some places and not others with the same code. I have in the horizontal menu link…

<button class="btn btn-default dropdown-toggle tp-icon" data-toggle="modal" data-target=".bs-example-modal-panel"> <i class="glyphicon glyphicon-bookmark" /> </button> <div class="modal fade bs-example-modal-panel" tabindex="-1" role="dialog" aria-labelledby="myModalLabel" aria-hidden="true"> <div class="modal-dialog"> <div class="modal-content" /> </div> </div>

I also have in the content area….

<h5 class="subtitle"><a href="ajax/tags.html" class="pull-right" data-toggle="modal" data-target=".bs-example-modal-panel">+ Add Keywords</a></h5>

The funny thing is if I click on one of the links on the content area first and then horizontal menu, both works fine. But if I click on the horizontal menu link first screen go shaded but no ‘panel as modal’ displays.

Also, modals only work in Safari and not Chrome.

Thanks for the help,

I cannot tell what’s causing the modal not to display. It would be easier for me to check if you can show me the page.