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Hi – Is there a way to make a post highlight the BLOG menu item?

I had to use then following to make a child highlight a parent page menu item but cannot figure out how to do it for a post as they cannot have parents.

nav.main_menu .current-page-ancestor a{ color: #00a8ff !important; }


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You can targen single post class adn then to target unique menu item ID which is your blog menu item. Cod should go something like this:

body.single.single-post li#nav-menu-item-15331 a {
    color: #ffcc00;



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I am having an issue with the dropdown menus needing to be double and triple clicked to work on touchscreen laptop devices using Windows 10. This seems to have been a problem for some time with other users as well and seeing if you have found a solution yet.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.


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Please submit a ticket at https://qode.ticksy.com and share a link to your site and our support will investigate this.



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Hello, I am new at website development and i am looking forward to buy a template for wordpress from your site. What do you provide me to do that? Is it so easy like to add a new theme from wordpress and customize it from UI?


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​Hi there,

We have a scrollbar conflict on our site.

When you click on an event on a mac all works fine. But on a pc you can’t scroll through the popup yet there are 2 scrollbars on the right.

Any idea how to fix this conflict? Peace, Ed’

Add. I’ve tried disabling all plugins, but this didn’t solve the issue.


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Hello, I love this theme! :) I would just like to ask you if it is possible to change the way the results appear on the search site? I would like for instance the photos to be a bit smaller and I would also prefer to hide the information letting know when the content was posted. Thanks! Cheers, Petra


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Hello! I found where that
desaturate.svg 404 (Not Found) 
error comes.
1. Create Row
2. Add image gallery
3. Choose image grid
4. Grayscale Images – Yes

This grayscale option not workin because script searchin
desaturate.svg here

the real location of this file is

Also i want to mention that i’m downloaded latest version of theme and install bridge main demo, i’m checkin all elements one by one.

at this moment i found that BLOG SLIDER don’t have height so it’s not showing on the page after i add it here what i found in inspector

element.style {
    display: block;
    text-align: left;
    float: none;
    position: relative;
    top: auto;
    right: auto;
    bottom: auto;
    left: auto;
    z-index: auto;
    width: 1770px;
    margin: 0px;
    overflow: hidden;
    cursor: move;
    height: 0px;

i double checked all settings and variations before posting this, even if i choose a custom settings in Image size field – BLOG SLIDER not showing.

At this moment i add to css this code to show blog slider on site

.caroufredsel_wrapper {
    height: 200px!important;
pleease provide a better solution for that, because if i cange image size i need to change code in css
height: auto; 
not working

It’s strage problem with height solved after i add a new post.

Hi. Want to reduce the space between the columns in the row element for our website home page. Need your support with the css code for the same.


Dear, I would like to change the pictures from a portfolio list. Now it displays the pictures that were uploaded from the theme. How can I change the pictures from a portfolio list?

Hello. Great Theme. One Question: I want to “display none” the categories from woo commerce. Have anyone a code? All the code i found in the www is not working :(

Sorry, I mean the category name or deactivate the category link to the category page ;)

I’m unable to open the home page or add a new page when on a Mac using Snow Leopard (10.6.8) but have no problem on 10.11. I’ve never had a problem accessing a WordPress theme before on Snow Leopard. Is this a known issue on the Bridge theme?

Hi, I need to add an Image Gallery to my Portfolio Single page. Although my portfolio type is “custom in grid” I cannot use the Visual Composer, only QODE shortccodes as with templates. Can you please help me with that?