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Daniors Purchased

​Hi guys,

I install the Bridge Architect Studio template, and​ I have the following problem:​

Warning: getimagesize(/home/cgo20751/public_html/wp-content/uploads/2016/07/logo.png): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home/cgo20751/public_html/clients/cutek/wp-content/themes/bridge/includes/shortcodes/shortcode-elements/slider.php on line 356 ​Can you help me please​,



QODE Author


For the warning you’re seeing:

In your WP admin -> Qode Options -> Logo, make sure to upload your logo in all the fields there, instead of our default logos. That should resolve this.

if the warning is still on after it, you should then edit this file wp-content/themes/bridge/includes/shortcodes/shortcode-elements/slider.php , and you need to edit following part of code:

list($logo_width, $logo_height, $logo_type, $logo_attr) = getimagesize($_SERVER[‘DOCUMENT_ROOT’].$logo_url_obj[‘path’]); $logo_url_obj = parse_url($qode_options_proya['logo_image']);

to look like this:

list($logo_width, $logo_height, $logo_type, $logo_attr) = getimagesize($qode_options_proya[‘logo_image’]);

If you continue to have problems, please submit a ticket at https://qode.ticksy.com/ and our support team will assist you.


Hi How to modify “Back To Top Button” right now go to top


QODE Author


Back to top styling and position can be changed from Qode options > Elements http://screencast.com/t/kMNnIeD89


Hello, you have a setup item


QODE Author


Can you elaborate this a bit please? If you are referring to demo content and importing of demo content, one click import option is available and it is called Qode import. With it, you can import any demo http://bridgelanding.qodeinteractive.com/choose-your-demo/



elpi5 Purchased


a question,

i have a fixed menu type configurated, is there any way to reduce the top and botton padding of menu?

there is some much space top and botton, i would like to reduce this…

thanks a lot


QODE Author


Header height can be set from Qode options > Header, and menu items line height can be changed from Qode options > Fonts http://screencast.com/t/qlVRKD27

If that does not help, please submit a ticket at https://qode.ticksy.com and share your site link along with WordPress admin access so our support can check this on your end.


Hello, please can you explain where exactly I can find the ‘Get shortlink’ button so that I can find out the unique ID for each single portfolio? When I click on my portfolio item at the back end, I can only see the ‘Edit’ button next to the permalink. Thank you

is there a way to move the top nav menu over more to the right? Right now it is overlapping the Site Logo on the left.

Here is a link to what I mean:


UPDATE: When I change the logos, the problem disappeared.

I have a bug report. And please let me know how I can fix it. I installed the demo 82. This is the message on the top: Warning: getimagesize(/home4/ekuplu/public_html/harry/bridge82/wp-content/uploads/2015/05/logo_retina_82.png): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /home4/ekuplu/public_html/harry/wp-content/themes/bridge/includes/shortcodes/shortcode-elements/slider.php on line 356


cmparm88 Purchased

Curious. I got the ‘Are you sure you want to do this’ response and figured out the max file upload size was too small to install the plug in. After reading some of the comments I went to the documentation that came with my download to find the second method. While this info seemed helpful to those on a shared host, I do not believe I am on a shared host. Is there any other way to plug Bridge in without contacting the host to increase the max file size limit? Didn’t know if it was possible to download in pieces? instead of one massive file??? *Can you tell I am new to word press.

Any info is helpful

-Thank you!


We noticed that videos in the Qode Slider don’t play in mobile devices at all.

After some research we found the following hint in the Bridge Tutorials:

“in order to make the slider appear uniformly across all mobile devices, video playback is disabled in the JavaScript”

Well, nowadays many mobile browsers play videos normally since Qode Slider supports HTML 5 videos. So actually there isn’t a reason to disable video playback in mobile devices in general. Therefore please tell us:

1 — How to activate the video playback in mobile devices by default (automatic playback) ? 2 — How to set a placeholder image as a fallback just in case videos are not played automatically ?

Thank you!


newrkv Purchased

Hi, I am currently using the Fixed Advanced header in Bridge. But, I am having an issue with the transition when scrolling down. I want to remove the animation the logo does when people scroll down the page. Is this possible? It looks very choppy during the transition.


It took me a long time to build the website so apologies it is now 10 months since buying theme and I could not submit ticket. I hope you will help. Im sure you have good idea of what is wrong. I think there is some custom CSS in QODE settings related to mobile view put in there by you when you designed the DEMO i used (i cant remember which demo i use..).

I am now very happy with the desktop version of the website. BUT. When i went to mobile version it is not displaying well in many places – Problem is ONLY in PORTRAIT view. (LANDSCAPE view on mobile is very nice and no problems).

All below examples relate to MOBILE view in PORTRAIT view (using Samsung 6) On the HOMEPAGE there are two places where the MOBILE view goes weird. You just need to look on a smartphone HOMEPAGE compare the HOMEPAGE Desktop and you will see problem. The images and writing do not display correct – all uneven on Mobile Portrait.

On the ABOUT US page – all content is not displaying correct on MOBILE PORTRAIT except top image which is good. Just get your mobile and go to Landscape view. It is good on Landscape. But NOT on PORTRAIT.

Same problems for OUR PROCESS page. Same problems for CONTACT page

website : http://www.custompoolsqld.com.au/​

Thank you


I like this theme but I don’t understand this kind of scroll when you turn the mouse wheel: I can’t read/see a parts of a paragraph or sections, for example in this demo: http://bridge74.qodeinteractive.com/.

Is posible use a “classic” scroll? Thanks! Dani

Hi I am getting this issue, I’ve tried importing the sample sliders but it’s still showing the error.

LayerSlider encountered a problem while it tried to show your slider. Please make sure that you’ve used the right shortcode or method to insert the slider, and check if the corresponding slider exists and it wasn’t deleted previously.


br0k3n Purchased

Hi guys, there is a way to remove lightbox in the mobile version? Thanks