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We couldn't find any history of your tickets on our support forum https://qode.ticksy.com , however you have rated our software very low. We think it's fair to try to contact our support first regarding all the theme related questions, before leaving such a bad review. Our support agents will try to assist you for all the doubts you have related to our theme. Can you please try to get in touch with them by submitting a ticket at https://qode.ticksy.com or via email. We hope this can be improved and you will change this bad impression you've got.


for Customizability

The best money I’ve ever spent. I bought it this afternoon and within a few hours I've configured the demo page for the customer…

for Design Quality

Awesome design and gives me a fresh look that others are lacking in my industry.

for Customer Support

New to the Qode system some support was inevitable. It was felt with easily and the ticket system and other support items work well.

for Customer Support

I recently purchased the bridge theme and hence had a few queries and problems. Customer support was top notch and responded quickly.

for Customer Support

The customer support on Bridge theme is completely awesome. They even logged in as a temporary admin to find a bit of code that got accidentally inserted and prevented anchor id's from being utilised.

So quick, friendly, and helpful.

for Customer Support

I have purchased so many licenses of this theme I've lost count :) I use it exclusively now. The customization, the product and all features, and mostly the support. Qode provides the best support. You must be fair and give them time to respond, they are obviously a busy team. Don't expect same day replies. BUT, you will feel like you have your own personal tech team. Get as familiar as you can with the documentation (there could be improvements to their documentation but it is still very good compared to other developers), I say this because I sometimes wonder if the support team is so busy answering people's questions that could simply be found in the documentation which would free up more time for those of us who need real support, haha. But 5 STARS all the way for Bridge! Highly recommend.

for Feature Availability

This theme is awesome It has loads of features, like a timetable, loads of slider option with CTA's.

Love the 3d button, text marquee is an amazing and Interactive Icon Showcase is cool and timetable plugin is worth the price.

But. these three plugins - visual composer+revolution slider+layer slider plugins have both the free+pro version.
when you purchase the theme. what we get is the free only
So overall I just wanna say, guys, you should also purchase the visual composer+revolution slider+layer slider plugins individually to make an amazing website.

------------------ FEATURE REQUEST PLEASE-----------------

The qode options where you have to do the main customization it is little bit exhausted tab. because loads of options are there and we get confused easily.
May be you guys should add previews with the(?) so when we hover we can see the mini preview of what feature we are customizing. (example: header styles)

The only thing this theme needs a review+quiz post feature in the main blogging feature.
Nowadays It's so important because most of the biz+bloggers are doing reviews either If you're in tech biz or in the beauty biz. these features are damnnn important one to consider guys. :) May be in the future updates you guys will add these.

+1 More The Buzzfeed listicle ones (blog listicle post feature).

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