Brook - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Brook - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

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Brook is a versatile WordPress theme for different purposes, which emphasizes creativity, efficiency, and diversity in site building. Bundled up with more than 30+ element-rich customizable home-pages, 20+ blogs & portfolio layouts, Premium Plugins such as WPBakery Page Builder & Slider Revolution, Mega Menu, 1click import, etc. Brook would be a sharp weapon for businesses to dominate in online branding and marketing.

Brook's Sketch file for free Brook's great demos How To Create One Page Scroll With Brook Brook's awesome blogs Brook's awesome portfolios Upcoming Instruction Video 16 footer styles WPBakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution Premium plugins included Bold Digital Inventions Innovative Creativity with Font Awesome Pro $60 Beautiful Shop with WooCommerce plugin Brook - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme Brook - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme Brook - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme Brook - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme Brook - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme Brook - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme Brook - Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

Brook is a versatile WordPress theme for different purposes, which emphasizes creativity, efficiency, and diversity in site building. Below is the list of Brook‘s strongest features for your consideration:

Multipurpose: It is truly a theme that could serve any purpose thanks to 30 magnificently predefined homepages for a broad range of business areas. Brook embraces original & distinctive designs for building creative websites with limitless capabilities. More spectacular homepages are being processed that will surely take your breath away.

Responsiveness: Many might assume that multipurpose themes normally have shortcomings in terms of responsiveness and loading speed due to its heavy loaded nature. It’s not the case with Brook. Brook will respond to your action before you actually realize that.

Clean coding: Our developers take extra care in every phase of the coding process to make sure Brook can run smoothly and seamlessly as possible. This is our promise to ThemeMove’s customers. That’s not the only best thing that customers can get from this theme. Please read on to have a closer look at how great this theme is.

Homepages: Brook’s homepages can be grouped into four types, each serves a specific industry.

  • Multi-area Homepages: Creative Agency, Digital Agency, Business, Design Studio, Architecture, Start-ups, Minimal Agency, Freelancer.
  • Creative Homepages: One-page, Landing App, Service, Product Landing, Shop, Presentation, Indie musician
  • Portfolios: Creative Portfolio, Vertical Slider Portfolio, Minimal Portfolio, Vertical Slide Gradient Portfolio, Full-screen Slider Portfolio, Masonry Portfolio, Full-screen Hover Type 1, Full-screen Hover Type 2
  • Gallery & News: Masonry Gallery, Photo Slider Gallery, Grid Blog, Metro Blogs, Portfolio Slide, Minimal Metro Grid, Vertical Menu

Blogs & Portfolios: Users can choose to create posts with one of the 6 different post formats. Blog layouts: A huge number of prebuilt blog layouts for delivering hottest news to your audiences. With more than 21 premade blog layouts, blogging is now less time-consuming and more productive thanks to the amount of time and effort saved for customizing post’s outlines.
There are more than 22 diversifying layouts for portfolios that come along with Brook. You can use these templates to create stunning portfolios for your companies and impress your audiences with interesting effects.

Plugins: When purchasing Brook theme, users will be able to save up to $147 of their budget. That is because Brook gives them accessibility to use these following powerful plugins without having to purchase a license:

  • WPBakery Page Builder
  • (formerly Visual Composer) – one of the most responsive drag & drop page builders for WordPress. This will save you $45 for the premium license of this plugin.
  • Slider Revolution
  • – highly professional tool for building unlimited beautiful sliders with enticing effects. This will save you $25 for the premium license of this plugin.
  • Font Awesome Pro
  • – the unique source of magnificent icons, tools and styles for your creative projects. This will save you $60 for the premium license of this plugin.
  • WPBakery Page Builder (Visual Composer) Clipboard
  • – allows you to copy/cut and paste single content elements or stack of content elements across pages without ever leaving WPBakery Page Builder (back-end) interface! This will save you $17 for the premium license of this plugin.

Other plugins:

  • Contact Form 7
  • MailChimp for WordPress
  • Jet Pack
  • SEO by Yoast

And what’s more, Brook is truly compatible with any other plugins on WordPress repository.

Important Note: These plugins are integrated into the theme. Users can access to use and customize them from the admin dashboard without the need to activate the plugin or activation key. In case you would like to have an activation key, you’ll need to purchase the singular premium license from their authors.

Shop: Being fully compatible with WooCommerce plugin, and at the same time supported by WooCommerce Smart Compare & WooCommerce Smart Wish-list plugins, your online business is strongly backed up by powerful tools.
Brook Shop has two different styles for single shop: Shop & Product Landing. The former focuses on introducing your shop’s featured items, offers and sales, while the latter provides an impressive presentation of your new products.
Users can display Add to cart, Add to wish-list and Compare buttons to a product review to assist customers in selecting suitable items and making instant purchases. Searches are enhanced through key word, tags, filters and categories. Social sharing is possible with Instagram feed displays, which helps increase your brand visibility.

Headers & Footers:
Brook is built with more than 16 premade footer styles for users to create comprehensive pages. Each style comes with a different combination of background, color options, typography and so much more.
To set the footer for a page, users can choose a style from drop down menu in Page Options of that particular page. To adjust a footer style, from the admin dashboard, you can navigate to Footer section then choose a style to customize it.
Click to see more Brook’s tutorial video

Shortcodes: Brook offers user with 80+ custom shortcodes for building element-rich pages and add more features to your homepage. You can use these handy shortcodes to create anything without much coding skills required.

  • 60+custom shortcodes by Brook: Progress bar, Contact Form, Accordion, Blog, Icon, Gallery, Heading,
  • 22 default shortcodes: Row, Text Block, Section, Separator, Tour, Tab, Call to action, Video player, etc.
  • 13 WordPress widgets.

Demo Import: Importing demo takes no more than a few clicks. You can go to Insight Core > Import > Import this Demo then wait for a few seconds while the importer is working. When importing process is finished, you’ll see a notification on the screen. Importing demo won’t replace your existing content, it just adds all the premade demo content demo to your site. Note that in order to remove those contents, you’ll have to manually delete them.

Search Engine Optimization / SEO: Our developers have run multiple tests to ensure Brook has the fastest loading speed as possible and smooth navigation. All elements, images and contents are fully optimized to improve the scrolling experience and increase the site’s ranking on the search results page.

Advanced Navigation Configuration: Users can set up advanced configurations by navigating to Appearance > Customize. Some prominent features from Brooks:

  • Smooth Scroll
  • Go to Top button
  • Pagination
  • Off canvas Menu
  • Light Gallery
Infinite Scrolling: Infinite loading or infinite scrolling will continuously load content as the users scroll down the page or click on buttons like “Load More”. This is to help readers avoid full page loading and continue their navigation to another page on your site. This kind of page loading reduces the amount of memory and capacity wasted for storing information that readers might not view when loading a webpage while still maintain your site’s ranking during search engines crawling process.

One Page Demo: If you look at the Product Landing demo above, you can see that this is a one page homepages. As its name implies, a one-page site has the structure of a single page and readers can learn about everything from A to Z without leaving the site or navigating to other pages. This type of page structure is fit for individual pages, portfolios or some small-sized webs. It’s a simple way to introduce a new product or an approach to your audiences. Visitors can move quickly back and forth different parts of the page like skimming a book or stop at any particular part catching their attention.

One Page Scrolling: One page scrolling is often compared with infinite scrolling. Infinite scrolling, by definition, offers no limits of destination; users can go from this page to others as they wish. But with one-page scrolling, literally, they can only switch between different parts of that particular page/site. Unless visitors click on buttons linked to other pages, their attention will stay with the subject being discussed on that page only. That’s the best part about one-page scrolling where users can make use of to promote their product. You can experience one page scrolling in Presentation or Vertical Slide Portfolio demo.

One Page Menu: One-page menu helps readers navigate each particular part of a page by click on the buttons in the menu. This is convenient as audiences can choose where to go and skip unnecessary parts. For pages with long massive content, the one-page menu can save them a great deal of time finding information. Users can create a one-page menu by switching to Classic Mode editor then set the menu items for each part of the page.
In case you would like to learn more about configuring one-page menu, please refer to our documentation here.

Retina Ready: All the images and graphics of Brook are fully optimized and highly refined to meet the demands of retina display. Sometimes, in order to save the speed, some themes have to lower the quality of images. But Brook managed to preserve both. Take a look around and hover in to enjoy the awesomeness of sharp, high-definition and super vivid visuals. No matter what kind of mobile phones or tablets users are using, Brook’s appearance is always at its best.

Parallax Scrolling: Parallax creates a 3D scrolling effects so that user experience can be as smooth and seamless as possible. Blended with a sleek design and clean shortcodes, Brook uses parallax effects for rows and footers, which makes your site would look like a live presentation rather than just a still web. It’s a perfect choice to raise the curiosity and help your audience better perceive the content.

Child Theme Ready: A child theme can be considered the “heir” of the parent theme. Brook’s child theme contains all similar functions and features as the parent theme. Using child theme, you will be given access to configure any part of the theme’s customization without affecting the parent theme or your site. Even when the updates are released for the parent theme, your site won’t see any influence because the child theme’s files are separate from the parent theme’s.

Cookies: The default setting of cookies is set to “Disabled” with Brook, which means cookies are switched off. Brook does not collect visitor’s personal data or use cookies to save the information. If users want to collect these data by installing the external plugin, Brook can support them and will display an on-screen notification for readers to know and take appropriate action to protect their own rights.

Customer Support: When purchasing our theme, customers can enjoy premium support from ThemeMove support team with dedicated instructions and effective solutions. Customers can receive help from different ways: through our online documentation, video tutorials, blogs on tips and tricks at help forum on and help ticket.

Updates: Our team always try our best to keep Brook updated and make it run at its best. Updates are released regularly. Users will receive notifications when new updates are ready. The updating process is simple enough to be done in a few clicks. Our customers will be able to receive updates for their time for life and for free, as always.

Note: Images used in demo are for display purpose only, they are not included in the package.

Key Features

Thanks mikron for the awesome images!


Version 1.3.9 – 06 December, 2018

1. Add option controls About Title on single portfolio.
2. Add lightbox for single portfolio images.

Version 1.3.8 – 03 December, 2018

1. Fix product variable reset.
2. Add exclude height for Row element
3. Edit Foodie homepage.
4. Update out-date woocommerce templates

Version 1.3.7 – 29 November, 2018

1. Fix shop catalog show product categories slider by default.
2. Remove Google+ from Sharing Options & Author Social Networks.
3. Fix wrong author instagram link.
4. Fix dashboard show warning when maintenance mode activated.
5. Update Insight Core plugin - v.
6. Update WPBakery Page Builder plugin - v.5.6
7. Compatible with AddToAny Share Buttons plugin.

Version 1.3.6 – 26 November, 2018

1. Add filter/hook to customizable portfolio nav page links text.
2. Add option to customizable post feature position on single post pages.
3. Fix product images slider not change image when product attr value changed.

Version 1.3.5 – 23 November, 2018

1. Add text option for adding text beside open main menu button.
2. Add option make go to external portfolio url instead of go to single portfolio pages from archive portfolio pages.
3. Fix countdown on Coming Soon template not working properly.

Version 1.3.4 – 22 November, 2018

1. Fix header type option not working properly for single product pages.
2. Fix shop archive layout wide working not properly. Make other pages not centered.
3. Add support html tags for Gradation shortcode.

Version 1.3.3 – 20 November, 2018

1. Fix bug extra woo compare + wishlist buttons.
2. Add more options customize style for shop.

Version 1.3.2 – 19 November, 2018

1. Compatible with Polylang plugin.
2. Update Insight Core plugin - v.

Version 1.3.1 – 15 November, 2018

1. Add filter/hook custom branding URL
2. Fix filter/hook custom font
3. Fix contact form 7 style 03
4. Improvement customize UI
5. Change channel/support link
6. Update Insight Core plugin - v.

Version 1.3.0 – 11 November, 2018

1. Add preset templates saved to WPBakery Page Builder.
2. Improvement dashboard screen.
3. Fix footer compatible with bbPress plugin.
4. Fix single product slider js bug.
5. Fix some settings in Customize missing label.

Version 1.2.3 – 07 November, 2018

1. Fix minor bug with Customize.
2. Improvement back-end performance.
3. Add WPML language switcher to headers.

Version 1.2.2 – 03 November, 2018

1. Fix blog masonry style.
2. Fix tilt effect on News Bulletin homepage.
3. Update Insight Core plugin - v. Improvement back-end performance.
4. Disable WP Embeds by default. Improvement front-end performance.

Version 1.2.1 – 01 November, 2018

1. Add option show/hide video popup on single portfolio page.
2. Add group action/hook to easy custom theme.
3. Update out-date template files. Compatible with Woocommerce latest version v3.5.1
4. Add option controls sticky product feature image/details columns.

Version 1.2.0 – 31 October, 2018

1. Add new 5 homepages ( Expert + Revolutionary + Astronomy + Authentic Studio + Foodie )
2. Add option show/hide caption for single portfolio gallery.
3. Remove default page content spacing of Page Template.
4. Add more options for Coming Soon + Maintenance templates.
5. Add Vc row scrolling background effect.
6. Fix minor style.

Version 1.1.3 – 25 October, 2018

1. Fix minor shop style.
2. Update out-date template files. Compatible with Woocommerce latest version v3.5.0
3. Improvement UI for Customize -> Advanced -> Pre Loader
4. Fix vc row full height (case not calculated) on handheld Safari browser.
5. Optimize translate string.

Version 1.1.2 – 24 October, 2018

1. Fix shop catalog display option not work properly.
2. Fix vc row full height on handheld Safari browser.
3. Better UI to easy activate maintenance mode.
4. Optimize code.

Version 1.1.1 – 23 October, 2018

1. Better front-end performance.
2. Update Insight Core plugin - v.

Version 1.1.0 – 22 October, 2018

1. Add 2 new homepages (News Bulletin + Digital Broadsheets).
2. Fix wrong label of social networks setting in Customize Maintenance.
3. Better instruction for social networks settings in Customize.
4. Improvement front-end performance.
5. Fix minor issue style of Woocommerce Compare.
6. Fix typography not working properly.
7. Add display product categories on shop catalog page.

Version 1.0.4 – 18 October, 2018

1. Add hook/action to easy add custom font to Customize.
2. Disable WP Emoji by default for better performance.
3. Sketch file included (file downloadable link in ImportantReadMe text file)

Version 1.0.3 – 16 October, 2018

1. Fix WPBakery Front-end Editor.
2. Improvement page loading speed.
3. Fix admin auto update theme not working.

Version 1.0.2 – 13 October, 2018

1. Fix php warning when woocommerce plugin not activated.

Version 1.0.1 – 12 October, 2018

1. Update demo content import.
2. Update WPBakery Page Builder plugin - v.5.5.5