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I bought this Theme a long time ago and everything was working until I updated the Wordpress to 5.5. Now I get the “The purcahase code is wrong.” and i cannot contact the support before i extend my Support and pay for it! so my site is down by now! What shall I do?

After Theme update the issue was solved magically

Glad to hear that!

Best regards

Hi there :) The company I work for is using this theme, but I just had one question (I also posted to support last week).

On the Agency demo screenshot, it shows a slider with navigation (note the arrow for selected item), but this doesn’t seem to be possible and a demo matching the image doesn’t exist.

Would it be possible to let me know how to do this, or whether it is possible as shown in the demo image? Many thanks for your help! :grin:


Unfortunately the psd and demo are not the same for this page.

But you can link button and slider using Slider revolution if I recall correctly.

Best regards

Hi, the company I work for using the same theme. everything was working fine until the update of WordPress 5.5.1. Now the ajax for social icons settings are not working. Every time I save social links visually it shows message for saving the settings but in reality the database is not being updated. There is a default value of ”#” stored in db.

Hello Khanmuneer,

Please contact our support team.

They should be able to help you.

Best regards

Hi great theme, Once you de-register the theme, how long does it take for you to be allowed to register it on a new domain again? It keeps saying “It is already registered”.

Thanks in advance

Please ignore – I’ve had a speedy response via ticket – thank you!

Glad to hear that our support sorted it out!

Best regards

Hi. Great template.

How do I put the sidebar filters in the store. I already put them in the widgets but nothing appears.

Thank you



Make sure you are using the module on a WooCommerce related page, or they won’t load.

If you need more help, please contact our support team.

Best regards


tohatec Purchased

Hi there, I use this great theme for a long time. I noticed, that in the newer versions of this theme you implemented a preload-animation during page load. That orange circle-bubble-thing… Is there a way to deactivate it?

Hello Tohatec, thanks for using our theme!

There is no pre-loader in Cesis, it is probably something coming from one of the custom plugins you are using.

If you need more help, please contact our support team.

Best regards

Hello, I want to buy the theme but I also need the PSD files. Are they included in the purchase? And if so, which of the demos have the psd files?


Yes, they are.

You can check our portfolio and check the Cesis psd file, all the psd you see on the psd file we are selling are the one included in the theme.

Best regards


Our site was live on a development domain, but when we moved it to the live domain it didn’t work as it is no longer possible to deregister the theme on a development domain – this has to be done manually by customer support. Because of this my client’s website has been been for 24 hours.

Would it be possible for the team to check ticket 2567015?

Thanks for your help :) Robbi

Hello Robbinmcmillen,

I think our team just worked on your ticket.

Do not hesitate to re-contact them if you have other issues.

Best regards

Do you know why the main header disappeared form the site? https://prnt.sc/v2jlcw​

I found this in the cesis styles.css (I did not edit this):


why would the core stylsheet be hiding the header?

Hello Gediweb,

It is because we have option to hide or show the header and top bar, make sure you have the header or top bar enabled for the page you are using.

Unless you have modified the theme, If you have the header or top bar enable it will show.

If you still have issue re-new your support and contact our team.

Best regards

I tried devactivating the theme license on an old domain to use on a new one, but after deactivating the license, it does not let me use it for the new domain. How do I resolve this?

Hello Danielha,

Please contact our support team under the License registration issue category ( you don’t need active support for this category ).

Sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards

Hi, I’m wondering if it would be possible to create a small menu and put it on top of header. Something like: https://preview.themeforest.net/item/zohar-business-consulting-elementor-wordpress-theme/full_screen_preview/23194664?_ga=2.129339788.1276417740.1603870705-1337150124.1568797768. I tried using negative margin and z-index, but at all times the content area went under the header instead of above it. Do you see it possible?

My mistake, please have a look at https://livewp.site/wp/md/zohar/home-03/ and the experience, strategy, social boxes. I’m looking for that effect

Hello Kiwus,

Yes, you should be able to do this with negative margin or translate the row on the top of the previous one.

Just need to make sure both row z-index are set correctly.

We are actually doing something similar in our modern business demo.

Best regards

You’re absolutely right. That seems to work within main content area. I guess my strugge is with the header area, where the page starts with a content block. Setting a negative z-index to content block makes it disappear altogether. Setting custom z-indexes on the content that is supposed to come on top doesn’t bring any results. All the content goes under the content block. I couldn’t find a way for elements from first row of content to overlay the header content block as it does in the example I shown before.