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Thanks so much :)

Hi RocketWay team,

since I have issues with the background image in Outlook, I would like to switch to the fixed width version – similar to the boxed version in your template builder. What changes do I need to make to the code?

Best regards, Gabs

Hi Gabs,

Thanks for the purchase! We can switch the header background module with a 600px fixed width image. We can’t update the whole template to a fixed width for free as this is custom work. If you want us to change this, please send me your index file to: support[at]


Hi there,

I love the look of the theme, but I would also like to have a fixed width version with a boxed layout at 600 pixels for the width (like the themebuilder you have). I will send you the index file, but I have yet to customize anything, so it is going to be the original index file.

I will send you an email with my index file right now.

Many thanks!


Hi Dave,

I’ve just sent you a boxed version via mail.

Cheers, Sebastian

Hello, so i bought Entity – Responsive Email, but when i opened it i just found some simple html files without the theme builder, so i want to ask you if i could get the theme builder to integrate in my web application ?? so please i need your help today :)

Hi hassarov,

thank you for your purchase! Your purchased zip file contains a folder called ‘themebuilder’, which contains a .html file which is linked to your purchased themebuilder so you can access it with double clicking the file. This themebuilder is hosted on our server as you have themebuilder ‘access’, like mentioned in the item description. You didn’t bought the builder but you bought the newsletter with TB access :)

If you have any further questions let us know!


Hi, I’m using this Theme with Mailchimp, everything looks nice but I have a couple of questions.

1. I have edited the index file to change the background image (with a right image). I didn’t bother to change other images ‘cause I thought I would be able to change them while editing in Mailchimp. Now I got stuck with this image of New York skyline and I see no option to change it. I can’t go back and start all over again and import a new file, that would be a huge waste of time. So there’s no option to change that banner too, right? You should have mentioned it before. 2. The background header image is not displayed in some email clients. Is there any way to ensure it is going to work?

Thank you in advance,

cheers from Cologne,


to anyone who had the same issue – I just sent an index file to support and they helped me out in like 5 minutes. The problem was that I used a 900 px image instead of higher resolution so it was cropped in Gmail. Thanks!

You’re welcome! Good luck with your newsletter!

Hi Tatiana, thanks for your kind comment and the 5 star rating :) Please let us know if you need any further help in the future.



This seems silly, but I cannot figure out how to delete blocks on the template builder…I can edit text and rearrange blocks, but not delete them. Also, how can I edit hyperlinks for things like the social icons at the bottom – I can only seem to edit the url for the icon, which I want to keep!

I have already purchased the theme and love it!

Thank you!

Hi jackdx,

thanks for your purchase! When you hover an element you’ll see some buttons appear on the left, including a delete button, with this button you can delete an element. Remember only complete elements are deletable… For the social button links you’ll need to edit the code. Can you please mail our support for this so we can help you out?

Mail: support[at[ Don’t forget to attach your index file with instructions :)

Thanks, Steve


how to get themebuilder???

in dotn understand to use… sorry

Hi Erik,

Thank you for your purchase! In the downloadfolder you’ll see a folder called ‘themebuilder’, in this folder there’s a file that brings you to the page, also there’s a textdocument with including the link to the themebuilder…

Regards, RocketWay

Is there a way to edit this theme and still use the theme builder? The header is not quite right for what I need but do not want to have to redo every time go to use themebuilder to do another template.

Will you please send your message again? I don’t see your email in our support… Thank you!


Ok no problems, sent it through again.

Thank you!

Hi there! awesome template! Quick question though… I can’t, for the love of god, get this to be responsive. I’m using Sendgrid, copied the HTML there and my phone only opens the desktop version….

Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!

Hi Paula!

Thank you! Hmm, can you please mail us your file and maybe some logins so we can test and our coder can check whats causing this issue? support[at]

Regards, RocketWay

I’m using the default downloaded file…. I thought this layout would finally give a solution to the whole responsive email chaos… but it’s not working :/

Hi Paula,

Thanks for your email! Our templates are tested and highly responsive, on which mobile device you checked the Entity template? Do you want me to send you a test mail so you can see it’s responsive? Also can you send us some screenshots to our support mail of how it looks in your mobile.

Please answer us further by mail.


HI, I’ve just bought the template? Is’it possibile to save a draft of the NL? Is very difficult to made a NL in ‘a one shot’!

Hi mecpartners,

thank you for you purchase! Currently it’s not possible to save a template in the themebuilder, we’re working on an update for the themebuilder including a save feature.

Cheers, RocketWay

Hello, I just bought this template. By cons, is it possible to save in draft with integrated utility rocketway? I will not repeat each time any layout template for each newsletter. Thank you in advance for your help. Cdlt Pascal

Hi Pascal,

thanks for the purchase! It’s not possible to save a template in the themebuilder, we’re updating the themebuilder including a save feature.

Cheers, RocketWay

Hi There!

Great template, looking to buy this. Just a few clarification. does it support Mailer-lite?. I see mail-chimp which is cool, but I may need to use Mailer-lite.

Another question, once I export from your theme builder, can I still edit the work in mailchimp, without necessarily having to do a back and forth to your builder.


Nothing is impossible :)

Send me your index file to: support[at] + the URL link to your logo and I will change it.

Thank u for the purchase btw.


Hi Sebastian,

I have sent through the index file with instructions on modification that I would like implemented. Hope to get feedback soon.



Yes, we received it. We’re currently working on it.


I am debating which of your email templates to get. I am looking at entity and the Bloggr one, but I must ask: are the price tables only on the entity version? Will the Bloggr version also include pricing tables and also the image separator areas?

Hi shae101s,

basically the templates are sold just like the demo shows. We can customize templates thought, please mail: support[at] if you are interested.

Cheers, RocketWay

This design doesn’t open properly on Android devices – I tried native Gmail client on several phones and tablets. And it’s not just padding, lines or borders – even the top header (with image) looks completely wrong.

It looks great on Apple devices, but come on – that’s not enough today!

Hello dusterio,

Thanks for your purchase! it’s fully tested in Litmus so it has to be compatible (besides the incompatibility issues mentioned in our item description), if you’re having issues with Entity we would appreciate it if you contact our support support[at] and attach screenshots + your html document (instead of posting a negative comment while your file isn’t checked by support yet). ;)

Thank you!

Hello! Ok, I’ve just sent you a screenshot!

Received, thanks :) our support will help you asap!


Nice template, can you advise on a good way of changing the custom fonts? I have a TypeKit account is that usable with the template?

Thank you.

Hi raydar,

Thank you for your purchase. Changing custom font with Email Templates is specific and custom work. It’s not that easy as the most people think because all custom font need to change in all text content also. TypeKit is not useable as it needs to load with font-face. Drop us an email to: support[at] ff you need further any further help.


Hello, I would like to thank you for this great work But now i have 2 issues 1- I’m using Vertical response as mail marketing system and its accept the same code as mail champ but the problem that in all cases it doesn’t display background image, so i can see all images but any background image can’t see it

2- You have to add option in your template builder to save the work because in my city there is unstable connection unstable electricity and each time i try to make the matter from scratch

3- Now i have version for my design and i exported it as HTML can you please help me to make it suitable for mailchamp and fix the background issue ??? :(

Regards Mohamed

Hi Mohamed,

Thank you for your comment.
1. Are you able to send us your HTML code to: support[at] so we can dive into the code whats causing the issue.
2. We’re working on this update. Let me know if we can put your name on the mailing list. For now you can save your work in an email platform like MailChimp for example.
3. Export a MC file to get a MC compatible template. Please send us an email so we can help you further.


Love the template although I am having issues. I use iContact so Im using Theme Builder due to Im not provided with an Icontact template. Is there any way to save a draft? I have been putting lots of works and It will crash here and there and I have to start from scratch. Lots of hours spent of my time making this not worthy. What do you suggest? Thank you so much!

Hi Mariana,

We’re sorry to hear you’re having issues. You are able to export to html and iContact should be able to import this file. Fortunately I have good news regarding saving templates. Currently we are finishing up and beta testing a brand new builder, you will be able to save your customized templates. The best advice i can give is to wait until this builder is released (planned for end sept. early oct.). Our whole portfolio will be updated to be compatible with this new tool. You will have access without further costs as you already bought one of our products.

Best Regards, Steve

The design is nice, but the theme builder is truly awful. If you ever accidently click backspace, the page leaves, and you lose all your progress. What a truly strange way to set this up.

Also when you click on a link or image to edit it, it launches another tab with the same theme builder, and you have to close it and come back. Why would you set it up like this.

I truly would like a refund.

Hi Michaeljones7,

We’re sorry to hear this, we agree the builder could use an update. This is why we worked for 6 months fulltime on a new builder (webapp) including save, redo, undo and tons of extra features. Also the reason we didn’t released new templates as we thought the builder could use a big remake. The new builder will be release the 11th of december, Entity (and all our other templates) will be recoded from scratch and be compatible with our new builder. It’s a free update for all of our customers.

Best regards, Steve

How do I get rid of the icon on the header? Or do I have to do that after I export the template from your email builder?

I can only replace it with something, if I just leave the url blank, there’s still going to be a box there…

Also after I uploaded the html file to Mailchimp, the header image is no long responsive. Please let me know how I should fix this, thanks!

Ah! As you were specifically talking about the icons, I didn’t understood it was about box removal. I suggest you finish your newsletter in the builder, export it and send us the index.html file, and we will make the final fixes. Please email your file to support[@] and we will return it with the adjustments…

Best, Steve van Dijk