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jacszen Purchased

Hello—quick question (loving the theme and have had no problems!!!) One of the pages that is using the team plugin is showing the last team member listed as the page name in the browser tab. Instead of the tab saying “Staff | Website Name”, it’s saying “Person Name | Website Name”. Is there something I can do so the browser tab says “Staff” (the title of the page) instead of the last person’s full name in the plugin? Thanks!!!


rsriram Author Team

Hi jacszen.,

Kindly send us page link with some screenshots where you want to change the text, along with your WordPress admin login and FTP login credentials through the right bottom form located @ .So that, we will check and have a clear look from our end.

It seems that your support has expired on 02/03/2016. Please renew the support if you need any more help from us. Please follow the instructions in the below knowledge base link for extending the theme support.

Visit the below link for renewing the support

Regards., DesignThemes Support.

A few questions before I purchase:

1. Can users enroll themselves on a course
2. Can users login and return to the last point they were working at (i.e does the system remember what the user has worked through?
3. Can I restrict parts until the user has completed certain parts (or achieved certain scores)
4. When the user completes a test can I then allow them to be rewarded (i.e with a link to an otherwise hidden game or something)
5. Can users send ‘evidence’ of what they have passed to an email (i.e their teacher that may not be me)

Hi lrymill.,

Thank you for your interest on our theme.

1 ) Yes, students can enroll the course themselves.

2 ) As of now we don’t have that option.We will consider it in future update :)

3 ) You can’t restrict the contents based on their completion, but you can restrict some content for some duration,

Refer :

4 ) As of now we don’t have any additional reward functions, but when user complete their course, you can provide course certificate or badges.

5 ) Yes, you can enable the mail notification when learners complete thesis course.

Refer :

Regards., DesignThemes Support.