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I can’t import .zip. of revolution slider demo. When I try to load the txt file or zip file, I receive this error:

Fatal error: Call to a member function getStream() on a non-object in /web/htdocs/www.labinstruments.it/home/wp-content/plugins/revslider/includes/slider.class.php on line 924?

I tried to import the .txt file and the .zip file of classicslider template. It didn’t work

I asked about this issue in your support forum, but I didn’t have any answer in 18 hours. Can you help me?

replied in forum

I am trying to center my logo at the top of the header and I am not able to do that. Can you help?

please ask your questions in our support forum


I just took over a website for a client where the previous designers used your theme v1.1.1. What is the latest version of your theme?

I am having something funny happening in the VC, when you drag a item to another position it just freezes the page. The website is not running on Wordpress 4.5 yet, its a previous version. So I would just like to know if this is because the theme and VC is outdated and if I buy the theme again and update it all that it will work well with Wordpress 4.5?

Thank you in advance. Regards, Jhorene

Hi there,

We’ll update it soon.

Hi, i have a site with ssl. When I try to change the logo the URL doesn’t display correctly [site_url_secure] https://snag.gy/R5q9lB.jpg

Thanks, great theme ;)

Hi there, you should ask your support questions in our support forum. http://highthemes.com/support

Hi, wondering if there’s a way to show all blog posts from a specific category using a module instead of the Page Options (setting to blog), because we have text we need to appear at the top of the page, and it disappears when we set the page option to Blog in the HT options. We need a paragraph of text to show up and then have the blog posts show from a specific category. I’ve tried a few ways and can’t seem to get it to work, as there’s no Posts module, only a Recent Posts and it’s limited to showing 4 posts at the most. Thank you for any help.

Hi there, unfortunately, there is no option for that right now. We will consider in future version. Please ask your support questions in our support forum.

How to change featured image size?


Please ask your question in our support forum http://highthemes.com/support

Hi, I really like this template, but before I purchase it I would like to know if it is possible to disable the shop? I only need to make a catalogue of products without the option of online purchase

Also, it says that it is multi-langauge ready. What is the process of translating it to croatian?

Thank you for your time.

Hello there, Thanks for your interest in our theme. You are free to install WooCommerce. It’s optional. You can use the portfolio section to show your products too.

The theme is compatible with WPML , and also comes with .po/mo files for translation. There are lots of tutorials on translating the themes into other languages. Also if you want multi-languages at the same time, you can use a third-party plugin like WPML.

I found an issue with the theme files when switching my site over to SSL. In the theme’s custom-css.php file, the google fonts links have http:// when they should either be https:// or just // to work with sites that are on SSL.

For example, change line 468 and all other instances to read:
wp_enqueue_style( 'custom-heading-fonts', '//fonts.googleapis.com/css?family='.$custom_font.$latin_chars);
This also applies to when you enqueue Google maps scripts (for example in shortcodes.php and google-map.php) Change line 831 and all other instances to read:
wp_enqueue_script( "google-map", "//maps.google.com/maps/api/js?sensor=false");

Could update the theme with this change? This would be very helpful! Thank you.

Thanks for your help.

We’ve fixed this issue in the new version. We’ll update theme soon.

Hi there, Visual Composer is acting up and I had version 1.1.7 of the InCreate theme…I updated to 1.1.8 just now and deleted both VC and Rev Slider and reinstalled the plugins and it’s still showing I have VC 4.11.1. What is the most recent version of VC you have included (it’s not listed in your changelog)? The issue I’m having is when I try to add a Text block, it shows up fine in the admin screen but as soon as I update the page, it disappears in the admin and never shows on the front end of the website either. I assumed it was because it was an old version of VC but I’m not sure what version you’ve updated the theme to?

Hello there, As inCreate has been using VC from its early versions, there are some issues happened by recent updates of Visual Composer. The version 1.1.8 uses VC which needs an update too.

We have updated inCreate to support the latest Version of VC, but it’s not submitted here on TF to be downloaded yet.

But there are some major changes because of new visual composer updates.

Please check version 1.1.9 changes log here https://highthemes.com/themes/increate/changelog/

if you want to get it know please send us an email using our profile page form. I will send you the package.

I have a site that the HighThemes shortcode stopped working. Only shows a white screen. I’ve update to the latest version inCreate 1.1.8 and updated visual Composer.

I moved the site to a staging site and turned off all plugins, still didn’t work.

Hello there, Please use our profile page form to send us your credentials (both ftp/wp). I will test and fix it asap.



Congratulations about a great Theme, 2 years using it.. 
The question is.. i've update the Wordpress to 4.7.4 my theme is 
inCreateVersión: 1.0.3..
Now Visual Composer does not work.. any way to update the theme?
Thanks a lot.


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Hello there, We recently updated the theme and the latest version is 1.2.0. Please update to the latest version and make a backup before any update as it is a major update for visual composer compatibility and you need to make a few elements again from VC.


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Hello, I just upgraded to Wordpress 4.7.4 and saw that there is also a need to update the theme to the newer version (am currently on 1.1.2). I downloaded the new theme zip file today but I get an error when uploading the zip file that says “are you sure you want to do this.” I’m not sure how to resolve. Please advise. Thank you.

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Hi there,

You should unzip the package. There are some files such as ht-increate.zip , ht-increate, Help Demo XML , ...

You need to extract the ht-increate.zip file. The folder name will be “ht-increate”. You can upload it directly to your host via FTP in /wp-content/themes.

Also, you can use “ht-increate.zip” file in Wordpress theme uploader section in order to install the theme via Wordpress directly.


bettygay Purchased

Just checking in to see if the last message we received.



realfugu Purchased

Greetings, I have been using your theme for some time altogether satisfied, now when I was about to open up a small e-commerce I have found out, that even thou I have latest versions of WC and your theme all the product images have broken lightbox (no other plugin is present and on other themes it work well). Basically instead of opening up the lightbox when user clicks on the image, he gets redirected into the image itself /wp-uploads/date/image. Unfortunately my purchase was made a while back so I assume you will dismiss this by stating I should get the support subscription, I just wanted to give this issue a shot and see if perhaps someone has a solution (maybe another user?). Feel free to contact me at jankuzel@jankuzel.com

Hi. The demo data included in the theme will be able to install all 6 demo the same way you have in your demo?

Hi there,