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For those who have the same problem as Tariq with the slider text not showing up, until I release the update, the changes you need to make in style.css from theme’s root are the following:

Look for:

.slide-img { float:left; }

Replace it with:

.slide-img { float:left; width:635px; height:306px; }

Look for:

.hs-desc { float:left; margin:10px 0 0 30px; width:300px; }

Change the width value with 294px, like this:

.hs-desc { float:left; margin:10px 0 0 30px; width:294px; }

I just updated to the 2.0 version of this wp temple. Love the template but am having problems with using columns in the homepage slider…

They don’t show up as columns

http://goldwellnesscenter.net. Any help would be appreciated.

You can’t use the columns shortcode in the slider post since most of the slider’s width is allocated to the slider image(about 2/3). So it remains only the 1/3 of the total width that can be filled with content and in this content it’s not possible to fit one third column shortcodes.

Hi, I have a very strange problem creating more portfolios on my site. I have created a Portfolio type 2 and everything was OK. I thought I’d organize my projects in sub-portfolios: I created six sub-categories within Portfolio type 2 parent category, I added one sub-category (one of those six) to each Portfolio type 2 item, I have created pages and chose the category I wanted to populate that page and… well, it works with only one of the sub-categories and with the parent category. If I choose the parent category to populate that page, it is OK, if I choose that sub-category to populate that page, it is OK, but if I choose another sub-category instead, it says on the page that “Nothing Found – Sorry, no posts matched your criteria.”

Can you help me? If you take a look at http://grantseurope.eu there are six categories within the Projects page and only one works.

Just to let everyone know, this issue is now fixed. When working with multiple portfolios, make sure you use the default category slug.


I am having difficulties getting any of my widgets to show up. Is there something I am missing or need to add to have them appear?


Any help would be appreciated,


I am unable to to figure it out just by looking at your site. I would need access to your wordpress backend, please drop me an email with the details via my contact form here on my themeforest profile.

The issue is now fixed. Just to let everyone know, you have to choose the Sidebar position from Theme Options -> Styling Options tab.

Thank you I just emailed you the access. I appreciate your help on this.

Hi Starshade,

I emailed you a few days ago and needed your help for a quick fix. How do I add the title above the portfolio images on the homepage like you did on your demo?

You were able to get it to say “Latest Works” on http://goldenworks.ro/demos/ic_wordpress/

Seems to be a small error. Go to lib/includes/ and open portfolio_pull.php. Look for this line:

<h2>&lt;?php __('Latest works', 'innovaconstruct'); ?&gt;</h2>

Change it to:

<h2><?php _e('Latest works', 'innovaconstruct'); ?></h2>

hey, i have an issue with the contact page.. i am trying to integrate the google map and the box below like in your demo version.. with the template i bought, it is missing the box and the map on the right side of the contact page..

can you help me out a bit more detailed? thx.

You would have to add a normal text widget to the contact sidebar and paste in there your google map code.

Or you can paste the code that makes a static image map open in a lightbox like this(in your text widget):

<a href="absolute_path_to_large_image" rel="prettyPhoto"><img src="absolute_path_to_smaller_image" alt="" /></a>

the widgets won’t work, i disabled everything updated wordpress but still no sign.

i solved it by adding the source code to the main text field.

Very nice theme!! I was wondering what slider you are using in this theme. I have been looking for one just like this.

Unfortunately, my client has instructed me to purchase a different theme, although I did recommend yours… :(

Any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated!

The script that I’ve used for the slider is jquery cycle plugin – you can find it here:


Let me know if you have other questions.

Hi Starshade,

date format in your theme is incorrect. It shows like “30th Sunday, 2011”. Can you help me please ? Thanks

Yes there an error in there about the date. You will have to open the file single.php and look for this piece of code:

the_time('jS l, Y');

Replace it with:

<?php the_time('F j, Y'); ?>

Hi starshade, the theme dont shows the author post. Would you help me ?

Support disappointing! I asked a question 15 days ago and I still have no answer. In addition, some problems have already been reported by others, but you’ve never solved. If someone spends money, asks you to get something in return … $ 35 wasted …

If you don’t offer more details about your issue(s) I cannot help.

Thank you for understanding.

... but … what you mean? This is the copy-paste of my post :

"‘Sorry Starshade, I’m Italian so my English is not the best :) I ‘m referring simply to the name of the post author: it’s not shown, but is useful because in that way, with a click, you can find all the posts by that author. With regard to the section you’re talking about, well, in fact, it would be nice to have .. ! :)) (It’s possible ?) I hope that I explained and I thank you for the assistance…!"

... what other info you need?? Forget it, no matter …

‘Sorry Starshade, I’m Italian so my English is not the best :) I ‘m referring simply to the name of the post author: it’s not shown, but is useful because in that way, with a click, you can find all the posts by that author. With regard to the section you’re talking about, well, in fact, it would be nice to have .. ! :)) (It’s possible ?) I hope that I explained and I thank you for the assistance…!

Hi, I would like to have a sidebar widget that displays the latest Portfolio Type 2 entries, similar to the way the Blog and Portfolio widgets work. Is this possible? can you give me the code do do this? Thanks, Rob

The theme doesn’t support such functionality I’m afraid(what you are asking is a custom widget). It can be created and I will consider it for a future update, but right now I don’t have time to deal with it and I also don’t take freelance requests(also due to lack of time).

Is there a way to pause the slider on hover? or overlay a pause button?


Yes the slider can be paused on hover. Open custom.js from the js folder and look for this code(it’s compressed):


I’ve pasted more than you need, so that you will be alble to locate the “pause:0” easier.

Change the “pause:0” to “pause:1”.

Thanks starshade, works perfectly.

Hi I was wondering if there was a way to change the homepage navigation to show as a highlighted menu. I am trying to have the homepage navigation show as buttons or a different color to stand out more than just regular text. Great theme any help you can provide would be great thank you!

Hi, is there a documentation how to update from 1.2 to 2.0? thanks in advance for your answer. regards.

You will have to delete the old theme from themes folder and install / paste the new one – this is done via FTP .


I cannot get the bullets to display. On the backed of WordPress I have chosen for a list to have bullets but on the front end no bullets are displayed. The text appears as if I would have not even selected bullets.

I would just like to use the standard bullets. Please let me know what I need to do to get these working properly.

WP 3 .2.1


In the theme’s documentation please look for bullet list shortcode – [bullet_list]. It should generate a standard bullet list.

Hi I am trying to get my most recent blog posts to show on the homepage as a list. Just like how the widget displays the recent blogs posts. Is there a way that I can populate the new recent blog posts on the homepage thank you any help would help?

Since the theme doesn’t have native support for this feature, it’s not so simple to achieve. I suppose you want your blog(title, image, text/read more) to be displayed on homepage under slider ? If that’s the case, some changes need to be done to index.php.

Drop me an email via contact form from my themeforest profile with exact details(for example, you still want to have the option to display latest portfolio entries on homepage ?) and I will send you a customized version of index.php that displays latest blog posts.

Hi Starshade,

I’d like to edit the theme’s css files, but can only access style.css. One change I would like to do is to enlarge the text. How can I access the other css files?

I’m running wordpress 3.2.1


Assuming you are using the latest version of the theme – Innova Construct 2.0, you can edit the style.css from Apperance -> Editor. You will see in somewhere near the top of the window code the following:

body {
    font-family:Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif;

Font size can be changed from here. You can do the same by editing the style.css(it’s the same file) from theme’s root. The other css files are skin related only(if you plan to change some of the theme colors) and are found in the styles folder of your theme.


I love this template and would like to buy it. It only seems that this template is somewhat outdated. Therefore some questions:

- Is this template bugfixed? I read about some bugs in the comments - When will a new version be released? - Is it possible to replace the ‘latest news’ on the homepage with ‘latests tweets’?

Kind Regards,


The theme is not yet updated but I hope to release the update with those fixes by the end of this week – check out the theme version in the slash – now is 2.0, soon it will be 2.1.

About your second question – no it’s not possible because the theme doesn’t have a twitter widget – but I will do my best to include it in the next update.