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Brilliant effort nice theme, but i saw a lil bug into it whenever i try to edit links it doesnt works and innova theme settings gets reset. How to resolve it. I saw somewhere you had created a new version of the theme, could you please send the required files to resolve this issue. Now i am unable to edit links as well.


You most likely have an old version of Innova WP. Yes I confirm that it was this bug in the initial version when I launched it but I got it sorted out and release an update.

I will also note that I’m working on Innova Construct 2.0 right now and after I release it I strongly recommend another update.

I’m setting up the Portfolio type 1 section. Is there a way to make the whole image (instead of just the title running across the image) link to a post?

Also – the read more button is missing from the slider on the home page, even though I have not disabled the read more option. Any ideas?


This can be done. Open the file template_portfolio_1.php and look for this line of code:

<a href="&lt;?php echo $p1_imgb; ?&gt;" title="&lt;?php the_title(); ?&gt;" rel="prettyPhoto[work-1]" id="post-&lt;?php the_ID(); ?&gt;"><img src="&lt;?php echo $p1_imgs; ?&gt;" alt="" /></a>

Change it to this:

<a href="&lt;?php the_permalink(); ?&gt;" title="&lt;?php the_title(); ?&gt;" id="post-&lt;?php the_ID(); ?&gt;"><img src="&lt;?php echo $p1_imgs; ?&gt;" alt="" /></a>


is ”<” and
is ”>”.

Do you have any guide for using your theme in a multi-language website?

I don’t have such a guide but I think you should try a couple of multi languages plugins and see whether it works or not.

Can you send me code for having multiple portfolio’s with the v1 portfolio type?

There is no such code actually. You will have to wait a few days until I release the new version of this theme, Innova Construct 2.0. This new version will have the option to create unlimited portfolios for both v1 and v2 portfolio types.

Also, there isn’t just a piece of code that gets added for this, I’ve changed most of the theme’s code architecture, so there’s no other way than just wait for 2.0. Will post here when it will available and I’ll also tweet it.

Thanks for the response.

Another question… How do I set up the Services page/template as seen in the Demo?


You can do this by creating a default template(normal page) then using the toggle content shortcode. See the documentation to learn how to use it.

Hi, first I want to thank you for your nice work. I love the Innova Theme and I am looking forward to see/buy more themes from you. I specially admire your Admin-Settings-Page that explains everything so that its really easy to set up a website.

Unfortunately i am experiencing a problem with IE9 regarding horizontal Scroll-Bar on every page of the website. I dont know if someone already posted this issue…

In Firefox and other Browsers everything looks perfect, only in IE9 its looking like that. Is it possible to get your support on this?

Thanks and regards

I just tested my demo in ie9 and it doesn’t have the horizontal scrollbar you are mentioning on any page. It’s very likely to be something related to the content(a misplaced tag) or you might be using wordpress 3.1 and this theme doesn’t currently work properly with wordpress 3.1(I will release an update to fix this very soon). You can post a link to your website so I can have a look.

Hi, thanks for your answer. Yes, i am using Wordpress 3.1. Here is the link to the website: http://www.s-power.biz/

Thanks again for your support!

Best regards

Like I said, the theme doesn’t work properly on wordpress 3.1. Update is almost ready, will be sent for review this evening. Meanwhile, you can downgrade to 3.0.5 if you wish, but the update for 3.1 will come soon in 1, maybe 3 days at most.

Update 2.0 is now available

Just updated the theme to 2.0, but unfortunately there is no demo for this version and there won’t be any too soon because I will go on a 1 week vacation.

However please check the item details for the new features.

Update 2.0 is WP 3 .1 compatible?


Just downloaded the new 2.0 update….everything works pretty well! So happy to have multiple portfolios now! :)

One snag….none of my widgets are showing up?

Is there something I can do to enable them?

It might be something related with a plugin. Try to deactivate your plugins and see whether they will work or no. I tested the widgets before releasing the version 2.0 and they should work fine from Appearance -> Widgets. If you still don’t solve this, drop me an email with user / pass to your site so I can have a look. But I am in vacation now and I will be able to come back to you in 3 days time.

Hi, I am having a problem with version 2.0 and the portfolios. My portfolio pages are returning all of the posts from the regular categories and not my custom posts that I created. Any ideas.


I purshase one older version from this theme. Can i have the 2.0 update? Thank’s

Redownload the archive from your Downloads section, delete the old files from your server and install it as a new theme.

For anyone having problems with widgets. I was able to get mine to show up again by going into Theme Options -> Styling Options and selecting the sidebar position.

How can I add a custom ‘Welcome to our company’ greeting to the homepage, as seen in the Demo?

After you add the post that corresponds to the category chosen for homepage(in the custom admin panel) you should insert h2 tags in the post content, using the html tab, like this:

<h2>Welcome to our company</h2>

I have a problem with the contact us form. I have added my email in the settings, but when i try to send “test” messages, i never receive them.

any ideas?

Hello barfastic,

I don’t know what can cause your issue – if the email still doesn’t work at the moment, I would need access to your wordpress backend to do some tests myself and figure out what is wrong. You can drop me an email with user / pass to your site via my contact form from my profile here on themeforest.


May I know how can I change from H2 to H3 inside under the custom post section of every page/post entry?



Thanks for the nice and well structured template!

I have a few issues with the set up of my page, so I would be thankfull if you will be able to provide me an answer:

1. In demo there is title on the post shown on the homepage, however in the template the title is set not to be shown. Can you tell me where and how in code can I enable this?


2. The code you have provided in documentation for table, creates the table, however the table does not have the style it should have.


3. Like in your demo I have tried to include the box in the sidebar area with contacts. I have used the code you have provided in documentation, however except in Safari the box is shown collapsed.


4. Can you provide the code also for map display widget (like in demo – contacts)

Thank you for your support!

1. I don’t think I understand your first question, I don’t know at what title are you referring to. 2. Yes there is a small error here. Add class=”tbl” to starting table like this:

<table class="tbl" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0"> </table>

Also, in style.css, delete this code:

.tbl td { float:left; }

3. Here is a mistake from my part since I forgot to include the address code in the documentation. The correct code you should paste in a text widget is:

<div class="address-entry"> 27 Tollit essent vituperata<br /> UK, London </div> <div class="address-entry"> Phone: 123 456 789<br /> Fax: 123 456 799 </div> <div class="address-entry"> Website: <a href="#">http://innovaconstruct.com</a><br /> Email: <a href="mailto:info@innovaconstruct.com">info@innovaconstruct.com</a> </div>

4. There isn’t any. Unfortunately the old version 1.2 had this functionality but in 2.0 is no more(map with lightbox) and I didn’t update the demo to version 2.0. In 2.0, all you can do is paste google map code into a text widget.

Thank you for your support!

In the first question I meant the title of the post used on the home page (in your demo this title is Welcome to our company) I would also like to include such title on my home page however the title is not shown,...

Thank you

I understand now. When creating the post that belongs to the homepage, just before you insert your paragraphs, you can insert a h2 title inside your content in the html tab, like this:

<h2>Welcome to our company</h2>

Hi Great theme,

I am having problems with the slider on the homepage ... I can insert the images fine through the admin panel however I can not put any text to the side of the image through the slide show … can you help with this as I have followed the steps in the documentation but cant seem to work it out.

I am also trying to put the three images at the bottom of the home page as on the preview “Featured works”


Just to be clear above … what I meant with the slider is that on the demo next to the first picture you have the title “Grand Tunnel” then text then the moe button … I have tried eveything and not get it to work … your email is also bouncing back just to make you aware for starshade..

Thank you



I can not see your comments … I could yesterday ??? strange … I am also trying to email you on your yahoo account and they are all bouncing back for some reasons … Other people are getting my emails and I am received your email yesterday … Very strange

I need to send you the login details … thank you for your quick response yesterday