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Faustob Purchased

Aavst detects a virus in the files to be downloaded…

Thank you for reporting, I downloaded Avast and ran the scan. Culprit is js file from themeoptions script I am using. I fixed it and uploading updated version soon. (to make it faster for you, you can just let the Avast fix the problem itself.)


hlinsu Purchased

Is there any way that the default view of the products either list view ? because that appears first is the grid view


Yes, there is, please go to wp-admin/woocommerce/settings/products/display you will find it on the bottom.


I upgraded last week to the 6.6 version and encountered several display issues: I could fix most of them using some css, but there is definitely a bug with the revolution slider Ken burns effect.

The image was split into 2 and after trying everything to solve this issue, I had to shut off the Ken Burns effect.

This is a problem with a block position that is indicated as ‘absolute’ and should be ‘relative’, but even with this change into the revolution slider code, I couldn’t align the image vertically.

To be sure it was indeed a bug from the slider revolution plugin, I downloaded a ken burns template that worked perfectly in their website and was also splitting into 2 once installed in my website.

Maybe there is a simple fix, if so please be kind to indicate me what to do… For the moment I just shut the Ken Burns effect off, but it would be great to have it back.

Thanks a lot!

Bruno agence NEOH

You can send ticket on ticksy without entering key at all, you can also email me from the contact form here http://themeforest.net/user/templatation

Ok I sent you an e-mail with the credential, please let me know when you find a solution. Best Regards.

I replied your ticket.

Hi, I have checked my site and also your demo and in the source code I see that the line .tp-caption a{color:#ff7302;text-shadow:none;-webkit-transition:all 0.2s ease-out;-moz-transition:all 0.2s ease-out;-o-transition:all 0.2s ease-out;-ms-transition:all 0.2s ease-out}.tp-caption a:hover{color:#ffa902} is repeating again and again. Is this normal? Its from the revolution slider

Thank you


This is not a theme, this is revolution slider. They do it for slider text color. You can confirm this by activating default theme and you will still see that. The best people to ask for help about this will be revolution slider people.


hlinsu Purchased

I am using style.css , its default color is orange, let me know where I can change the color of the buttons and titles to be of a color cafe? where in the .css will be this code ?


Cafe color already included in color schemes, please find option to change color style the first option in themeoptions/general settings.

Hi there – I’d like to change the color of the menu dividers ”/” (currently orange). Is there a css modification I do to change this color to match the other colors of my site? url: thecarouselcake.com


Thats an image actually, on this path https://www.thecarouselcake.com/wp-content/themes/justshop/images/slash.png you can replace this image with colored version. Hope this helps.

Or you can remove that slash by entering below css in themeoptions-customcss box.

#header.c #navigation > ul > li { display: none; }

db00 Purchased

Hello, is there a way to add a new tab redirect for the social item buttons from the footer? rather than going there directly ( within the tab that your in then)


Yes, its possible, please contact me privately from my profile contact form and I will share updated function to do that.

Hi, this is a pre-sale question. Do you have a demo website where I could log in to the control panel to see how I could customize the theme and whether this would suit my needs? thanks.


Thanks for your interest, I have setup a demo admin for you. Here

http://templatation.net/justshoptestdrive/?testdrive=true When you click you will be logged in as admin already , in case you need documentation here it is : http://templatation.com/documentation/justshop

Idayat Purchased

Hi I love your product but I specifically paid for additional support for a single query. I have had no response for about a month now. Can I please have my money back? Thanks


For some reason I did not receive your query. I saw you emailed me too, I have replied you there.

Hello! I’m having a little problem with the theme and would be grateful if you can help me. When you click on the gallery images (on product pages), they do not appear as they should, instead the page keeps showing the main product image. See here: http://monaamorim.com/produto/alfandega/


It seems you updated WC to 2.5 version. Please update theme too, note that v6.0 family is changed heavily so make sure to do it on staging site first or make a backup before updating.

Thank you! But how do I do this? It seems there is no theme update available…

It seems you have v5.3, while the current theme version available is 6.8.

Hi, I sent an email earlier this week and haven’t received any answer. I’ve looked at my email junk mail and it’s not there. Is there a better way to get support?

I sent it to the Support page and filled out the page. I’ve just done it again. Please Please respond I need help.


I still see no email from you, I am not sure whats wrong, I am getting form submission from other people fine. Just got 6 submissions and all email came fine.

Can you email me directly at templatation@gmail.com please.

Or contact me from the form you see bottom right here http://themeforest.net/user/templatation I will reply you within minutes if I am awake.


iislb Purchased


Is it possible to arrange the 4 products categories of my home page in the same row? or at least choose the category that will appear on the home page.



iislb Purchased

thank you for your quick answer, however for Option 1: after adding the custom css to the template, the only think changed is the size of the category box however we still have 4 columns.

option 2: Same order after adding the plugin and changing the order of product categories by taxonomy.

Note that we are using the latest template version.



Please contact support here http://templatation.com/support/ with your website URL

Is there any way to download an older release of this theme? The download link in my account only allows the most recent version. I need to compare an older version to the version on the site to find modifications before updating to the new version (and putting changes into a child theme).

You are right, themeforest only supplies the latest version you can email me from here http://templatation.com/support/ and tell me which version do you want compare from and I will send you the git diff file.

I can add product category…but my problem is not displaying on my homepage…its still 3 product …I added 3 but nor display on page..please help..thanks


I saw you created ticket too, I have replied you there.

59$ for how much time, 1 year?


Thank you for your interest, no its not Yearly, its one time charge and you get the Theme and updates until the life of the theme.

But 6 months of support is included in that $59 so if you need help after 6 months you will be needed to purchase support pack that costs around $16-$29 depending on prepurchase etc.


mepatek Purchased

Hello, I want to add the option of choosing the date of the delivery and what store can the customers pick up the goods to the order form. Any idea how can we do that? Mepatek


You can achieve this using a plugin like this https://wordpress.org/plugins/woocommerce-checkout-manager/ I suggest trying on a test site first. There is a paid version of doing this too https://woocommerce.com/products/woocommerce-checkout-add-ons/

Hope it helps.