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Hi there, im having issues with the sendmail.php i have changed the email and the subject, however it still does not work. Even if i enter wrong data it wont say “please enter correct data etc” ( on the form ). Could you please send me the updates sendmail.php so i can get this working. Thanks

:P:P okay, ive just uploaded it to a temp domain, and it works!! why won’t it work if i launch the webpage locally ? I’ve done work with other sites that did work locally ?

no worries, seems i dont have a local MAMP server on this machine, what a fool i now look

;) It happens to us too.

We would like to speak to you about some customization on your MyWay template. I sent several emails but not sure oif you got them. Thanks, jiharris

Sorry for that, just replied. Thanks

I’m noticing a strange issue. I changed the logo image to my own logo (just a temporary one right now). On my iPhone when I go to safari to look at the page, the header and footer logo switch back to “MYWAY” instead of mine. Its a very strange issue because I do not see this in Google Chrome, and I used websites that allow you to use Chrome to view what the page will look like on an iPhone and iPad and the issue is not there either. I combed through styles.css and the index.html for any paths to another image file but I didn’t see it. Also, what is a good size for the logo?

Hi daellinger, you iPhone have retina display and small built in script swap your normal sized logo image with double sized when script recognize device with retina display. In img folder find logo@2x.png and replace that image with image of your logo, just in double size. You can read more about how script works on this link: – There is no limits in logo size, we think preview logo is perfectly sized, you can decide about size when you look your site on phone. Keep menu and logo on one line :) Hope this helps. Thanks!

Still no Wordpress Version? :-(

Hi craigheyworth, theme is under review on TF. Thanks

Hello Awerest team.

Thanks for the ELEGANT and sleek theme! I am really pleased with the quality of the template and the ease with which one can adapt content to it!

Anyway, I wanted to know if there is anyway the plain white background on the landing page can be replaced with a full screen slideshow (say 3 images on loop)?

Thanks, Harald

Hi Harald, we have one similar customization at the moment. You can contact us via form on our profile and we will notify you when we test it. Thanks.

Here is my JS countdown that I changed:

$(function () { var austDay = new Date(); // Add to first number to add year, add to second number to add months // and add to last number for day but in negative counting from 1st in next month. austDay = new Date(austDay.getFullYear(), 6, -10); console.log($(’#countdown’).countdown({until: austDay})); $(’#year’).text(austDay.getFullYear()); });

It isn’t working.. The date shows up fine, as 7 Days 4 Hours 56 Minutes 45 Seconds, but the numbers don’t change at all. There are no Javascript errors. Any suggestions?

Hi trevorhinesley, contact us via form on our profile. We will check your live version or you can zip your site files and send to us on review. Thanks.

I need to use iframes with the portfolio, so I cant use lightbox. Ive tried using fancybox and colorbox with no luck. Is there any reason why this template would not work with fancy box/colorbox?

Hi Sianan1, you can use colorbox with Myway – we have seen it in action. We can send link if you contact us via form on our profile. Thanks

Hi, just a thought but perhaps you should remove the target="_blank" on the demo style selector as it is a little annoying :D

I purchased the myway theme from themeforest and I am having trouble with the contact email. I have changed line 3 of the sendmail.php file, however, I am getting a few errors.

Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated in /home/content/ ..... html/js/sendmail.php on line 41 Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /home/content/..... /html/js/sendmail.php on line 49 Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated in /home/content/ ..... /html/js/sendmail.php on line 57

Hi allclearmedia, send us a message via form on our profile and we will send fixed file. Thanks.

Hi! Great theme! But I’ve found that there are 4 missing images: /img/glyphicons-halflings.png /img/glyphicons-halflings-white.png /img/syncfusion-icons.png /img/syncfusion-icons-white.png All them are using in /css/m-styles.min.css.

Hi, m-styles.css is css styling for buttons on site. We just don’t like default bootstrap buttons :) but you can use default too by changing class m-btn in btn and adding bootstrap class for button color. Thanks.

I’ve installed pure “Myway” theme, and got an error in firebug: NetworkError: 404 Not Found – ....../img/glyphicons-halflings.png. It is using in your index.html by selector .m-btn [class^=”icon-”]. I guess you should remove proper “background-image” styles from /css/m-styles.min.css. Otherwise – it’s just 404 error.

Error doesn’t have effect on site, our politic is to keep original files untouched so you can update any file, i.e. bootstrap update on v3.0, and everything will work just fine.

Hi there, fantastic theme!

I understand there is a bit of code that is entered in custom.js that forces the intro section to be same height as window – I’d like to do the same with each additional section, so they have a min-height of window height (but could obviously be bigger dependent on content).

I’ve tried wrapping the top and content sections in a wrapper div and applying the same script logic (min-height instead of height) but the section always goes beyond window height, even when content doesn’t span it (so looks like a bigger bottom margin has been applied). ‘overflow:hidden’ on the div made no difference. Can you help? Thanks

Also would be good if when scrolling through sections manually, they were to ‘snap’ to defined sections (as would be the case using nav/anchors).

Hi tigerste, thanks! Probably possible, didn’t tried though, send us a message via contact form on our profile to get in touch so we can take a better look in your files.

I would like to buy this item, but for me it is neccessary to know if there is the possibility to include a video. Thank you for your quick answer!

Possible. If you purchase, use contact form on our profile and we will send customized files. Also we will try to add this feature in one of the upcoming updates in Myway WordPress version, see it here – link. Maybe you are more interested to have site that run on WordPress. Thanks!

I purchased it and started to customate it. It’s a little tricky if you are not familiar with HTML 5 but I think I can manage…

Feel free to create profile on and we will assist. Thanks

Hi The little cogs at the beginning some times take sooo song to open. What can cause this?

How can you get rid off the intro animation all together without affecting the template?


Hi, danaweb. Page loads to long mostly if images are to big to load, you can create profile and open a ticket at and we will take a look at your site. Thanks

Could you give me the code to change the Gallery page from images to Vimeo popup videos and works page from the images that slide to videos that slide? Thanks

Hi, after purchase send us a message via form on our profile to get in touch. Thanks

Great theme – one problem.

I am trying to add a down arrow (blue button + sort down icon) to each section but each I time I try, the new icon appears in the front page?

What am I doing wrong?


Hi amaclenan, create profile and open ticket at and we will assist. Thanks

Hi, Is it possible to put a back to top button that appears once you start scrolling?


Hi, possible. Please create profile and open ticket on – Thanks

Hi! I’ve found one nasty thing with carousel_fade_intro, while testing in firefox.

Steps to reproduce:
2. open another tab in firefox (f.e.
3. wait 10 secs
4. return to MyWay tab

- intro still playing

- no intro text at all

Firefox: 22.0 (the same was in 21.0)

IE8: no such problem, but intro text is crossing each other for some carousel steps;
Chrome: all fine;

PSS: I’ve found that firefox problem is related to class=”carousel slide carousel-fade”, commenting these classes is solving the problem in ff, but also loss fading effect. Can you help me plz to solve this correctly by fixing proper css? Thanks!

Hi maind, sorry for late response, we are on business road trip and carrying laptops with us to work on updates. We hope that you understand. Thanks

Hey, guys! Are you going to fix this bug? 7 days of silence….

Hi, still working on it.

Hello, five days ago I tried to register at, and I’m still waiting for the confirmation email with the password… I tried once again but now there’s a message saying that my licence code is already registered… Can you please help? Thanks…

Hi pascoal2010, we will check your profile on support forum. In the meantime, for templates issues, you can send us a message via form on our profile on ThemeForest. Thanks

Hey, I noticed that parallax effect is not present on low resolution tablets and phones, how do I make it work on them too?

Hi cam_spy, parallax effect is turned off on tablets and phones, iOS devices freeze DOM manipulation during scroll and all that you can get is image flicker instead sleek effect. Thanks

Hey, I was wondering is it possible to amended the opening animated “Home” screen to be set to show full screen images? If so can you please advise how to go about this?


Hi dsgawn, only full screen static image is possible at the moment. Thanks.