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Is it possible to have single pages on the menu not linked to the homepage?


Hi kayota, not sure that we understand you question, you want to navigate to single page via link in menu? If yes, it’s possible. Thanks

Tnx for the reaply, does it apply to the wp version also?

No, in WP version homepage navigation can only navigate on that page, only footer and sidebar menu can have links to other pages. Thanks

Great template! Is there a way to embed a youtube video in “works” section”? or have an image link open a modal with a video?

Yes, we had similar request. Send us a message via form on our profile and we will send customized files. Thanks

Thanks for your quick reply! Again..I love your template! :)

is it possible to add a background image or video to the carousel in the HOME section. Also How can we throttle the slides in the carousel.

Hi, it’s possible to have image background, send us a message via form on our profile and we will assist. Thanks

Hello, I was wondering how to make the nav bar area transparent so that only the logo and links overlay the site? I’ve only been able to change the color some far. Thanks for the help and love the theme!

Hi, send us a message via form on our profile, there are few lines that need to be changed in css. Thanks

Hi, your template looks very professional, I’m considering using it for my portfolio. To present my projects I need more than a single image but I need to allow the user to browse through all the project images with a simple swipe/click and not having to close and open the images. Can this option be available in your template? If so how easy to implement/use? Thanks!

Hi, you can add carousel inside lightbox. Thanks

I need to slow down the moving text on the home page. How do I do this?

Hi, in custom.js file in js folder on line 4 edit: interval: 2500. This number stands for interval in milliseconds. Thanks

The moving text on the home page doe’s not show up on Internet Explorer 8 and 9, but it doe’s show up on 7 ? You can faintly see it on IE 8 & 9 but it is transparency is so low that it looks like the lightest gray you can imagine and you can only see it if you concentrate. How can I fix this? Thanks in advance!

Hi, we had one update about this issue, we will take a look again. Send us a message via form on our profile to notify you about progress. Thanks

I have to most recent version.

Hi, we will soon update file on ThemeForest. For you we have send fix on your email. Thanks

Hi, can you also send me the fix for IE 8 and IE 9? Thank you.

Hi, send us a message via form on our profile. Thanks

Hello, I’ve implemented your MyWay template at with some modifications, but it doesn’t seem to work on mobile.

Also, the desktop version doesn’t work correctly on IE.

On Firefox, the flashing text only goes round once, instead of continuously.

Please can you advise how I might fix the aforementioned problems?

Many thanks, Simon.

Hi, we received your email and replied. Thanks

How do you get the form to go to the home page/intro-top after you click send. I like how it goes to the white page and lets you know that the mailer went through, but when you click back to the website it still has all of the information filled out in the form – it doesn’t clear. How can I fix this? thanks….


Hi, not sure that we understand you. If it opens a white screen after click on send then that is error. Send us link to live site via form on our profile. Thanks

The HTML site template is not responsive on the desktop. If you start out with a smaller scale browser window (not full screen), it loads the background jpg images only at the small scale. Then, if you drag the corner of the browser to much larger, it does not reload some of the larger background images and you are left with missing image backgrounds. Here are the exact steps to see the failure on a MacBook:

1. Start your browser, Safari or Firefox, in a small size like half of your screen width. 2. Load the Myway index.html 3. Navigate to Contact 4. Resize the browser large, almost full screen, using mouse/touchpad cursor 5. All background images are now gone, except for the first one, services_bg.jpg 6. The background images can be restored by refreshing the browser, but that is NOT what it means to be responsive.


Hi, it doesn’t have anything with responsiveness, position of images in headers are calculated when site loads. Thanks

It does not matter what we call it. Basically, this theme is broken.

The background images should not suddenly disappear when the browser screen is resized, which is what happens with this theme.

You have a bug.

Hi there, I just bought this theme. I haven’t used wordpress before so am a bit of a newbie. How do I get this theme installed on Wordpress? Any help would be super appreciated!

Hi, this is site template not WordPress theme. It doesn’t require any CMS to run. If you are looking for WordPress version, you can find it here: link. Thanks

Hey there, I’m uploading the file via WP-ADMIN and it’s giving me an error message. Do you have any suggestions about how to do this?

I’ve tried uploading via FTP and via CPanel. It says the stylesheet is missing. can you please advise?

Hi, this is site template not WordPress theme. It doesn’t require any CMS to run. If you are looking for WordPress version, you can find it here: link. Thanks

@rayxli Hello there,

This is a HTML Template not a Wordpress theme...

Hope you understand!

Best Regards, Limitz

Hi, thanks for answering on rayxli comment but please let us answer on comments. It could lead to confusion who is awerest. Hope you understand, thanks.

in the gallery, can view the video from youtube?

Hi, yes you can open videos from YouTube in lightbox. Send us a email via form on our profile and we will customize template for you. Thanks, i waiting for the customize template. Thanks

Where are the PSD-s?

Is it possible to get them somehow?

Hi, contact us via form on our profile and we will try to get all the links to mock-ups for you. Thanks


One question! Is it possible to get the active menu title displayed in the browser window?

Cheers, Jiannis

Hi Jiannis, if you want to change site title in browser window tab on scroll, it’s not possible. Thanks


Thanks for your quick response but I will fix this later with the jquery plugin (address).

Cheers, Jiannis

Hi sir, i need your help…where i find services and team background pictures? these are stock photos? thanks in advance for help:) Best.

Hi kbg, not sure where we found these but images are not from stock site. Sorry.

Hi, first, my English is too bad!! second: i´m novice in HTML, question: it´s possible to add a video to the carousel in the HOME section? and, when i try to modify send email section, i can´t do to send email when i do click on send button, can you help me please? thanks!!!

Hi bigmacaco, for video in intro section answer is probably yes but we need to test it first. For email, contact us via form on our profile here on ThemeForest, it’s probably PHP version issue. Thanks.

maybe a dumb question, but: Are the background-images free to use, too? Or do i have to replace them? thx, Alex

Hi falk07, you will need to replace them. Thanks