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hello awerest, i am also very, very interested in the wordpress theme of syndicate. would you give me a notice, when it is available? thanxs

How can I get the mobile navigation to retract on its own after a link is clicked/touched. It is confusing users sometimes, because they aren’t smart enough to tap the nav icon again to get it to retract/close. Thanks

Hi, that feature was added in February with v1.1, email us a link to your site to check. Thanks

I’m quite happy with this theme but, is there any way to speed it up?


Hi, we can check loading for you – please send link to your live site via form on our profile. Thanks

Hi, I purchased this awesome looking theme, but I cannot install it, because “there is no style.css file”. :(

I’ve tried few times on different WP versions. Any ideas what’s wrong?


soooory, my stupid mistake! :D

No worries, it happens. Did you check WP version or you will go with template? If you need help we will be more than happy to provide some on our support forum. Thanks

Hello, I bought this site but I have a problem. I have 2 questions for you: In Internet Explorer for Windows Phone website has only one page and the scroll does not work, I can not access the other sections.

How can I slow down the exposure time of the text on the first page?

Hi, we have few similar reports – please open ticket at and we will investigate this issue. To slow down intro text slider, edit custom.js and on first few lines you will see “interval:” – edit number for milliseconds. Thanks

please help me. Your theme does not work on mobile devices prone windows 8.

Hi, we are preparing update. Thanks

hi there.

would it be possible to use a VIMEO video as background for the header, too?


Hi, not at the moment. There will be huge update soon, almost totally redesigned template, we will check your request and notify you. Thanks

Hi, if you are still interested in Myway, after huge update we made a demo page with YouTube video, Vimeo and self hosted videos are also supported. Video background demo link

When do you expect for the update to be ready? Will it support images in the landing slideshow?

Hi, update is ready, we need some time for demo design, item description and documentation before we can release update. Since we have converted Myway in Bootstrap 3.1, migrating will be only possible with coping complete content in new HTML. If you are fine with that, contact us via form on our profile and we can show it to you. Thanks

Hi, can you confirm whether current version is BS3 or still BS2? If BS2 when do you think you can release this much awated update? Thx

Hi, it’s still in v2, conversion to v3 is almost finished but we are not sure about release date – probably in a week or two. Thanks

Wonderful template,

I have a question though, how can i make the whole page float from right to left because i am using a right to left language. I’ve tried fiddling with the style.css by setting the body’s direction:rtl but that didn’t work.

I hope that would also make the list items in the nav bar start from right to left as well.

Thank you for your prompt response,

Hi, just made a quick test and it partially works, open ticket at support forum or contact us via email so we can assist. Thanks

Hi, is there a reason why animate.css would not work with this theme? I tried many things, as well as jquery to enable it based on section displayed on screen, but it blanks out the element I want to animate (even when used simply with class=”... animate flip” for example).


Hi, no. There is nothing that could make a conflict with animate.css. Contact us via form on our profile, we will need your site files to check. Thanks

Any word on when the update will be ready? We are about to create a new site and would like to start with the most up to date version – as well as be compatible with Bootstrap 3

Hi, we have just finished update, you can contact us via form on our profile and we can setup demo for you – if you like it you can purchase current version and get a free update. We need to work on documentation and item description, that is why there is no official update here on ThemeForest. Thanks

Let’s set up a demo. I tried contacting you via the form.

contact me at [e-mail removed]

Hi, Contact Form doesn’t work !!

Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated in /home/content/50/10211150/html/WEBSITE/js/sendmail.php on line 41

Deprecated: Function eregi() is deprecated in /home/content/50/10211150/html/WEBSITE/js/sendmail.php on line 49

Deprecated: Function ereg() is deprecated in /home/content/50/10211150/html/WEBSITE/js/sendmail.php on line 57 Thanks for the email. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Hi, send us a message via form on our profile, we will send you the updated sendmail file. Thanks

how can I update my site with the new template?

Hi, we have converted template in Bootstrap v3.1, Myway has been recoded from scratch. Only way is copying content to new HTML.

I really like your work a lot. The original MyWay template was great. I think that this update is awesome as well.

Thanks! We give our best to follow latest trends and update our items from time to time.

Hi I’ve just purchased it. But the text doesn’t show properly (index.html). What is it? Why?

“to fit any brand” “Multi-purpose template” “designed for portfolio, agency”

Also isn’t showing the icons from services section and the “lighbox” effect in the gallery isn’t working?

Hi, contact us via form on our profile, we will need your site url or files to check the issue. Thanks

Guys how can I put a video in the index like this: but with a description or button. Can you help me or give any idea.

Contact us via form on our profile, we will make this for you.

Hi hope you are fine…i have a problem…i downladed the new version and the INDEX is different from the demo…

Is the same but doesnt work for example the new SVG icons, google maps, and the button at the top…can you put the correct HTML to download again please? or what is the problem?

Solved…is the same error of the previous message…doesnt work in google chrome well

Yes, you need to run on live server or on local one. Glad we solved this. Thanks

Hello, I really liked your themes, awesome! Just one question before i buy the MyWay theme, its possible to put scrolling effects on the images like the ones you have in SuperAwesome theme? In my opinion My Way is just missing a little bit of movement, if you put scrolling effects in the “Tons of Components” and “Supereasy to customize” rolls.

Thank you, Fabiano

Hi, it’s easy to do it with adding attributes (one line of code) in html file. You can contact us if you need help in customizing files. Thanks

Dear awerest. Yesterday I purchased your template. Already in the preview of the original file I get this error, and consequently also on my personal work. How can you help me? thank you

Contact us via form on our profile, we will reply so you can zip all your files and send to us on review.

I feel me very stupid, but I can not find a way to contact you privately, to send you the files to be reviewed. I’m new on this site, sorry. Can you tell me how to do? thanks

No problem, bottom right contact form in sidebar here

Does this theme have pricing table? it seems that other people asked this question and were not able to find it

Hi, it’s not included at the moment, we can add one for you.


First of all, the template is really nice. Keep up the good work!

I was wondering if it is possible to use images instead of svg icons in the Services section, and how can I achieve that?

Could you please help me with this?

Thanks in advance.

Best regards, D

Sure, contact us via form on our profile, we will ask for your site files and take a closer look at your request. Thanks!