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We bought your template two years ago and built a website for my client. Now he has changed HTTP protocol into HTTPS and almost at all browsers messages appears, that THE WEBSITE IS NOT SECURE. The problem was reported here by ‘steveemery’ user, but it seems you didn’t get a solution.

We tried change all “http://...” names into “https://...”, but it didn’t help. Is it possible that scripts used in your template aren’t secure? Could you please provide a proper and detailed solution for this issue. Thank you in advance!

It’s just matter of using everywhere https to link sources.


Is this template compatible with jquery version 3.2.1 or newer?

With jQuery Migrate yes

Hi, I bought your template, Nevia. I have a problem. I can’t add instagram icon. Could you explain? Thanks.

Line 72 in flexslider.html. Near of social icons

Add img with icon in CSS: .instagram {background: url(../images/social/instagram.png) no-repeat 50%; }


Hi, how can I use “search”? you wrote ”<form action=”404-page.html” method=”get”> <button class=”search-btn”></button> <input class=”search-field” type=”text” onblur=”if(this.value==’‘)this.value=’Search’;” onfocus=”if(this.value==’Search’)this.value=’’;” value=”Search” /> </form>” in header. I can’t active this.

This is static tyemplate and it won’t work unless you will implement search function but its a task for a developer

Great Template. Can you help though, I am having some issues with Google ‘Mobile Friendly Test’ the mobile versions work great a render as designed on the mobile, but Google Mobile Friendly Tests will not pass due to the grid responses. Keeping the responsive code in place, is there a way to keep Google Happy? (if that’s ever possible). I love the template, but since google are now penalising sites that are not mobile friendly the rankings have slipped…. can you help or point me in right direction… thanks in advance.

Hi, I am not capable to help with google mobile friendly test, sorry


Thank you for making such a nice and simple responsive template.

The navigation menu in responsive is not working when I host it online. It is working at localhost. Any reason? Check this:


Regards, NR

Hi, get rid of those errors https://imgur.com/a/rRbgmBW

Load jQuery over HTTPS

Solved. Love you guys :)

Hello, since update to WP 5.5.1 i have a Problem when clicking the media-upload button on post-new.php. The media Windows doesn’t appear: https://imgur.com/f3ZmcZo I don’t have this issue with other themes. Is there any fix available? Thank you very much! John


Sorry can I refund or return my purchased? We purchase the wrong product.

regards, Mark

Hi, if you haven’t downloaded template files then https://themeforest.net/refund_requests/new

I am having trouble with my pages not being editable or saveable. Can you help?


Hi, WordPress version is not maintained anymore. If you have questions related to HTML then i feel free to ask

If the WP version for Nevia is no longer supported, Can up updated to the HTML version relatively seamlessly? I’m getting fetal errors. Content not displaying and unable to save any changes to anything.

Hi, it might be but it’s a task for a developer. HTML templates are just designs