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Nice ideas..Wish you have a good sales.

I’ve been waiting for the HTML version for quite some time. None the less this purchase was EXTREMELY worth the wait. Excellent theme, I’m definitely satisfied with the price. Thank you Skywarrior!

Very nice work! :)

Awesome template Skywarrior, good luck with sales mate!

Realy awesome templete! Great work!

Hey guys thanks a lot for the feedback! :bigsmile:

Lovely design man !
I’ve sent you a message, when you have time let me know about your decision.

Cheers and congratulation :)

Really great job like others have said.

I would have included a video in a lighbox example just to finish it off.

Thanks!. There is a video actually, in the gallery page. Click on the first item and you will see. I supposed that its not clear enough, so I will change the image.

Thanks for the feedback!

we need to rebuy this if we already brought the normal version?

Hi. By the normal version you mean the PSD ?

Thanks skywarrior for the email! I will buy it in a couple of days maybe :). Really great work on it. Looking forward the WP edition :).

yeah i mean the psd version.

Yes. The PSD version is only the images in Photoshop format. With the HTML version you get all the PSD and the pages in HTML and CSS3 . A wordpress version will be available next month :)

Do you plan on making a Wordpress version in the future?

Hi! Yes a Wordpress version will be available next month :)

Great work! I can’t wait for the wordpress theme… :D

Excellent HTML .

Dude you are doing a excelent job.

Im really waiting for the WP.

I dont know work with HTML , but this theme is so awesome….

hey sky, great work on the html. waiting for the wordpress version now. I noticed that you only have two social icon’s up top. Will you be adding more? Like say for youtube and others social network? there are plenty out there now and most have alot more soical network then just twitter and facebook now.

Thats a very good point. I think I will have to work something out because at the moment the social icons are static. Thanks, I’ll think of something :D

Hi Skywarrior! I would like to ask you that how can I add my own twitter status for bottom widget?

Hi there! The plugin only shows the tweets that have the selected #tag on it. I need to research into how to display the twitter status of users. I will reply back in the following days if I find something. If by any chance you find the solution please let me know! :)

Hey Skywarrior, just wondering if it is possible you could add a drop down menu to the theme. Would be much appreciated, thanks.

Hi. Yes a drop down menu will be available on the WP version. I also want to make it responsive :), so I will update the HTML version to 2.0 with drop-down and responsive!

I really love this template if you put this template with a joomla version of this one i will love you bro jajajajaja. I for sure i will buy it ^^

This is an AMAZING template. I will def be buying the wordpress version!