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Is there a way to make the logo area larger without distorting the entire page. Thanks!

Hi! Yes. I’m working on the version 2.0 that will be available sometime next week. It will include more social buttons, logo height width and responsive! You can either re-download the code (for free obviously :)) when is available or if you send me a message I will send you the code logo fix :)

! Important ! Contact me on

Can you send me a private message please? thanks :)

any news about wp version ?

how can i post a new topic in html ?

@ErfanMHD; He said 4 days ago about a month later WP will be ready. Sometimes it helps to read comments.

@Skywarrior; Great job on this one. I really loved your work. Adding dropdown menu, social icons is missing definately. Good luck with sales.

Hey guys. Yes correct, the WP version will be out in the next 15-30 days. I’m currently working with a back-end developer to speed up the process.

I’m also very close to releasing the version 2.0 which as I said in one of my previous comments its going to include:
  • Drop down menu
  • More social icons
  • Responsive
  • Smaller size images / quicker page load
  • Code optimization

So follow me if you want to stay tuned with the release! :)

Great changes on HTML .

I hope more changes come to WP too, your are making one great job.

And i want know if you gonna do a white for WP, like i suggest in your PSD files.

Anyway, continue this job, you are doing great.


Yes I’m intended to do green and black&white. You will also have the option to choose between colours and backgrounds, so for example you can have a blue site with a red colour.

By white one do you mean white background or white container?

White background + your blue template.

Will be perfect for me, is what im waiting for so long ^^“

And i have some others “questions” for you, check your e-mail.

I see people talking about the colors… and I have to say a purple one with this tone? Not sure what the word would be, but it would look real nice I think.

talking about colors, can you include in the wp version a green one? please take a look at my site to undestand what type of green


When's the WordPress version coming out? Should I wait for that or just develop it myself?



Hey Hassan,

The WP version is coming out mid December. In the WP version there will be additional stuff that isn’t implemented on the HTML yet so I would suggest to wait :)


I purchased your work and I really like it :) It’s going to fit nice with my purpose. I have one concern tho. How do I admin the site? I want to put my own content(pictures, links, news, etc) but I don’t get to find where. Please if you can email me back privately or refer me to a link, I would greatly appreciate it.

Looking forward to get this site going,

Pepe A.

Any update on version 2? Is it releasing this week?

Hi there. Yes, I’m finishing the inner pages for the responsive design and I will release, so stay tuned :D

Skywarrior, the update HTML version looks great! I love how you added the other social networks on top as well. Great job on that. If you want to improve in the next version, I suggest you add sharing features to the theme as well. I am sure alot of people will like that features as well. I should’ve of mention this before as well, but dammit, I just thought of it now :P. But great improvements man. Really waiting for the wordpress theme now!

Hi Skywarrior! Great template, this is what I’m searching for, I think.

Is there a .psd file? The main page or the subsites also?

Hi there! Yes, the PSD files of all pages are included, but only for the desktop version though :)

Sorry – what means ‘desktop version’ of .psd file?

The PSD only contain the desktop version meaning that the mobile and tablet is not included. Basically you get this files, included in the HTML:

Great, all is clear! Thank you!

Hi there, what about the wp version? any news?

WP version should be out sometime early next week (if everything goes ok :))

Give wp! I love this design mate. Well worth the money i bought the psd for future detail updates but im just waiting on wp so bring it on! Awsome work!

Sky were is it? I waiting for it and have so long now hehe! :P

frankieowns we all wait for the wp version :D i hope till the end of this month will be ready

Oh i hope it earlier then that hehe heres what he said 9 days ago! :P

Skywarrior replied

“WP version should be out sometime early next week (if everything goes ok :))” 9 days ago