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Welcome tf. Good luck with sales.

Thanks designmedia :). Looking forward to being part of the community.

Congrats and good luck with your first Theme!

Thanks. Great community :)

nice work.. welcome to ThemeForest!

Thank You :)

Great job! Welcome here :)

Thanks. Glad to be part of TF.

Great , Good Luck mate :)

Welcome To Theme Forest. And Great Design :)

Thanks. Glad to be here.

Clean & Nice Theme! GLWS :)

Thank You. :)

Very good!

Thanks. Glad to hear you liked it. :)

Hi, Extremely modern theme. One pre-sales question. One issue I have noticed with WP themes is home page. There is no option to set offset for posts on home page and then what happens is repetition. We have news sites and we show latest news on home page in different blocks so in this case what happens is that the 4 stories that appear on the top slider/block will also get repeated in blocks below it. But if there is an option to set offset in each element which means I can set the offset to 5 in second block which will skip the 5 stories which already appeared on previous blocks…and same with other block. The themes that I used for my sites added this option so if you also add this option to all h/p elements then it will become more useful and be decisive in my purchase descision.

That explains it better. Unfortunately, that’s not really a common, albeit interesting feature. SmartMag currently does not support this. We have not come across this requirement earlier so pushing it to the main theme will require looking for more user feedback and if there’s more demand.

The changes are pretty easy and we can easily tell you what to do, but they will be rough and not as polished as an integrated feature, and that will be unfair. We don’t want customers using unpolished features.

It surely is an interesting feature and we will consider it for a future release. Follow us on twitter and we’ll surely announce it when we get around to implement it.

Thanks for your interest.

I appreciate it. If you can tell me I can implement it. From what I understand it’s just putting offset in the loop and a user can set the number. It’s quite simple from what I understand as bot themes we used implemented it within minutes of suggestion. I DO need this feature and willing to pay more for customization. We can discuss on email? Where can I drop message?

Sure, it’s not a complicated change – there’s a bit of HTML and PHP code changes involved – and we can tell you exactly what to change. You can email us via the profile:

It has so many good features and homepages with every style of magazine style you want to develop. Good work.

Thanks for the good words.

Pre-sales query 2. I can see only one menu does the theme support second menu as well? I also don’t see any mention of latest comment widget.

I am all set to but the theme as soon as I get any confirmation on offset support as I asked above.

No I meant second menu…as you can see here [] where menu items are

About US
Earn with Muktware
Staff Writers
Send us tip

This is addition to the primary menu.

Sorry but that’s not a default feature either. That area was reserved to be used for the news ticker only. You cannot add a drop-down menu there but links can be added.

Instructions here:

No problem, that’s not a deal breaker :-)

Nice debut! Welcome to TF :)

It´s Buddypress ready?

cant seem to activate the slider….any idea?

Is the featured area not appearing at all? Did you check the “Show Featured Slider?” while creating your homepage?

If it’s still not working, please send me an email via the profile here or register at our forums and send me a PM – with a link to your setup.

very nice magazine theme ! but you support arabic language ? as it work with RTL, do you have demo with RTL ?

is it fully RTL ? so sidebar will be at left ?

Yes, it’s fully RTL compatible and tested. We do not have an RTL demo yet as we do not have RTL translations available to us yet. As soon as we have an Arabic or other RTL language translation ready, we’ll setup a demo.

Nice work ! I love it! Could you make the navigation header sticky on mobile as well? Or is that an option existing already?


It’s not enabled by default because it’s usually not considered good usability on small devices with limited screen size. It’s enabled on tablets though.

However, to enable it, I can provide you with a 3 line Custom CSS code that you can add to your Theme Settings. Please create a ticket at support forums and I will provide you with the code.

Thanks for your interest.

Somehow it does not go when I want to insert the slider, where can I determine which news you want to display in the slider a post?

It’s mentioned under the documentation under Adding Posts in Post Settings & Options section.

When creating a post, there are few options available to you. One of them is “Featured Slider?”. Check this option for the post to appear in homepage or category Slider.

Unfortunately this did not work. Only when I edit a sample news it works, others it shows me not to.

Note that the posts order in slider is based on the published date of each post. If that’s not the issue, please send me an email with your site link and login info, through our profile or by registering at our support forum at

Hi there

Great theme and i have purchased this. I also cannot get the slider working on the home page, any ideas?

The category slider is working, however the home page one isn’t

Do i need to do something on the page builder or should it auto populate?

Is the featured area not appearing at all? Did you check the “Show Featured Slider?” while creating your homepage?

If it’s still not working, please send me an email via the profile here or register at our forums and send me a PM – with a link to your setup.

Regarding the page builder, you can either use the prebuilt layouts (the third button on the pagebuilder next to + button). Or follow the “Homepage Setup” part of the documentation: . Towards the end of this section, it tells you which pagebuilder blocks and widgets to use.

Great job!GLWS :)

Thanks. Appreciate it.

Beautiful.. good luck with sales. :)

Thank You :)