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How do I remove the Tatoo Pro Wordpress Theme stuck in the middle of my video?

I sent an email through the support page to you. Which option is best for a quick response? Here or the email form?

I replied to your email.

I have added an artist and then gone to the media library and attached all of his images to him, but it will not show a portfolio button on the artist page no matter how many times I redo it.

I replied to your email.

Hi there. Awesome theme. Just wondering if there is a way to change the colour of the sub menu from black? Cheers dot uk


Go to Appearance->Theme Settings->General and copy paste the following code to the Custom Header script field;

#sub-menu ul,#sub-menu ul li{
background-color: #060d46 !important;
#sub-menu ul:after {
border-left-color:#060d46 !important;

Hello, I have your working theme and did an upgrade now all I get is a black page with the loading icon moving in the middle.

You’re welcome :)

This website under Artists>Shane. The portfolio link does not open anymore. This happen when adding more photos. Is there a limit of photos or size that would have caused this? The theme is running the latest version and there are photos attached to this profile. Thanks

I replied to your email.

Hi there, I would like to add for one artist two ore more portfolio (tattoo, skizzen, shop). How can I handle this? Regards Simon

Sorry but it is not possible. You can use gallery shortcode to create additional gallery pages;

hello, first of all, very nice theme.

I am trying to change the home slider to a different slider I like to use (Revolution slider) but I can’t seem to disable the home slider. How can I do it? I found a guide in the documentation section, I did everything it said (deleted the code and changed some 1’s into 0’s) but still no luck. Help would be appreciated.

No, it is just a simple image slider.

Hello. I am using this template for a Hebrew site. I understand there isn’t full support for RTL languages, but I will be happy to know how to change some directions in the layout. For example, the text in the testimonials, the text in the artists page and the contact form – as you can see in this site:

The texts in the “body” is solvable as you can see. how can I change the other parts?

Thank you.


2) If you don’t have enough css knowledge, I suggest you to buy a customization service from Envato Studio. Customization is not included in item support;

3) If you have any other question, you should use the contact form on the support page;

Hi there guys, do you have a visual composer (page builder) build into the theme? Thanks

Hi, sorry but no, it is not compatible with visual composer.

Can you please indicate the email address I should search for in my inbox that your response to my submission here would come from? I posted something a couple of days back and I get tons of emails and can not tell if you responded to it yet. Thanks in advance.

This isnt a support question. I am trying to figure out if the theme is supposed to support shortcodes on the default page that we can add to sub menu navigation like they work on the other page templates in the theme that are added to the main navigation menu? seems like the default page template is not parsing the shortcodes. I have looked in the knowledge base for any information in regards to shortcode usage on pages we may add to the sub menu navigation.

Are shortcodes supposed to work on all page templates of the theme?

As you can see on my demo website, all shortcodes are in the main menu and they are working. Update your theme;

Hey there.. is there a way to create a page like a “guestbook”? my client wants to give people the chance to ask questions “on page” which he can reply so that everyone can see it?! pls hlp

Hi, you should search for a plugin for that.

Hi there, please check The images within “Portfolio” doesn’t not open in lightbox. Have the same within “Artist” and there it is working perfect. Can you help me in this case?


There are javascript errors on your website. I think it is related to one of your plugins. Deactivate all your plugins and try again.

Quick question about SEO… I noticed the home page doesn’t really have a spot for a text area. Is there an option in the backend?


Tattoo Studio is a single page website theme. Everything you see on the front page ( about us, artists, faq, shortcodes, contact) is on the same page (homepage). So there is no need to add an additional text field to the slider.

If seo is important for you, I suggest you to buy a seo optimization service from Envato Studio after purchasing the theme.

Support sucks. Been months and no replies from these guys.

1. We have replied to all your emails. Your last question was a customization question and it is not included in item support;

2. Your item support has been expired. So we don’t have to reply to your questions.

Pathetic. The least you could have done was to reply. How you answered me now, shows the lack of professionalism from you.

Where can I add my custom CSS? When i put it in custom header script it doesnt do anything.

Make sure that you have added the css codes between “style” tags like the following example;

.myclass {

I recommend you to use the child theme. You can add your css codes to the style.css file (without adding style tags) in the child theme;


multig Purchased

Hi dear, i put the coordinates for my map in contact, first it goes good, later it doesn’t work anymore. I cheched the coordinates and they are good.. it give me this error: Sorry, there was a problem. Google Maps is not loaded correctly . For technical details , see the JavaScript console


Google map api now requires a key;

1) Update your theme ( )

2) Get an api key from Google and add it to the theme settings ( you can find more information in the updated help documentation (theme settings->contact); )

3) If you have any other question, please use the contact form on the support page;

I really liked your theme, I have a doubt before making the purchase, there is the possibility of putting more than one address? because I have two tattoo studios.


Sorry but Google map supports only one address. It may be possible with customization;

How can I export the theme settings and transfer to another domain?

Sorry but there isn’t any easy way to do that. You should use PhpMyAdmin to import/export your database. All theme settings are in “wp_options” table in the database.

If you have any other question, please use the contact form on the support page;

Is there an instruction manual with this theme? I purchased and downloaded all files and it’s just theme files. Looking for shortcodes info.

Wait, found a link for “Help Documentation”. Nevermind… ”/wp-content/themes/tattoo-wp/documentation/index.html”

Next question… So I found in the “knowledge base” an article on removing the slider from the homepage. However, let’s say you want to add a regular page as your home page. How would you do that?

If you go under… Settings > Reading > Front Page (Custom Page). Then the page appears in the bottom menu instead.

The edited file in the following article is “homepage template”;

Slider and all these sliding page animations are on this page template. So you should select “homepage template” on the page which you have selected as your front page display.

After removing the slider, you can change the order of the other pages;

multig Purchased

Hi dear, beautifull theme and thank you. I have i little problem, in the artist page, the animation under the name , the black windows dont move like the demo.. can you help me? is it a problem with the php version? Thank you


1) Update your theme and try again;

2) Unfortunately your item support has been expired. So, if you still have a question, you should renew your item support and contact us via contact form on the support page.