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took as the focus of the datepicker inputs select the date?

Call the .datepicker(‘hide’) function. docs here http://www.eyecon.ro/bootstrap-datepicker/

Thank you!

Do you have a BS2 version of this?

No BS2, BS3 is more better.

The system has no model alert for confirmation, type remove?

There are BS3 alert and modal components.


which link where I can find?

Hi! Restarting dev on the webapp again. Is there an update coming soon? Not that it is needed, just want the freshest copy. Thank you.

Hi, I am working on the update and some feedback. but not ready yet.


I wish others were as responsive as you. I will buy all of your themes. Communication is key.

Thank you!

Where can I find documentation and instructions for the form validation?


Great theme! I have an issue when using as an IOS webapp when it has been added to the homescreen. When I have the scrollable wrapper class set and I go into a textbox the onscreen keyboard covers the textbox and will not type anything. In normal safari it works fine and when the textbox gets focus the whole page moves up to make space for the keyboard. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks Wayne

<!-- iOS web-app metas --> <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-capable" content="yes" /> <meta name="apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style" content="black"

Thank you!


I will buy the template but I want it with fixed width.

Can you make it with fixed style too?


You just need fix the body

body{width:1000px; margin:0 auto}


Is it possible to improve the response time in mobile? I can see when I use a mobile to visit the app and click any button, it probably need one second to respond.


It works! Thank you!

What does it mean that this theme has 2 Runnable applications? Also, do you have a layered Photoshop file for sale for this theme?

Tasks and notes with crud functions. no psd files



I am trying to make the wizard widget works with more than one input field per step, but parsely seems to validate only the first field on the form. And it behaves in a weird way.

How can I add more than one field per setp and validate all them?


Any luck with this?

will be fixed in next update, Thanks

I tried to convert everything with PhoneGap. In table.html file with the plugin DataTables the underlying part does not work. That is, clicking on the number of pages does not change anything, does not change the display.

Thanks you very much

The problem is the css class .table-responsive . With this class all link in the bottom become unclickable.

You can wrap the DataTables rows with the .table-responsive, not the whole table. except the header footer. Thanks

Fixed! Thanks! :)

Is there a way to make the sidebar (navbar) be automatically extended by default? I don’t like it when it is in a single column??

Check this page, http://flatfull.com/themes/todo/dashboard.html, you can put the icon in the .navbar, also it’s the bs3 navbar, http://getbootstrap.com/components/#navbar


My problem is that I have too many items for the navbar. It gets all messed up, I’d like to show a screenshot so i can explain better as your not getting it. Can i get an email?

There is a update in this weekend. and it have a collapse menu for your many items menu.


Can we masonary layout and youtube video link :)

No plan for this. thanks

will add great value to it. We need it also :) isotope and masonary will make it more interesting.

Any more updates we can expect? :)

There is a update in this weekend. Thanks

broken layout if I reduced browser window height, it’s happen with all your sample layout. How to fix it ?

You mean the left menu? there will be a collapse menu in this weekend update. Thanks

fixed, using vbox..thanks. BTW I have problem with bundling and minification ASP NET MVC 5 (font-awosemo.css & font.css)—>/* Minification failed. Returning unminified contents. (40,1): run-time error CSS1019: Unexpected token, found ’@import’

Do not minify the font-awesome.css and font.css, they both import fonts.


HI, in form wizard(form.html), i make more than one <input> textbox, but the validation only validate the first input textbox.

Could you help me, how to make form wizard with more than one input value.

Thank You

will be fixed in next update, Thanks

Can you add jquery isotopes :) Currently that is very much required for portfolio. It will add great value to this theme.

I will add this. Thanks


I have asked when this nice theme will support IE11 and author said in next update.

It was some time ago, so – does anyone know when the next update will come out?

Hi. The last update does not support IE11 as promised?

the last update support IE11

i tested on WIN7

Hi, yes you are right. The Live preview is not updated.

I received a notification, about update, today (Dec 2, 2013), what did you update in this version ?

Fontawesome4.0/ collapse nav/ wizard form fixed/ notes restful api and IE11 support.


Hi, Looking forward to the IE 11 update. Any news on when is it going to be ready? I think it is very important to have support for IE 11

the last update support ie11

i will update the demo soon