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On dashboard. If you click the button to make the side menu full size, the graphs just totally screw up. (the content window doesn’t adjust to the difference in size from the side menu moving).

The Morris chart need be updated when the size changed, rebuild the morris chart.


can you tell me how?

clear the chart dom. and build the chart again. check the app.data.js. and you will see it have a rezise function to rebuild the Morris chart.

Hi all ,Can help me for use bootstrap file upload via jquery and php ?

Hello! Very wonderful template! Thank you for this job! There is one small problem with the left menu – if there are many elements that diverges layout.

I suggest rearrange your menus. but i will include a collapse menu in next update.


Hello, any plans to update to FontAwesome 4?

Yes. i will update it to 4, but seems have lot of rename work to do.

Awesome. Yeah, that’s why I ask ;-) I hate when they do that.

How do you store data from WYSIWYG editor to mysql database?

when submit the form, you can grab the html from the editor div and post it to server.


There is bug in the current implementation. If you decrease the height of the browser, the footer gets messed up. Because of this the two buttons(compress-menu and lock-me) on the left side menu comes on top of existing menu.

Also, in the left menu if you click on ‘UI kit’ and then hover over ‘Pages’ the submenu for ‘Pages’ comes under the submenu for ‘UI kit’. Ideally, the submenu for ‘UI kit’ should disappear.

i will include a collapse menu in next update in case of big first-level menus.

if you check more detail, you will see it’s dropdown menu. only you click on sth it will disappear.


Thankyou Flatfull

I have one more Qs. Would I be eligible for the update if I buy it now? (Sorry, this would be my first purchase on themeforest).

Yes, you can get the update after the purchase. Thanks.

Love how everything looks on mobile devices.. You guys nailed it. On the landing.html page—any option to add a swiping feature to the slider?

You can use the jquery swipe. check ths article.

Hi there,

Love the theme, well done.

One issue that I can’t get my head around… The carousel on the landing page seems to have a conflict with jquery.appear.js when the js script is loaded on manual next arrow the page moves down. This is also the same on your demo. Is there a quick fix for this? Its very annoying when it moves down. I just want it to stay on the same place as it is.

Awesome thank you… I also have a license question. We’re using the theme for an online webapp that people will buy a monthly subscription to use, it is still one project, will that mean we also have to buy the extended license?

Take a look at this page http://themeforest.net/licenses

you need a Extended License.


Great, thank you. We’ll visit this once we’re ready to launch the platform.


awesome theme! Is it possible to use this theme in a software product that should be sold? Under what license is this theme?

Thank you!

You need Extended license.


Can you give an example layout of a blog article? Your documents contains only blog list. I think there are lot of need in an article page.

Thank you!

Actually, i merged them in the blog.html, you can see the comments on this page.


I would like to know where is the documentation in the template?

Do you have install instructions?

Hi, it’s only html/js, no back-end.


I think the theme should do some design to , like different color or underline decorator. If I put a link in a sentence, I almost couldn’t realize it was a link unless I move the mouse on it.

Actually, you can use the .text-info, like link


I was very very confused with nav-bar and navbar. Can u just keep only one of them?

navbar is a Bootstrap’s component. nav-bar is a custom nav.


I’ll be very appreciate if you could add a css when user clicks a submit button, it comes disabled and have a spinner on the right. This is a very very useful feature.

You can use the $().button(‘loading’) and data-toggle=”class:className”, like

<button type="button" class="btn btn-sm btn-primary" data-loading-text="Saving..." data-toggle="class:show inline" data-target="#spin">Save</button> 
<i class="icon-spinner hide" id="spin" />

and change the .inline{display:inline-block !important};

Hey there

I have an existing application that is already on Bootstrap.

I am curious if you provide the LESS files in a similar manner Bootstrap 3 did so I can integrate them easily:

https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/blob/master/less/bootstrap.less https://github.com/twbs/bootstrap/tree/master/less

Is it implemented in a Bootstrap 3 theme?

Are you doing @import on Bootstrap LESS files?

Thanks! Really beautiful theme and it will be wonderful if it can be easily integrated in my existing app.

The LESS files have the similar manner with BS3. actually i used some of the mixins from BS3.

but the LESS files do not compiled with BS3’s LESS files. so customers can easy update the BS3 css. do not need to wait my update if there is some conflict.

Thank you!

I need to use a <form> tag(It’s necessary to use in asp.net) just after the body tag. But this is damaging the style. How can i add <form> tag after anywhere without any impact on style. such as you have any nostyle class, i can use with.

You need remove other form tag in the dashboard.html. like the navbar search form.

you can use a custom class, .h-f{height:100%}.


Yes, it’s working. But any other solution for multiple form tag. Such as i also need to use navbar form tag along with i used after body tag.

“form must not contain other form elements.”

Check this page.


I can’t load a modal from data-grid or data-table. When I click a link the browser goes to another page instead . Obs: In the same page already have two modals working fine with the same structure. Ex.:

It seems you used the remote url for the modal content, if so, follow this.

<a href="modal.html?geonameid=3530597" data-toggle="modal" data-target="#modal">
  <i class="icon-pencil" />
put a empty <div id=”modal” class=”modal fade” id=”modal”></div> at the end of the page.

BTW, the data-toggle=”ajaxModal” not works.


Might be a silly question but, where is documentation? Can’t find it anywhere…

Check the docs.html or online docs


Hello I am pleased to say that you have done everything everyone is looking for Question? is it possible to implement integration this admin panel to my website users ? so a user can register their social accounts and receive automatic updates regarding Twitter followers, followers, Facebook SoundCloud followers , downloads , Instagram followers ? Thank You!

Hi, it’s all about html/js, no back-end, so you need implement the integration base on the Social api.