Discussion on Twisted - Showcase WordPress Theme

Discussion on Twisted - Showcase WordPress Theme

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HI there! Is the Timeline Blog style also available in light (white) cause if I click on clear in the preview the entire website/blog is dark.

Thanks for purchasing! Please open a support ticket and help you with those things. Thanks once again!

Thank you! I submitted a ticket, but it says I didn’t. Hope it arrives at your place. :)

Yes, I got it. Thanks!

I helped my client with your theme, there are some “bugs” with social widget and one-click demo import. Try to use your theme on a clear environment and you’ll see :) . Wish you good luck!

Thanks for reaching me!
It seems to be running fine here, but if you encounter any issues please head to https://support.pirenko.com/

Thank you for your proposition, but I have no time for this. It looks like it’s more important for you and not for me. I just wanted to inform you, you can do what you want with this information. Wish you good day!

OK. Have a great day too!

hi pirenko, i love your twisted theme and i am using it for quite a while now. unfortunately my provider forces me to use php 7.2 on my hosting and now i am running in problems with the theme. a compatibility check shows a warning and some errors. are you planning to update the theme?

FILE: /is/htdocs/wp1095326_WNQHQ53HPP/www/wp/wp-content/themes/twisted/inc/cleanup.php

30 | WARNING | Function create_function() is deprecated since PHP 7.2; Use an anonymous function instead

FILE: /is/htdocs/wp1095326_WNQHQ53HPP/www/wp/wp-content/themes/twisted/functions.php


3 | ERROR | Function name, class name, namespace name or constant name can not be reserved keyword ‘DIR’ (since version 5.3) 3 | ERROR | Function name, class name, namespace name or constant name can not be reserved keyword ‘DIR’ (since version 5.3)

Thank you for purchasing!
Please update the theme, because those issues are already sorted on the latest theme version. If you still have trouble please open a support ticket here https://support.pirenko.com/

I tried to install the plugin but it does not work. The package „Twisted Framework“ could not be installed. 
PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature Plugin not activated. A higher version of Twisted Framework is needed for this theme. Please update the plugin.

Hi, that is weird… Please send me a private message with the WP login details for a quick check. Thanks!

Hi, that is weird… Please send me a private message with the WP login details for a quick check. Thanks!

Since the update I can not edit any slides. It is missing the button.

Hi, Thanks for purchasing! Please go to Appearance > Install Plugins and install the new plugin Twisted Framework. Thanks!

Pirenko, how are you?

having issues with portfolio links, see http://thisistsg.com/us-clients/ and click on any artist.. it sends to me DNS solution in chrome or safari cannot find page with only https in address bar.. please advise

Hoje, thank you for purchasing! Ir you se a DNS error then it is something external to WordPress. I suggest that you reach your hosting company for a fix. Let me know if you still need help after that. Cheers!

Hi, Like the theme and have it up and running mainly, have come across a issue though, on an android device (phone or tablet) I can not click on sub menus. when I click the top item to expand the sub menu it loads automatically (i.e. reloads page if no link on top menu).

Thanks for help in advance.

PM sent :)

Ok, we will comment in the next couple of hours. Thanks ;)



With my entry does not appear in the date. What is wrong?


My browser is Maxthon.

Thank you for purchasing!
Please send us a private message with a link so that we can see if the issue is related with that browser.

Hello Pirenko, first of all thanks for your great work. I really love Twisted! I’m having some issues with it, though: sometimes it doesn’t show all my posts (it stops loading and says that there’s nothing else to show). Can you help me with this? Thanks so much!

Thank you for purchasing!
Please make sure that you are using the latest theme and bundled plugins versions. If you still have trouble send us a private message (contact form on this page http://themeforest.net/user/pirenko ) with the WP login details so that we can analyze this situation.
Cheers :)

Hi Pirenko, love the theme! My contact form is not working, every time I tried to send a message through the contact form it generates an error message ‘email failure. please try again. what am I doing wrong? Thanks! www.georgeanastopoulos.eu

Hi, thanks you for purchasing! Your hosting company probably does not allow sending emails using PHP. Please ask them to remove this restriction. Cheers!

Hey Pirenko

I really love your theme – I bought it after looking at hundreds of other themes and doing a few days of research by me and my partner.

Now I have it all set up, Timeline looks good, latest posts and everything is fine but I am really disappointed of one thing: Templates for Portfolios (grid; masonry;etc) do not apply for blog posts or pages. This is a real mood killer.

Maybe I am doing something wrong and I am able to apply the following template also for posts/pages? http://www.munto.net/twisted/grid-portfolio/

If not, would it be a extensive development from your side to clone/tweak the portfolio templates into being blog templates (for next release)?

All I want is a grid of posts as featured pictures that,when hovered, show color overlay with the name of the post and the tags. (A feature of showing only post name and hiding the tags is not bad). The grid should have filter just as the portfolio template has – because it looks AWESOME! (the view was the ultimate reason for me to buy the theme – to get my blog posts as timeline AND grid of pictures that can be filtered)

Right now I could make it with a workaround (create new portfolio items, link them to blog posts), but this is massive amounts of work even when starting from scratch. One thing is getting the portfolio items up and linked but the other thing is, I need to apply all the tags also from scratch (create them again, apply them again). What makes my problem worse is that I’m applying the theme for existing page with a number of blog entries.

Anyway, I think its worth considering. I believe your theme looks modern and could sell for many years to come. Right now it seems to miss some flexibility with page templates.

Here is my workaround for the problem but I found it really complex to apply (that’s why there are only two right now): http://chasing.ventures/articles/

Sorry for a long text that will take a whole afternoon to digest.

Hoping to hear back from you, Andre

Got it now, thanks!

I still feel like grid feature for posts is the big missing feature. Any chance this will be changed in the future?

Here is my old request: Templates for Portfolios (grid; masonry;etc) do not apply for blog posts or pages. This is a real mood killer.

All I want is a grid of POSTS of featured pictures that,when hovered, show color overlay with the name of the post and the tags. (A feature of showing only post name and hiding the tags is not bad). The grid should have filter just as the portfolio template has.

I would like to filter posts by categories, show them as a nice grid and when clicked, point to page with all posts the same category.

You can try and install a plugin for that. If you are willing to pay something for it I suggest this one: http://codecanyon.net/item/essential-grid-wordpress-plugin/7563340

edit: solved it

Hi Pirenko,

Love the theme, thinking of getting it, just a few question first;

1. On the homepage – can I make the slider deeper? 2. On the homepage – can I have both the portfolio items and blog excerpts on the same page. 3. What is the font? Does it default with the theme?

thanks Mike

Thank you for your kind comment! The answer to 1 and 2 is yes and you can choose other fonts if you want (the theme packs around 60, but you can add unlimited fonts).

Thanks for the prompt reply – sounds good. Do you have a documentation file, but I guess your YouTube channel does a good job. Will have some more questions in a day or two. Cheers!

The theme has a documentation folder included. Cheers :)

Hi Pirenko,

Having a bit of trouble with the blog timeline. You can see it here:


The blog is only loading additional posts once and then it freezes, I have more than it’s displaying. Also the last post of the first load (before trying to load additional posts) isn’t showing the published date.

Once the additional posts load, the hover overlay stops working on the new posts, but continues to work on the ones that were first displayed.

I’m going through everything looking for any kind of errant code in the posts that might be causing the problem but I’m not seeing anything.

Hi, please send me a private message with the WP login details if possible. I would like to check some of the options that you have. Thanks!

Ok you should have the credentials

I have just replied. Cheers ;)

I would like to purchase your theme, but I need to be able to pay via card and not paypall. Please advise.

Hi, that option should be available too. If you are having trouble with it you will need to contact Envato Support. Thanks :)

Hi Pirenko,

Having a problem with the theme, not sure how long it’s been going on because it wasn’t immediately noticeable, on the portfolio page, when you click on the filters, the first row of items isn’t moving, so it’s getting covered up by the other items. You can see the issue here when you click through the filters:


Deactivated all the plugins, problem was still there.

Also tried different portfolio layouts, that didn’t help either. Any ideas? Thanks!

OK disregard this, I started doing some more checking, it works fine in Safari, FF on a Mac, it works fine in IE and Chrome on a PC, I was having the issue on Chrome on a Mac, checked it in Chrome on another Mac and it was fine. Must be some kind of cache issue.

Figured it out, I had that tab zoomed out, at -90% it caused the issues.. weird. Doesn’t do that on the demo site.

Ok, great :)

Another question…in a blog post:

Can I disable the display of the featured image that shows before the body text? I already typically have a featured image in the post itself…I don’t want another copy of it on top of my content.

Cheers, Al

Ok, cool…that works. Any way to disable by default instead of each post?

Hum… No, but if you want to apply it to all posts please reply to my email and I’ll send you a tweaked single.php file. Thanks!

Replied…definitely send the new file, thanks again!

Hi again…the Timeline formatting seems to be messed up. This is a pretty fresh install.

Site is locked…so pic in the link. http://grab.by/zGnc

Any thoughts?

Done, email sent.

I just replied :nerdy:

Fixed! Thanks for the speedy responses…

Hey, is there a way to remove the logo and just have a text-based one that uses the title and tagline? There isn’t a button to remove the default logo, only to replace it…

I did some searching of the comments, but couldn’t find a solution.

Cheers! Al

You can try and upload a small transparent logo or add some custom CSS to make it invisible. Cheers!

Yeah, that’s fine but doesn’t display the default WP Title/Tagline. Will work something out…take that into consideration for an update though. Would be great to have that option.

Ok, maybe on a future update. Thanks :)

I am running Twisted Version 1.6

Is there a quick or simple way of adding a captcha to the contact page?

I figured I would ask here before I put in the time to manually add it.

Thank you for purchasing! I would say that the easiest way is to install the Contact Form 7 plugin and the manually edit the page-contact.php file (replace the theme form with the Contact Form 7 shortcode).


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