Discussion on Vernissage - Photography WordPress Theme

Discussion on Vernissage - Photography WordPress Theme

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how can I change all google fonts to local font? Which plugin is suitable for this? Because on you theme, there is no setting to change all fonts per backend…

if i add youtube video background main page can be heared audio?

Yes and no. More info here: https://developer.chrome.com/blog/autoplay/ . I recommend to use background video with audio for inner pages.

Hello, thank you four your great and beautiful theme ! I missed the support period _ after purchasing vernissage…

I’m excepting some troubles with my logo with the responsive settings i think. On a computer it’s ok, but on a phone/ipad in vertical mode, the logo is small. In horizontal mode on the ipad, the logo is too big and overlay the galleries pictures (http://xb-photo.fr) Could you please help me on this little problem ? :) Thank you, Xavier

Hello Xavier,

I don’t see any issues. All works as expected. Check demo for additional information.
P.S. For getting support use SUPPORT tab please. Thank you.

Hello, how can I display the portfolio with the filter already?

So that a filter is already selected and only images from one category are displayed?

When I display the category via the menu, the filter is missing

Can you tell me?



I do not provide support via comments. Use support tab please.

I can’t get the recommended plugin notification for Contact Form 7 to dismiss. It keeps showing up. I’m using a different form plugin and I’d really like to remove this notification.


In functions.php -> line 143 set ‘dismissable’ to true.

You’re welcome!

P.S. For getting support in future use support tab please. Thx.



Hi guys , could you tell me please the pic size for fullscreen background of HOME page (zoom slider)? Is it ok like 4140×2765px?


You can use any size but I recommend to use lower resolution. Recommended image size for background image you can find in the user’s manual.

I just have updated to the latest version of the theme but now the site experiences a problem with wpml. I receive a recoverable error in the pluggable.php. And I have a question where I can change “similar projects” in the portolio at the bottom.

I recommend you contact WPML support regard your question. Your question is not about my theme.

When there is a problem is always works both ways. They always want to cooperate together with the maker of the theme.

And is there a solution for my second question, to change somewhere the line “similar projects”?

And I have also a strange problem with one page after the update, the picture has a big space below the slider when it loads …https://www.agistrigreece.com/how-to-get-to-agistri. I cannot figure out why this is happen suddenly.

And it took me a lot of work to fix all the sliders after the update. They were all messed up, had to open every page and save it again. I assume there was no simpler option?

Comments it’s not the right place for getting support. More info on the ‘Support’ tab.

Hello, after having updated WP and Vernissage to the last releases, I have the text “All posts in” displayed in front of the title of each Category page: https://gerard-david.com/category/stages-voyages/ Thanks

Hi kotofey, unfortunately the new version does not work under older iOS versions. Tested with iPad / iPhone (both with iOS 9.3.2) and on my own site (now back to V1.4) as on your demo-page. The start-page stays empty, the ajax-loader is shown but nothing else happens… Don’t know, if you are beware of this issue?!?

Found this on the web, maybe thats the issue? And a last correction of my own post: it’s an iPad3 with iOS 9.3.5, of course… https://stackoverflow.com/questions/38534765/safari-ios-not-loading-javascript-file

Maybe…in any case it’s more about Safari on iOS 9.3.5 rather than theme.

Hi mate, just wanted to let you know that I managed to get rid of the error, only occurring on iOS9.3.5. The error, shown in web developer console was “Strict mode does not allow function declarations in a lexically nested statement”. I found “use strict” in your jquery.custom.js and marked it out as “comment” to test. Now the site / lazy-loading and so on works flawless on my iPad3 with the old iOS 9.3.5. Don’t know if that is interesting / helpful for you. On Mac OS / Safari there are also minor other problems with “404 load errors” which belong to ”.map” files. Checked the code in hammer.js and even in lightbox.css and found these ”.map” references as “comments” in the files. Obviously there is a bug in Safari which lets the browser try to load – even tho these references are in comments. So I removed these too – now the site works perfect, without any errors.

Can you please send me the new XML demo file? Thank you.

Sorry I don’t have XML file. Theme supports the one click demo install so there is no reason in separate XML file. Refer to user’s manual for more info.

I want to make a slider background, I can not do it, how to do it?

. To set up the gallery you must create a new page, you can do so by navigating to Galleries > Add Gallery. 2. Click on „Add media’ and download your images from PC that you want to show up in this gallery. 3. Once your images uploaded just close a dialog box. (click on the cross at top right). Don’t click on ’create gallery’ or ‘insert’. Just close this modal window. 4. Then select a proper gallery layout in the right section and click “Publish”.

hi, I read user’s manual, i did everything step by step but I can not SEE in the right section Proper Gallery Layout, I want create Gallery Layouts FULLSCREEN FILL, i can not do it, Where can i find DEMO ??? (one click demo instal make your website exactly the same like demo…...) Im beginner


Where you read this? Latest version of the theme (and documentation) does not contain these words. Read correct user’s manual please.
P.S. for getting support use support tab. It’s the right way to get support.

since I updated to the new version (from 1.3.1) the selected menue item is highlighted in red in the dark scheme. I set the color in customize/Appearance I edited the “dark-style.css” and changed the red ’#ff3d3d” to blue. The colors of my text links changed but the selected menue item is still in red. could you pls tell me in wich .css file i have to change it?


ooh….I see the issue. I’ll recheck all more carefully today and release a new update tomorrow.

Just wanna let you know that the new update ready for download. :)

thx, now everything works fine.

After installing the new version of Vernissage, My gallery disappeard completely. I have the priview on the gallery page but no pages beneath the photos… And I cannot find the gallery in the menu… Please advise

sorry, I found the gallery but all the pages are shown as 404 and I do not know why. When I add a new gallery there is no problem… What can I change in the old galleries?

Answer to your question you can find in the user’s manual.

Hi, when I activate the new update I get nothing but a white screen, no errors.. just white site wide (admin and public).

Cache has been deleted, minimal plugins, 1.5.1 works fine (with the known issues with the newer WP).

Tried both deleting then uploading through Themes as well as through the file system, same result.

I’ve had to go in the backend to delete the latest update and replace it with 1.5.1

Any suggestions?



Upgrade your PHP at least to 5.6

5.6 did it, thank you!

You’re welcome.

Hello, my website works but is producing/overlaying several error codes (also in admin) as of today, I think it was an auto wordpress update? I did not make any recent changes. I can purchase support if required, but I have a feeling other people may be getting similar errors…

Thanks, Leslie http://www.lesliedeanbrown.com/illustration/ info@lesliedeanbrown.com

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; vernissage_theme has a deprecated constructor in /hermes/walnaweb05a/b481/moo.tenergrief/lesliedeanbrown/illustration/wp-content/themes/vernissage/admin/main.php on line 10

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; flickr_widget has a deprecated constructor in /hermes/walnaweb05a/b481/moo.tenergrief/lesliedeanbrown/illustration/wp-content/themes/vernissage/extends/widget-flickr.php on line 6

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; tp_widget_recent_tweets has a deprecated constructor in /hermes/walnaweb05a/b481/moo.tenergrief/lesliedeanbrown/illustration/wp-content/themes/vernissage/extends/widget-twitter.php on line 6

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; vernissage_portfolio_widget has a deprecated constructor in /hermes/walnaweb05a/b481/moo.tenergrief/lesliedeanbrown/illustration/wp-content/themes/vernissage/extends/widget-portfolio.php on line 5

Deprecated: Methods with the same name as their class will not be constructors in a future version of PHP; add_kotofey_button has a deprecated constructor in /hermes/walnaweb05a/b481/moo.tenergrief/lesliedeanbrown/illustration/wp-content/themes/vernissage/extends/wysiwyg/wysiwyg.php on line 2


Read the previous comment and update your theme.

Is there documentation for the upgrade process from 1.5.1 to 2.0? I tried to just run the update from WordPress, but it seems like a lot of the appearance settings were lost/changed.


After update all settings in the customizer were set to settings that you had before. I tested it many times. All custom CSS you can find in the customizer -> additional CSS. About the logo: seems like you using retina display that’s why you can’t see the logo. I’ve made a quick update that will be available within few minutes. You need to update your theme manually or send me WP access I’ll fix it for you. About the selectors: I didn’t touch or change old selectors but some of the CSS styles and HTML structure has minor modifications. It would be great of you can say what exactly settings wasn’t transfered.

Okay, I will take another look. I actually restored the site from a backup after the upgrade, because I didn’t have time to work on a bunch of changes this morning. I will try again and post any specific problems.

I did see my CSS had moved into the customizer, but I’m not sure what happened. Some items on the home page had changed appearance after the update. Maybe my child theme is causing issues. I need to look closer at the code. Thanks for following up.

If you using child-theme then it can be a problem (because I don’t know what modifications you’ve made and, as you know, all custom modification for your own risk ;) ). BTW, child-theme was added into the theme archive. Try to install it and add your changes. Let me know the result. You can contact me using support tab.

Hello. I can no longer work in visual mode. To update the pages, I have to use textual mosality: using visual mode, in the first moment you do not see the content (empty, white), returning to text mode and then in visual mode, you can see the content but you can not interact , to modify it. to make changes, I have to use text mode and save. I updated wp, plugin, theme, all the latest version, but not the problem remains. Would you be so kind to let me know how to solve? Thanks a lot. Best regards. Bruno

This problem is not theme related. It’s more about WordPres tinymce editor.

You were very kind, thanks a lot for your answer. Best regards. Bruno

You’re welcome, Bruno!

Hi, i have the version 1.3.1 instaled, how can i update for the new versions? there is no option in admin panel. Thanks.

It works, thanks.

You’re welcome! You can also install Envato Market plugin to get automatic updates. https://envato.com/market-plugin/

Hi, love your theme! How can I either have single portfolio items clickthrough to an external page (or a static page within the site that isn’t a /portfolio page)?


I’m glad you like it. Unfortunately it’s not possible at this moment.


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