Discussion on 5pika - Drupal Theme

Discussion on 5pika - Drupal Theme

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Hi, how can I reach the dblog pages with this theme?

Hello, i have a question about the theme. Comes with the demo and the images?

ok, thanks, and It Comes with the full demo?

Yes of course, with easy installation. Within 5-10 min your site will be ready.

Feel free to contact us if you have further qurstions :)

Kind Regards

Ok Thanks :)

Please assist. I was purchase this theme aprox. 1 year ago and set up my HEBREW site with your help. I want to set up now my ENGLISH site and look at all the changes you help me with for the design at the support site but all of the old support was gone. I want to open new ticket at the new support but I realize that my support was expired. PLEASE ASSIST me. I can’t find the problem. The HEBREW site is OK at the address: www.avrahamtours.co.il

I want to align the ENGLISG site like the HEBREW one, I want the boxes to be at the right sidebar in the mainpage and align the menu to the border of the image header and give it the same color like the hebrew website.

My english website address www.avrahamtours.co.il/en7/

Im really appreciate your help.

Thanks in advanced

Hi Wooper,

I understand. Please visit this link https://themeforest.net/item/5pika-drupal-theme-/4793170 and click renew your support for your item. And go back to http://support.inspiro-media.com login with your envato account and post your ticket there.

Kind Regards

This is the issue, Should I have to renew my support. all my old changes was at the older support site. How can I get them? is it Require to renew the support?

Hi woopr Unfortunately the old support ticketing system was disabled a year ago, and we do not have any backup of it. Yes it is required.

Please feel free to contact us if you have further questions

Kind Regards

I need my lost ticket support from http://support.inspiro-media.com/ where can I find theme?

Unfortunately, since we moved to new support, we do not have these tickets anymore, sorry for that.

Hope you can understand us.

Hi there, I can not access to your support site. its looks very messy, like the page is not load correctly or something, please can you help me?

Hi there

Please use the link support.inspirothemes.com

Kind regards

Hi Inspiromedia, I installed OG module and made the portfolio content type as a group type. Problem is the field group_group didn’t display. Can you give me a code to add to the css that display the field group_group under the link field? Do I need to extend my support to do that? Thanks

Also would you be able to help me clone the content type portfolio for a second content type that acts the same?


Please can you kindly open a support ticket here in our support ticketing system https://inspiro.ticksy.com/

Thank you! INSPIRO

When the estimated date for drupal 8? Are you planning on releasing an update to the D7.4x? Are there any problems in running this version with D7.4x? Thanks


The drupal 7.4x works pretty good and it’s very stable, you can update it simply by replacing drupal core files and running the update.php on your site.


Are there going to be any plans to add event/calendar type functionality to this theme? This theme looks great and has pretty much everything (and more) we’d like to use for our new site.

Hello friend,

Thank you for showing your interest in 5pika theme. Yes you can just download/install this free module for event calendar https://www.drupal.org/project/event_calendar

If you need support please don’t hesitate to contact us at http://support.Inspiro-media.com


Hello, having issues with the following regions: regions[content_bottom_left] = Content Bottom Left regions[content_bottom_right] = Content Bottom Right

All blocks I add get dropped to a single column to the left versus having two column content (left + right) ///// Where the “Our Features” and testimonials are.

Our Community and Subscribe should be side by side, please see JPG http://flockstudios.com/Pika.jpg

I am also having issues with the top areas “Header Features and Search Block”, they are not being arranged in the way it shows on the live theme, and I get no icons showing in the Language toggler. I want everything to be neatly displayed on the top right and my elements end up being stacked one on top of the other. I want Investors next to English | Español

Investors and Language should be side by Side And the flags are missing http://flockstudios.com/Pika_TopRightCorner.jpg


Please install theme with full demo content, it takes you around 5-10 min to finish it. Also you do not need to install/enable third party modules, configuring settings etc…


Please if you need further support, do not hesitate to contact us in http://support.inspiro-media.com


Inspiromedia, you are asking e to take 5-0 minutes to erase 3 months of work on that site and re-do it when in stead you can just give me the correct code that will make those two blocks behave as they are supposed to. If you want to be paid for that work please tell me how much, starting over is a ridiculous proposition.

Thank you


No worries, we do not need payment, support is for free.

I thought you haven’t installed the demo version yet sorry for that.

Please go to sites/all/themes/pika/css/ and open style.css and add this code at the end of the line #header_features .block.block-block.contextual-links-region { width: 70px; background: ; float: right; border-left: 1px solid #eee; } #header_features .block.block-block.contextual-links-region p { margin: 0; line-height: 49px; }

Clear drupal cache, done. This will fix the invesitor link.

About the Content bottom left, right regions, i just visited your site and i see that you have placed blocks only in left region, please check that.


Looking for regions image

Hi, i just replied your last comment.

Hi can you please post the code that goes inside of the “Follow Us” Block? I opened it and there were some list items

  • with no code in them. I really want those social media icons and their effects on that block – thanks
  • Hello

    Sure, Copy paste this code <h5>We do awesome themes for Drupal. What we do, we do with love, with love for you and your customers.</h5> <br /> Follow Us: <br /> <ul id="social-icons"> <li><a href="#" title="Facebook"><i class="icon-facebook-squared" /></a></li> <li><a href="#" title="Twitter"><i class="icon-twitter" /></a></li> <li><a href="#" title="Picasa"><i class="icon-picasa" /></a></li> <li><a href="#" title="Linkedin"><i class="icon-linkedin" /></a></li> <li><a href="#" title="Vimeo"><i class="icon-vimeo" /></a></li> <li><a href="#" title="RSS"><i class="icon-rss" /></a></li> </ul>

    Please make you sure that the Text format is FULL HTML


    Hi, I am interested in this template! It looks really creative. But I have a concern that if I bought this template, will it still work once drupal 8 releases?


    Yes we have already planning on releasing drupal 8 version soon as drupal 8 stable version will be released.

    If you have other questions please feel free to contact us

    Thank you so much

    Thank you for your response. So if I buy this template now, will I need to buy it again once updated to drupal 8 version?

    You are welcome.

    The drupal 8 version will be free for users who purchased this theme.


    Finally I implemented by my self gumby framework 2, and got no more problems. Now it is really responsible and tablets friendly ! I love it!

    Hello friend :)

    We are happy to hear this good news. And thank you so much for still using our theme, we appreciate it.

    Regards INSPIRO

    Can you please show me the URL of Shop page? .. I read that on you description but I can not see the shop page :( .. Thanks for this amazing Drupal theme <3

    Hello dear friend

    unfortunately we did not have in this time the demo of shopping page, but it is (almost the same as this one of our themes: http://myshop.inspiro-themes.com/?q=products/dresses

    Thank you so much!

    If you have further questions please feel free to contact us.

    Regards INSPIRO

    Consider buying it.Before purchasing we wanted to check back on the status of an update of the theme;Do you have the update finished already? Thanks

    If you need assistance please do not hesitate to contact us at http://support.inspiro-media.com


    Hi,I send one ticket to you. But nobody deal with it. How can do it????


    Sorry for this late replay on your ticket but we found hard to deal with your site since it was on Chinese language, and we had to switch to English.

    We have resolved your ticket, have nice day!

    Hi there, congrats, really nice theme! Consider buying it. Before purchasing we wanted to check back on the status of an update of the theme – we noticed from an older post that there is one in the pipeline that you planned for End of Jan. Do you have the update finished already? Thanks


    Yes we did postponed the updated for next 2 weeks.

    We are planing to fix some minor bugs and update drupal to latest version.


    The theme is called multilingual, but f.e the portfolio and the the taxonomy terms are not set multilingual. I bought the themes especially because it is tagged multilingual. Did I forget some installation instructions?

    Hello dear friend

    Yes, you need to activate the “Taxonomy translation” and “Field translation” modules in Administration menu > Modules in order to translate the taxonomy and drupal fields.

    If you need further assistance, please contact us in http://support.inspiro-media.com/


    I can not get into the item support area.

    My google map on the contact page has broken when I have enabled ssl. Do you know how I can fix this?

    I can’t retrieve my password and login to support area because it says you have disabled your mail function. Also I can not create a new account because it says my product code already exists

    Hello dear friend, i am so sorry for that, i just fixed it and now you will be able to restore your password.

    Thank you so much!

    Ok I will be raising a support ticket now. thanks

    Hello! When will the next update of this theme going to be released? Sixteen months since the last update! :( Or you stopped the development of this theme?

    Thanks for your answer, but would you please define more precisely when upgrade is coming out?

    At least at the end of the January

    Thank you so much!

    Dear developer! How long to wait for the update? You promised to release update in January, now April.

    Hi, I want to post a ticket on http://support.inspiro-media.com/ but the ‘forgot username/password’ functionality is broken. I get alerts about a qrong jquery version and it won’t send the email.

    My question is the same as mkpoppie above. I need to translate the Revolution Slider text into a second language. You said that you have answered the ticket, but I can’t find that ticket on your support website.

    Can you explain how to translate Revolution slider?


    Please use this tutorial how to translate any string in to any language: http://support.inspiro-media.com/?knowledgebase=search-availability-translate

    Please if you have further questions feel free to contact us at http://support.inspiro-media.com

    Thank you!

    Hi there, I cannot see the captions on the front page I added to a slide through the Theme settings… Any idea what should I do in order to make it come up?

    I reset the theme settings and stil the same issue. When I make the height of the image smaller, I can see the caption below the image aligned to the left bottom. When I increase the height the caption disapears.

    Hello AviadG

    Make you sure you are using the jquery version 1.7+

    You can send us the info of site and we will investigate where is the issue.

    Please can you open a support ticket here: http://support.inspiro-media.com/

    Thank you so much!


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