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Hello, How i install demo data?

Pls go through the instructions in the readme.txt file and documentation file under install section.

You can also check our YouTube channel for a few videos -

If you still have trouble, pls open a support thread in the forum and we will get it installed for you. Thanks for your purchase.


I downloaded the theme 2 month ago and everything was working fine until one week ago.

Except the header, the website content is not loading anymore on Chrome and Safari. On Internet explorer and mobile, the website is loading but the animated images are not displaying anymore.

The website link is:

Could you please get back to me asap with a solution and a quick fix to this issue?

Thank you

Sorry to hear you are still having trouble. The site is still not upgraded. It is still serving the old JS file -

and hence the issue. Pls open a support thread in the forum – and provide us a temp login if you have trouble upgrading.

You can temporarily disable smooth load in General tab of theme options until this is resolved.

Thank for your feedback. I am upgrading the theme correctly, however, I received the below message twice:

Destination folder already exists. /home3/easygui7/public_html/wp-content/themes/appdev/ Theme install failed.

Do you know what might be the issue?

Thank you

Can you pls trying this plugin and see if that helps -

Also look here for another solution -

You can also FTP the contents or upload through cpanel file manager. Delete or rename the old folder and add a new folder appdev to /wp-content/themes/ directory.

Hi Team,

Approximately a week ago my website started having issues. The header loads but nothing else. This includes all my other pages as well.

Please note that issue seems to be only on Laptop / PC’s as I have tested on mobile devices and all pages load without issues.

I re-installed the latest AppDev version again today without luck.

Website Link:

Please advise as my client are unable to see my pricing.

Thank You

I see no issue here – .Your site seems all ok .Pls do a hardrefresh after updating theme to view the changes.

When installing the theme, wordpress replies are you sure you want to do this ? with no options then kicks me back to install there page. what can i do ?

This usually means your hosting has limited access to the shared resources. See more information here -

You will need to contact your hosting company to get the limits increased or use FTP to transfer the files. Recommended PHP configuration limits are as follows:

max_execution_time 60 memory_limit 128M post_max_size 48M upload_max_filesize 48M

Hope this helps.

hi, the last version os Appdev don´t install on Worpress and gave me the message: “Are you sure you want to do that? Try again?”. I added on php.ini the settings below and continue the same messages

php.ini: memory_limit = 1024M max_execution_time = 1024 max_input_time = 1024 upload_max_filesize = 1024

Does the last version of appdev has some problem of it?

Nothing really that we have heard of so far. If you still have trouble with this, pls post to the forum and we can take a look. Thanks

I have bought the product with licence but I have a problem with RevSlider I installed plugin by uploading it and then when I activate it doesnt work

The rev slider provided with the theme carries extended license while activating the rev slider requires you have a separate regular license of your own. You cannot register with ThemePunch support with extended license and need to talk to us for help. Thanks for your purchase.

Thank you it works perfectly !!!

Glad you were able to sort this out. Thanks for letting us know.

Thank you, all sorted out and works well!!

Hey LiveMesh I wanted to know how can I display secondary menu which would be just below my primary menu on the home page in the header. My website is single page website. I have created the menu using this code in functions.php register_nav_menus( array( ‘primary’ => __( ‘Primary Menu’, ‘appdev’), ‘secondary’ => __( ‘Secondary Menu’, ‘appdev’ ), ) );

I can see in menu options in the theme in wordpress but after adding pages in secondary theme location nothing shows up on the website. I wanted know how to display that. Thank you.

thank you

It doesn’t display the way it is supposed to and I couldn’t create a new menu in the header region right below the primary menu and by theme_location what to input there ?

Pls modify the code in functions.php file to
add_action( 'init', 'register_my_menu' );

function register_my_menu() {
            'secondary' => __( 'Secondary Menu' )

When I open the website in mobile phone, after scrolling the menu on the top goes away. Is there any way it can stick up there like it does in the website?

Can you pls post all your queries in our support forum - , we ll be happy to assist you . Thanks.

Does this theme support landscape mode images of mobile apps? We are looking for a mobile game landing theme with only landscape mode images.

You will need to customize the theme to accommodate landscape mode images. It’s not too difficult but I would recommend hiring someone if you are not comfortable with HTML/CSS. Thanks for your interest.

Does this theme support landscape mode images of mobile apps? We are looking for a mobile game landing theme with only landscape mode images.

You will need to customize the theme to achieve the same. Can be done with some basic knowledge of HTML/CSS. Thanks for your interest.

Does the site support video background?

Ok, so I am still having issues with this theme… Page sections not updating when changed, demo data not installing correctly and so on… This should be simple, install the theme, upload the sample data and edit, correct? Well its not that simple and its not my server. I do not like to leave negative reviews and I will say that LiveMesh has been helpful but the problem still has not been resolved. I’m getting frustrated and my patience is running out, I bought this theme expecting it to be exactly and I mean exactly like the demo and that’s what I expect so lets get it there please. You have all my server login credentials so do a fresh install and just get me fixed please! I just want what I paid for and for it to work as stated…

Can you pls check now and see if things look exactly like the demo site now? I just did import the widgets using the widgets import plugin and loaded the child theme. Everything else was pretty much in place.

BTW, are you able to update the page builder elements? I checked your site and saw no issues in updating the page builder elements.

Page sections are deprecated (as clearly put in documentation) and should not be used.

Hello, I’ve purchased your theme but I have a question: is it possibile to center the primary menu in the header section? Thank you.

Pls open a support request at our forum – and we will be happy to assist you with this. Thank you.

Hi there – just purchased the theme. Looking forward to using it. Little issue – the plugin called “Page Builder by SiteOrigin” is not installing for me. The message I get is – “Download failed. Not Found”. Any suggestions? Thanks

Thanks for your purchase. I have seen this error recently with the plugin and only solution offered is to install the plugin -

In my case, the error went away on its own after few minutes.

The demo data isn’t installing properly… some pages show up like the demo and some do not. Can you assist?

Pls open a support request at our forum –, provide us a temp login to your site and we will be happy to get the site configured exactly like the demo site for you. Thank you for your purchase.

Lists and bullets not showing, if u click here Teacher question on top shows no list but if you click read more the list shows up, same happens with Bullets, any help? Thanks

This is intentional and how the WordPress excerpts work. I would strongly suggest you set a suitable excerpt for the post instead of displaying the list or bullets in the blog page.

If you still need them, you can enable them via theme options->Blog tab. Check the option ‘Show Content in Archive Pages’ and make sure you enter a value of your choice in the ‘Excerpt Character Count’. The lists and bullets should show up then. Thanks.

I want different pricing plans for different countries, so i installed Custom Content by Country (from iControlWP) plugin, we can create different pricing plans but there is no way to identify a pricing plan by say [pricing_plan_1], Please advise

From the description of the problem, it looks like you need to contact the author of the plugin. The author should be able to help you with this. Thanks.

How can I change the color of the Get App button from the grey it is, to something else? Its the button in the header. Also is there anyway to move it its position over to the right more?

Can you pls post to the forum and provide us a link to the site and pls let us know what color you would like to see in the header button. We can move to the right by changing the margin. Can provide the exact CSS by looking at the site. Thanks

Also when using the button action [action_call text=”Ready to get started on your project?” button_url=”” button_text=”Purchase Now”]

How do I change the positioning? Whenever I add that code it ends up looking like this

TEXT----------------— BUTTON

where the button is very far away from the text

I will need to take a look at actual page to know what’s happening here. Can you pls post to the forum and provide us a link to the site where you have used this. Pls indicate how you would like the button to be placed. We can change the position with the help of some simple Custom CSS. Thank you.

Looks like slider revolution had an update and now my preview page won’t show. How do I update slider revolution? It says to update it through the theme. So how does that work without losing my current settings?

You can download the theme bundle from ThemeForest downloads and then look for the folder named ‘revolution-slider-setup-instructions’ which has the file in plugin file folder. To update the plugin, just delete the plugin Plugins page and reupload it. It should remove your settings when you remove and reinstall. You can always export your settings as a backup if you are concerned.

Hi, I changed the font style of the theme by putting the custom CSS as your previous suggestions, and it successfully changed when viewing on PC; however, when viewing on mobile in andriod & ios, it appears to be their default fonts, not my specific fonts as customized. Anyway to fix this? Thank you.

Note: I used Google fonts links.

Update: I could fixed it.