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The iPhone image and icons are included in the theme. Regarding the static HTML, they are not included in the theme. Again, this is something you will need to build yourself or seek external help. Thanks again.

Thank you, regarding the included images, (icons and iphone), do they show up in the wordpress text editor as images ? Im asking to see if I can use the jackbox plugin with it. Thanks

Yes, they do show up as images. I have not used the Jackbox plugin and hence cannot comment on it. Thanks!

I see you said I may need to style myself if using woocommerce. What do you mean by that? Is it difficult styling, or basic CSS or what?

Mostly styling of buttons, tab headers to make the look consistent across theme. Since we released an update recently to take care of forms and input boxes, you do not have to style them. It is mostly basic CSS, IMO. Thanks.

How do I create a category template with a sidebar? I have already duplicated the archive.php and renamed it to my category-slug “category-news.php” and this works, but I want to pull my primary posts sidebar. How can I do this?

The archive template for news would pull in automatically the sidebar for the blog template. If you want to change it, then you need to make the required change in the function get_sidebar_id_suffix() at line number 166 in framework/presentation/sidebar-manager.php file like this -

if (is_category('news'))
                $suffix = 'post'; /* DIsplay same sidebar as that displayed for a single post */
            elseif (is_archive() || is_404() || is_search() || is_page_template('template-blog.php'))
                $suffix = 'blog';
            elseif (is_single())
                $suffix = 'post';
            elseif (is_page())
                $suffix = 'page';

You can override this function by creating a subclass of this class in your child theme, if you have created one. Thanks

Viewing the home page on IE10 Windows 8 desktop computer. The header (Which is very large) is stuck or static while the rest of the pages scrolls up and down. I just uploaded the update. Everything is fine in safari browser.

Can you share the site url, so that I can take a look. Thanks!

If you are talking about the sticky menu, you can disable it in the General section of the theme options.

Hello there,

Few days ago, I purchase your theme, and the only reason why I choose your theme it’s because of the homepage 2 contents and layout.

But I can’t seem to find them on the Demo XML file you provided. And do not know how to set them up.

Any help here?


Homepage2 is there in the demo content. So maybe something went wrong during import.

Pls email me the site URL and a temporary login to the WordPress dashboard and I can take a look. Also can I retry importing the sample data? Thanks!

Hi again,

I’ve to look for your email address as you requested to email you, but don’t seem to find on in here. Could you please provide me with your email address?


see bottom right box in my profile page.

I have five quick pre-sale questions: 1) Is there any provision to add Vimeo Videos on the Home Page 1? 2) I believe the banner images are not included. Can you pls point out the website? 3) How do I add subscribe to newsletter field, since I can’t see that option? 4) Can I add separate pages to the site (e.g. Features, Ver. log etc) and not just stacking them on the home page? 5) Can I add a slider if there are more logos under Featured In?


Thanks for your interest! Hope to answer your queries below -

1) You can add Vimeo video pretty much anywhere on the site- blog posts, pages including home, sliders etc.

2) Some images you need are included with the theme ( Services, iPhone mockups etc.). I bought some of the other images from Hemera Photo Pack sometime back and my guess- they have stopped selling this. Of course, they are similar ones in various stock image sites.

3) For subscription, you will need to signup for a service like MailChimp and use the WordPress widget they provide to enable users to subscribe to the site content.

4) The theme comes with a custom post type called “Page Sections” and you basically compose the Home or One Page templates with various Page Sections. Hope this is what you are looking for.

5) Yes, you can add multiple sliders (Revolution Slider) to any page.

Hope this helps. Pls let me know if you have anymore queries and I will be happy to help. Thanks again.

I see you incorporated Woocommerce into the them….. NICE JOB! surly have more sales with that update alone.

Glad you find this useful. Thanks!

How do I change the animation speed on the responsive slider shortcode? I tried adding animation_speed=”200” to the shortcode, but that didn’t do anything.

Try giving a number instead of string. The other attribute that you may want to change also is slideshow_speed.

Is this theme compatible with bbPress?

Thanks for your interest. This theme has not been tested with bbPress. Hence cannot comment on the same. Let me know if you have any more queries.


I have several app’s that I would like to showcase on one site. Can this theme do that or is it aimed at one app per site?

Also, can the blog page be set as the home page?

Thanks for your interest. The concept of multiple single pages was designed to address the requirement of showcasing multiple apps or a single app running on multiple platforms. You can check this example for your reference and see if it looks similar to what you need.

Some create multiple portfolio items, one for each app and then try to showcase them one at a time.

Yes, you can set the blog page as the home just like any other WP theme. Pls let me know if you have any other queries.

Great work. Question: I’ve got a logo that is 400×72px. Can I modify the stylesheet to accomodate this wide logo? Will it still look good on mobile device after I modify the logo size? I want to purchase your theme, but I need to make sure it’s flexible to modify the header area without messing up the responsive functionality and appearance. I look forward to your response.

Thanks for your interest. The logo is responsive and does shrink when there is not enough space is available. Only question is that of making space for the mobile menu toggle button when the logo takes full width. We will need to push the button down. We can do that with a simple 2-3 line CSS using media query which takes effect when the device width is below 460px or so. Hope this helps. Pls let me know if you have any other queries.

Hello, do you have a list of sites that are currently using this theme? Thank you! :)

Thanks for your interest. Sorry I shared the one in the theme landing page and it is already live -

Some of other sites I know are still under development and/or will need permission to share them with you. Pls let me know if you have further queries.

:( I bought it yesterday and there is already wordpress 3.8 :( Please is it compatible with wordpres 3.8 :stress::stress::stress:

Yes it is compatible with 3.8. Thanks for your purchase!

Its frustrating that “Museo” is hardcoded into the nav and page titles. Why didn’t you make this an optional font replacement as well?

Museo is not hardcoded into the theme. It is only the child theme which is overriding the parent theme to achieve this customization. If you load the parent theme, there should be no trace of Museo there and font replacement should work flawlessly.

You are free to change the child theme (again, meant for customization purposes only and has no theme function) or just erase the contents of the appdev child theme style.css if you do not require Museo. Do let me know if you still have trouble with this. Thanks.

Hi. I purchased the theme and am having troubles importing the demo theme content into my site. How do I go about doing this?


Nice theme! Great work! but I just have an observation and I’d like you guys to tell me how to fix this: if you go to any post in the Blog, just behind the Title Leave a comment there is an image which seems to not be working fine, the easiest way is to erase that CSS code but I supose this must have to work in a specific way, so, what code is missing or should I just erase that line of code?

Thanks in advance!

Glad you like our theme and thanks for purchasing it!

I checked the preview site and could not locate the issue you are describing. Can you pls point me to the URL so that I can take a look? A screenshot of exact issue you are facing could help as well since it could be browser specific too. Thanks.


Just translated with POEDIT, and put the MO file in directory Language within Themes/Appdev.

Still all in English, is there any way to force it to fr_FR please ?

WP is in French, and language is defined as FR in Functions.php

Thanks a lot, great theme BTW

I checked the contact-shortcodes.php file located in <theme directory>/framework/shortcodes folder and I find that most of the English language strings are translatable there. You should be able to find the strings like “Name *”, “Email *”, “Phone Number”, “Send” etc. in the .po files (you can also try updating them using POEdit just in case).

Even the strings which raise validation errors for the form are translatable and should be there available for translation in .po file in languages folder.

If you still have trouble, pls email me a FTP + WordPress login to this site and I can take a look. Thanks.

hi, thanks, we could change it thanks to your help. BUT we’d like to translate also the error messages from the contact form “please provide your name”. And to translate the “message sent” message. Could you tell us in which file they are located pls ?

Even the messages – validation and success messages are available in the .po file to translate. If you are looking for the PHP file, you can have a look at <theme dir>/framework/framework.php file around line number 544 onward.


Is a great theme with a lot of posibilities, and this is the problem ;-)

I would like to put a header like your example blog (image + text ) but I don’t know how to do.

So far I’ve been able to do this


Why is the footer moved? Only in the home page, in the other pages not happen. Thanks!

I see that the content in the home page is not well-formed. Some divs are not closed. If you email me a temp login to the page, I can correct it for you, if you are not able to locate it yourself. You may need to get to the HTML tab to see the actual error. I see that it is in the Work page section at least.

Ok, I saw the div that not closed. Thank you!

I’m confused.

Sorry but I didn’t think this theme would be that complicated and I’ve built one-page websites before.

I am trying to activate all the basics, and I cannot seem to enable the one-page scrolling. When I click on the menu item it loads into another page.

I am reading documentation, forums, youtube video, etc .. I would please love some insight to get the ball rolling.

Thank You!

Probably there is an JS error of some kind that is making the smooth scroll function to not work. Or you are just missing one thing – using “Single Page Site” page template.

If you still have trouble, can you send me the URL and preferably a temp login as well. If you have read the first section of the documentation-installation and single page configuration, it is all explained in clear detail visually how to set this all up.

Thanks for your purchase!

Thank you very much for a follow up.

I’ve gotten another question which I cannot find a solution for. How does one change the background of page sections? Such as the “FEATURES” page, the light blue part of the “PRICING” page, and the picture in the “TEAM” page.

I am aware of the “Segment” shortcode plugin. But this doesn’t have the option for the changing colors in the dummy content page sections.


You can change background color of segments too by using background_color argument.

For setting the backgrounds for page titles, you can use the Custom Header Options and Header Options input fields present in the page edit window. This lets you set backgrounds, custom HTML as heading or description for existing title of the page/post etc. These input fields are located just below the visual editor in the Page Edit window.

For setting an universal background for all pages, you can do the same with the help of the option named “Background for Title Header Area” under the Backgrounds tab in the theme options panel.

Hi there,

There is a file called “” that comes with this theme. The installation video makes no mention of this. Do you have an article or video that explains the purpose of the child theme?

I’m sure you get asked this question a lot :)


This article explains it all -

The zip contains a template child theme which you can use to customize the theme without touching the parent theme’s code. It also has the required styles to set the font to Museo, in case you need it.

Thank you!