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HI, I would like to know if there is RTL option? thx

Thanks for your interest. This theme does not come with RTL option. Let me know if you have any other queries and I will be happy to answer them.

HI, I would like to know if there is RTL option? thx

Nvm, I found how to dl it.

Glad you figured it out. Revolution slider comes free with the theme. Just follow the prompts in the admin dashboard to install and activate it. Thanks.


I need that the menu on the responsive design (mobile) stay on top and that it stays visible when the user scroll down like the normal one.

Is that possible?


It is possible through couple of tweaks since it was intentionally disabled due to space concerns on mobile and due to presence to easy switch to top function available on iPhone natively. Replied to your query in the forum -

any chance you can share the resource for the blurred background images of your sliders – they compliment your phone/ipad in hand views very nicely but want to recreate my own – thanks in advance


These are stock images and you will have to buy them to use them in your site. Please send me an email, and I will point out the source from where you can buy the images.

email sent – thanks in advance!

Hi Love this theme! Has the woocommerce been intergrated yet?

Also would you be interested in creating a holding page for me in this design? Reason being I have a commercial side an a domestic side to my business.

Obviously this would be custom work.

Nightwinter- I will be happy to address any issues you have with theme working with woocommerce. I have experience with woocommerce integration done with my other theme enigmatic and no issues there. As I said earlier, styling part is something you will need to take care of yourself. I am really sorry if it caused any confusion – was planning to have Appdev completely integrated with woocommerce (which includes styling) if enough people are asking for it. So far, I just have two or three early requests which is quite a small number compared to num of purchases. Cost of development, price increase of the theme for everyone etc. did not seem justifiable and hence we focused on other things. We had the same experience with Enigmatic theme as well. Hope this does not cause too much of inconvenience to you. .

About the custom work – at present, I am not looking for custom work. We focus mostly on developing and enhancing themes. Thanks for checking with me.

pre-sale question can i change mobile image to be something else like laptop with slider inside it in intro example

sahussain – you will need to create this yourself since the theme does not directly support it. Will require the laptop background image and custom CSS to make the screenshots to occupy the screen of this laptop and make this work in all resolutions. Here is one such example in one of my earlier themes Squash -

Thanks again for your interest.

also is there top widget available over the menu thanks

Thanks for your interest. The top area over the menu is not widgetised. Will require editing the header.php file for making changes to it. Else, the theme comes bundled with a child theme which can override the header.php file with custom one of its own. Hope this helps.

when I go to upload the “appdev” zipped file this is the message I get on wordpress: The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini.

Please help

Hi- thanks very much for choosing Appdev. Can you check if the following post helps? -

I just did a check on Google and looks like lots of people have this issue. Thanks

Hi, we are using the Home Experiment 2 version. Everything looks great aside from the mobile version.

In mobile the phone slider from the middle of the page hovers over top of the text in the features site.

Is there any way to disable the phone slider for mobile, or move the slider before or after the features?

You can see what I’m talking about at this link:


I can see the issue – smooth scroll is not functioning from the menu. Have not encountered this before unless we had some bad JS code (which does not seem to be the case here as checked by me). Can you pls email me a temp login to your site so that I can try a few things and see if I can fix this. Thanks

sent. Thanks

The issue is due to the use of a different page template which is usually not meant for creating one page sites. The JS code checks for a template named Single Page Site to enable smooth scroll on clicking of menu items.

To fix this, pls use Page Sections (you will need to move the sections you have created to page section custom post type – see Page Section tab in WP Admin) and then have a page with page template chosen as single page site. See below for the screenshot. Thanks -

For more details on page sections and this particular template, pls refer to the first section of the documentation titled installation.

Really like this theme, but will it scale up to showcase 100 or more apps? My company will be producing two or more apps each week, I’m thinking about what it will look like in a year.

Hi – thanks for your interest. Will be happy to answer your queries. It just depends on how you want to handle this. I do not think the theme or WordPress for that matter has anything in it to prevent it from handling hundreds of pages or portfolio items. Are you sure you want to showcase all hundred apps? It may be just a matter of posting a few screenshots only instead of creating a page for each of the apps. The users should be able to navigate these pages too.

One example of how we handle a large number of items is through the ajax portfolio function which will lazy load the portfolio items and hence can show the required items only upon user scrolling down the page. Hope this helps. Pls let me know if you have any more queries. Thanks!


I have purchased this theme and i got some questions:

1. How can i put two buttons on the top near the menu. When i try to do this one button goes up and the other goes underneath it. 2. I want to use different color on the site so can u tell me which css tag it is just to change the menu color underneath the menu items and the icons?


p.s. in love with the theme :)

For the buttons, pls insert the following CSS into Custom CSS tab in the Theme Options panel or the <theme directory>/custom/custom.css file. Looks like you modified the header.php to insert the buttons. You will need to place the button code prior to primary-menu to make this work right (due to presence of floats) -

#primary-menu {
    float: right; 
    margin-right: 0;

#header div.kopcinja-gore {  
float: right; 

#header div.kopcinja-gore a {  
float: left;
margin: 15px 5px 0; 

For changing the color of the menu hover, pls use the following Custom CSS -

#primary-menu .hover-bg, #primary-menu > > li:hover > ul.sub-menu {
border-color: #28C2BA; /* Replace with your color */

For the spacing between lines in headings -

#slider-area .flex-caption a { line-height: 56px; padding: 0 5px;}

Hope this helps. Thanks.

To provide you with more efficient, searchable support topics, I request all questions to be asked on the Support Forum. If you’re still having issues, feel free to start a new thread over there and I’d be happy to help!

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Thank you very much!

Thinking of buying this theme but have a few small questions prior to purchasing it:

Does the theme come with sample content / Sample Data so that the same structure that exists within the demo page is set when the theme is uploaded and activated?

Will we get theme updates when they are released?

Thanks for your interest. Yes, sample data is included with the theme bundle to replicate the theme preview site.

You can either use a plugin like easy update ( to update the theme if you have not edited the theme files or manually update the theme. The update notifications are sent through email whenever new ones are released.

Do let me know if you have any other queries and I will be happy to answer them for you.

Hi, I am having a little problem, I recently made the “Intro” section page, as my homepage using custom links, but the main goal is to not have two homes, i want the “Intro” section page as my home, so i need help remove the other home link on the navigation that i made static. Thanks, I love the theme.

You can set the new home page as the Front Page under the Settings->Reading tab.

And you can then use the WP menu (Appearance->Menus in WP Admin) to set the required links. Make sure you remove the link to the other home here. If you need further help, pls email me a temporary login to your site and I can make the required change (see bottom right box in my profile page). Thanks


Will be a pricing table shortcode?

Your theme is great, but I need this option :)


Sorry, I didn’t see, solved :)

Thanks for your purchase. Glad you were able to find it though I could not reply on time. Thanks again.

Of course, it was weekend, thanks anyway! :)


Will be this theme multilingual?

I didn’t see that wasn’t a feature, and I need it.


Yes – the theme is multilingual. The theme does come with po/mo files and will support WPML too. Thanks for your purchase. Glad you chose our theme.

Thanks and good job!! :D

How do i make the button shortcode link to a new tab? I tried target=”_blank”, but that didn’t work.

One satisfied customer. Appdev is worth every penny!


Recently purchased and I am loving this theme. I’ve got it all just about setup now, but ran into a couple of issues (most of which I got resolved). Basically it is appears to be an issue with the header of my logo on ipad and iphone. On ipad, the logo does not appear and the social icons cover the menu items. On the iPhone the logo also does not appear. What can I do to get this fixed? Thanks!

Thanks for your purchase and glad you like our theme. Pls have a look at this post for more information on how to set the logo for iPhone and iPad. Thanks


Is the theme compatible with Woocommerce?

You will need to style a few things yourself when you load WooCommerce. Should have no issues with WooCommerce function itself. Thanks for your interest!

Have submitted an update with WooCommerce integration in place. The demo preview site now has a shop page that you take a look. Thanks.

Have released an update with WooCommerce integration in place. Thanks.