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Hi Guys 1- Is it possible to duplicate several items in the page ( For example can we have more than one *Showcase or more than one Feature section, Pricing FAQ. Reason is that we want to provide more content in one page.

Thank you and good job :)

Absolutely- there is no restriction on content. You can have as many sections as you want and have WP menu configured if you do not want all sections to have a link in the top navigation menu. Thanks for your interest.

Hello, Do you know if there is a way to add a favicon??? THanks.

Pls have a look at this forum post which can help you. Thanks -

Just bought this theme and it is awesome , i just installed and activated the theme on wp. For some reason it looks nothing like the demo which has me concerned. This is my first time using a wordpress theme. Is there a way i can retify this situation. Please it would be a great help.

I guess you need to install the revolution slider. The theme comes with setup instructions pdf and sample data for import which helps you setup the revolution slider on the home page. I also have a video which may help you with this -

Although the video is for an earlier theme, the setup should work for Appdev as well. Thanks.

hey LiveMesh thank you so much for your help these past few days! i am close to finishing the site, was wondering is there any way probable, when clients click the get app buttons (changed) or the package buttons, is there a top notch soulution for payments and produts? Also, if clicked, instead of going to a different page, can a pop up/for (adobe formcentral/gravity forms/wufoo) can come up instead? Also, i would like to create a diagram in that section under features, how would i go about that.? do you have a certain place you go to, to find paticular vectors? Illustrations? That would be a great help.

Sorry this took a while, got busy with an update that I submitted today for Appdev and hence could not look at your queries.

Yes, once I release the update for woocommerce integration (should be next week since I have major portions of the code ready), you can just link the Get App button to the shop page with the help of the option provided in the theme options panel.

For diagrams, pls have a look here –

Hi LiveMesh,

Thnaks for an awesome theme! question: does this theme have a demo document to intall, as seen on your demo version? i tried installing the demo document inside called sample-data.xlm but does not install anything.


Hi – thanks for your purchase! Pls go through the installation section ( very first section) of the documentation. At the end of that section there is a section called ‘importing sample data’ which has links to videos which can help you familiarize with process of installation. Usually that helps but if you have issues, pls feel free to email me your temp login to the site and I can setup things for you. Thanks

THANK YOU SO MUCH LiveMesh You sir are King!

my template documentation does not have images so i cant really follow? Can i please get that again? I am having trouble setting up my home page like your home 2. Thanks

Pls re-download the theme documentation files and unzip the file to obtain documentation. Pls watch the video below for help. Hope you are referring to the right file -

Hi LiveMesh,

Thanks Again for your previous help, greatly apreciated!. So i have a question in which i would like to modify,

I want to change the backround color (turkish green or something like that) to a image tile repeat for the featured section where the half of the phone is placed. can i do that, if so how?


Please place the following CSS into Custom CSS tab in the theme options panel or into css/custom.css file -

featured-app { background-color: #008000; /* Change this to your desired color */ }

or better, you can change the content of the Features page section from the current

[segment id="featured-app"]


[segment id="featured-app" background_color="#008000"]

Hi LiveMesh,

As always thanks for your fast response. Sorry i dint make myself too clear, what i meant is that i would like to tile that featured app bg with an image, my goal is too create a blueprint grid on there. So instead of a color i would like to add an image and tile (or repeat) all around. Sorry for being unclear.


Sorry – I did not read through that carefully enough. You can use background_image (single Parallax style image) OR the background_pattern (for background image repeat option) arguments along with background_color option described above to the segment shortcode -

[segment id="featured-app" background_color='#374a4e' background_image="" parallax_background="true" background_speed="0.4"]

These arguments are explained in a little more detail in the documentation section named – “Shortcodes and Shortcodes Builder”. Pls do refer to the same. Thanks

What is the with and height of the feature section? I want to input my own diagram

There is no set height as such for this section. It all depends on the content you insert into this section. More content you insert or bigger the image you insert, the greater the height of this section to accommodate the size of the content.

You can just use the “Insert Media” button on the WYSIWYG editor to insert a different image and check this. Hope this helps.

Got it. Thanks!

good afternoon

I’m starting to use wordpress now and AppDev got the theme on your website but after installation it appears in the blog format and not as it is on the preview page for the shopping. What should I do to make my settings in WordPress to look exactly like this in the preview. My WordPress is version 3.6 I got the theme with regular license

thank you

Anderson Rocha

Hi – thanks for your purchase! While the installation section of documentation has information on how to go about this with screenshots, to help further with the setup of Appdev, I have created a video specifically for Appdev which should be online in few hours. Will let you know. Thanks.

Sorry – this took some time due to an upload issue with the screen recorder software. Here is the video with details on how to setup to match that of the demo site. -

Hey LiveMesh,

Great theme!

How can I stop all the animation on the homepage? I checked the stop-animation option in the theme options, but it isn’t working.


Looks like I will need to make a change to the code to fix. I am releasing an update this week and this should be taken care of for you. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.


Everything is working great on this theme!

I have two questions, how do i get the home navigation to disapear. I have a single page site and the page sections work through the home page, but i cant seem to make it go away on my main navigation. I even installed the exclude page plugin. Please help.

Second, the RSS feed social icon is showing up but i never included it in theme options (it’s not there actually). How do i deactivate it.


Just so that you know I used the sample data to create this site…if that makes a difference. Thanks again.

Last I was wondering if there was a way to slow down the testimonials???


If it is the rss icon on the header then please paste the following code into custom css tab of theme options

.social-container .rss-feed { display:none; }

You can slow down the testimonial slider speed, by using the “slideshow_speed” attribute with your desired value in the shortcode


Hope that helps. Thanks.

Dear Appdev,

I love your product! It is the most gorgeous template ever! However, I am unable to figure out how to change some of the things.

1. Currently the menu links back to your demo theme website. I am using this as a one-pager. How do I modify so the when I click the menu links, they will actually move to the right place of the page?

2. I disabled the Buy App now button. It shows the RSS feed logo instead. How do I remove the RSS feed logo? Also, instead of RSS feed I would like to add Facebook, Instagram logo. Where should I go and edit that page?

3. I am unable to locate the working contact form. Could you please guide me to get that please? The one-pager on my page comes without footer like your demo. It would be absolutely lover if I am able to make it like yours.

Anyway, the template offer SOOOO MUCHHHH VALUE. Anyone thinking of buying this template. DO IT NOW!

Please disregard the above comment, I just saw your new update. I believe it solves my question just fine.

Dear Livemesh,

The new version (1.3) seems to have problem still with iphone slider. I have sent you an email regarding this issue. Thank you very much

Pls have a look at this forum post which provides the iPhone slider shortcode that you can use with the new update. It should solve the issue -

The new shortcode helps you overcome some of the limitations of the earlier content. I am sure you will find it much easier to deal with. Thanks

Hey mate, great template so far. Just playing around with it was hoping to get the specific pixel x pixel size of the header and the slider in boxed more. Would you please specify this for me.

Thanks! One last question, is there an easy way to change the image for the Get App button. Thank you for your help, def rating this 5 stars!

Thank you so much, your quick answers are very much appreciated!

Is there a way to create short code for Samsung Galaxy4 slider

Great suggestion. Let me explore a bit. Will get back to you in couple of days. Thanks!

Ok great

The slider shortcodes for S4 and HTC One will be available by early next week in upcoming update. Thanks.


I have purchased this theme and setup it in my local and it’s working fine. But I wants to import Dummy Data using appdev-sample-data.xml file, i have tried but not able to import data. I have check your XML file, the data is coming from your live site and your live site is not working well. So can you please check below link and fix it as soon as.


The above link seems to be working fine. Can you pls retry with the help of the below video. Let me know if you still have issues. Thanks -

Hi there, great theme. Looking to purchase today. I understand you’re adding e-commerce capability. When is that going to be available? Will I be able to upgrade to that new version?

Thank you! Any idea how do I go about clearing out the contact form after a user submits it?

I posted the solution to the forum here. This change will be part of next update and hence no need to worry about repeating this change. Thanks for bringing this to my attention. -

Perfect, thanks!

I tried to sign up twice for your support forum but never got the registration email that you send. Hoping you answer questions here. Had your theme working perfectly but we had to change domains, somehow the customization that i had entered in your custom css area was lost,a s well as my theme settings. the physical location of the wp directories didnt change, can you tell me where this information was stored so that I can retrieve it without having to start all over again? Not sure why this happened but I am guessing something in the theme pointed to an absolute URL using the previous domain.

Sorry you had to go through this trouble. The options tree settings are stored in the database and hence unless you exported and imported the DB, the settings will be lost. The latest update of Appdev has export and import option under ‘OptionTree’ admin tab. When you make the move, you should be able to export the options and then import it back in the new setup. See the below screenshot -

Assuming you still have access to the old domain, here is what you can do if you cannot do an import/export from the options panel(if the old installation is not accessible). You can login to the old server, open PHPMyAdmin from cpanel and you should be able to locate the settings by choosing the last DB used and table wp_options as seen below -

The option_tree value should have your Custom CSS in there when you browse that particular value. Rest of the options probably you can redo in a short time. You can try pasting this value into the corresponding table entry in the new domain and see if that helps. In any case, have a backup to help revert to old value. Hope this helps to some extent.

I think the key is to have access to both the logins. If you do, you can export and import options easily. Otherwise, DB is your only option. Do let me know how it goes and need help.

Hope you have already solved this issue. If not, one other easy option I overlooked – if you have both domain up and running; examine the source of any page in the old domain in any browser (right click ->view source) and you should find a block of css named “Options based styling”. You can copy over the whole chunk of this CSS into the new domain’s Custom CSS panel and all your old options should take effect. Any URLs pointing to old domain like the background image URLs, logo URLs etc. you will have to point them to the new domain. Thanks

Is the update with android short code ready

Yes. The update is already available and you can see the change log here

You will have to re-download the files and use the new slider shortcodes.

Do I have to re install the theme for the updates? I don’t want to loose some of my custom design

Yes. You will have to reinstall the theme for updates. You should retain all of the settings that you have done in the option panel. I would recommend you back up your existing theme folder and ftp the latest version to the server.

You can also try using the plugin – to make the hassle of the upgrading easier. You will need to re-apply any code customizations you have made ( options should stay). Thanks

Hi I purchased the theme today and downloaded all files, but there is no revolution slider in the zip. I downloaded it twice, same thing. Do I have to buy that separately???


Thanks for your purchase. You don’t have to purchase the plugin. Its already there in the package. You can see the documentation for the exact steps for setting up your site with our theme. Here are few videos for your assistance

Hope that helps. Thanks!

Great theme, we plan to purchase once we get to that phase of our project. but, i noticed that the home2 looks a bit funky on a nexus4, fyi:

BTW, please let me know if you still see that whitespace on the right. I am unable to reproduce on my HTC, iPhone or when I resize the browser. Thanks

Thanks, just purchased. once i get it all set up, i’ll let you know.

Awesome :-) Thanks for your purchase.

Hi, great file – love it! Just noticed the animation in the ‘Features’ section has stopped working in safari (still working in chrome etc) after update, is there a fix for this? Thanks

An option in the settings panel takes effect by default in safari due to CSS3 animation bugs in safari 5.1.x. Will take a look and enable it since the animation we do in Appdev should work fine in most browsers since it is JQuery based. Thanks for bringing this to my attention.