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Does it come with the mobile device images? Can I swap out what’s displayed on the mobile device screens with my own images? For instance, the iPhone slider on Home2?

Yes, the mobile device images come with the import of sample data. They will get imported into the media library. You can swap out the images easily by providing URL to your own images instead of current one. Thanks for your interest.

Are you planning HTML version pls?

Thanks for your interest. Right now we don’t have any plans to release a HTML version of this theme. Cheers.

Hi i asked for contact but didnt get

Sent a reply to your email. Pls check. Thanks!

Hi, we are interested on buy this theme, but we have a question before. The issue is that we are not going to sell an app, but a service.

So we need to integrate it or solve it with a plugin. Does this Theme works with e-commerce plugins? We found several plugins to add like “WP e-Commerce”. Is this plugin or other e-commerce plugin compatible with Appdev?

If you know about other plugin or solution, we would appreciate it very much.

Thank you so much from Spain

Thanks for your interest. I have done some basic testing of the theme with woocommerce (most popular one). You will have to style it a bit to make things look consistent and need to make the changes as detailed in this doc (creating custom page template named woocommerce.php) -

Hi LiveMesh,

I’ve bought a few of your themes in the past.

If there ever was a case for WooCommerce integration, this theme would be it. I would buy it and hey, I reckon you’ll sell many more copies of this template!

Would you consider this, even as a individual freelance request?



Thanks for your continued interest. Pls give us time of upto 3 weeks time and we will have woocommerce integration done and tested for the theme. Hope that works for you.

Hi Livemesh, sorry I have been on holiday. Yes, Woocommerce integration would be brilliant.

Working on it this week. Will let you know when we are able to release an update. Thanks.

Nice theme! Well done. Within the showcase section, is it possible to add a slider to allow multiple screenshots of the app?

You can add slider with touch navigation pretty much anywhere you need. Just use the slider shortcode with images. You can even use the revolution slider for this purpose if you want to customize this a bit. Thanks for your interest.

Hi, Nice theme. Can I just check that there is a video shortcode that I can embed videos into the homepage etc..


Thanks for your interest. You can embed videos in the homepage with the video shortcodes. Here is the link Cheers.

does theme suport WP 3.6 ? is there Polish translation ?

Yes it does support 3.6 and demo site runs on 3.6. The theme can be translated to pretty much any language and does come with the pot file and translation files of few language as examples. You can use WPML or standard POEdit to achieve translation to Polish. Thanks for your interest!

thanks – Theme is great!

Thanks for your purchase. Glad your like the theme.

Hi There,

I want to purchase your theme but first can you please share a resource to show me how to upload the theme to (what file in the zip file to I need to upload to wordpress?) and also how to upload the demo content (do you have a tutorial video or instructions?


Hi – thanks for your interest. The theme comes the required documentation with screenshots on how to configure the theme. To get a idea about uploading the theme, installing the demo content etc., do have a look at my videos here. Though they are for my earlier theme, you will get an idea about what it involves -

Will it be easy for me to customize this to look similar to

Looks like lot of work – the layout and page elements look very different. It won’t be easy for sure. Thanks for your interest.

I dont have Contact Form Widget in widget menu. Should I download from another place ?

Hi – Thanks for your purchase! Pls use the short code in a text widget or anywhere inside a post or a page as described/shown here -

The theme sample data also ships with a sample contact us page (linked below) if you need to use one as a section inside your one page. Thanks

Is there anywhere I can get a hold of those icons you use under the features section (ie the laptop and analytics icon etc..) also where can I get the image of the mobile phone so I can place a new picture on top of the phone.



Thanks for your purchase. The icons are already present as vectors in the homepage psd file. Please check the “services” layer. You need Adobe Photoshop to open the psd file.

Also you can get the mobile phone psds for free here

Hope that helps. Thanks.

Can people post URL to their appdev theme? We can all gain ideas from each other

It’s a great idea – people may take some time to post urls since they are still in early stages of development. Certain others work for clients and may not be able to do as per their contractual agreement. Meanwhile if someone has their site complete, I will be happy to showcase the same in the dashboard / demo site, with their permission. Thanks !

What site did you get the vector icons that are in the featured section? I know you included in the sample XML but I need a different set of icons. Please provide link

I have used the icons from various sources. Here they are

Hope that helps. Thanks!

Hey. I’ve got problem with Open Sans font. Polish characters like ?,?,? are replaced with other font or doesnt displayed (on Android phones) Is there any way to fix it?

let me know how can i change fonts in drop down menu.

The Custom CSS I emailed earlier still holds good. I tested the below Custom CSS in my installation and menu dropdown font does change. If this does not work, can you send me a temporary login to your site so that I can take a look? Thanks -

.dropdown-menu-wrap ul.sub-menu li a {
font-family: Courier New;

Looks like you want a custom font (not courier new as indicated earlier) which must be imported for the above change to take effect. I posted an updated reply on the forum here. Thanks -

Hey love the theme.. its pretty easy to work with… I had a simple question. I’m editing the pricing and took it down to 3 columns. how do I center them evenly across?

Pls replace the threecol pricing-plan in the source code to fourcol pricing-plan. The css selector just needs to change and you should be fine. Thanks for your purchase!

I have one more question – is it possible to display a single image with the way you displayed Work section on your Live Previou ? I would like thumbnail simply expanded on the same page.

Pls post the question to the Appdev support forum. Appreciate your help. Due to lack of features like search/tracking etc., it’s a bit hard to manage support with dashboard. Thanks!


please see

The Revolution Slider captions.css doesn’t seem to be working, the text does not show properly.

Please advise.

Unfortunately, the revolution slider doesn’t export the caption styling that we use for our demo site. Please send me an email, I will send you the style for the captions. Thanks!

I have sent you an email with the CSS code and instructions. Pls check.

LOVE this theme, thanks very much!

However, for some reason (despite following excellent provided instructions) my iphone slider on Home2 isn’t sliding at all, just stuck on 1 image (with demo content)

What do I need to check/uncheck to make it work again please?


Hi – this is due to formatting that visual WYSIWYG editor does and it misplaces a closing tag for the wrapper div (it moves it way up to start of the slider instead of staying at the bottom). Will issue an update this week to ensure that the editor plays nicely with it (need to move closing tag to next line). Meanwhile, if you can email me or send me a private message through the forum with a temp login to your Wordpress installation, I will take care of this for you.

If you have access to the sample data xml, you can compare the html content of this page section with that of current installation, you should notice this change too and fix it if you are comfortable with it. Thanks for your purchase and glad you like the theme.