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Hi there, im having the same issue as mgunnels, so im refering to that.

How do i solve this? thx jeff

EDIT : to be more specific. This error appears after I tried to install the first time. The first time it says the plugin installed correctly and then the theme keeps prompting me that it has not been installed. So on the second install I am given this error. I have already tried deleting the plugin and reinstalling with the same issue. Hi I just purchased your theme. When installing the required plugins I am receiving this error: The plugin does not have a valid header. Downloading install package from http://rovelogix.com/wp-content/themes/Avada/framework/plugins/wooslider.zip… Unpacking the package… Installing the plugin… Destination folder already exists. /nfs/c10/h04/mnt/149976/domains/rovelogix.com/html/wp-content/plugins/wooslider/ Plugin install failed.

If you can see FlexSlider WP menu in your wp-admin page, you’re fine. Just dismiss the notice. The plugin is already installed. Sorry about the confusion.

Hi there, Thx for the reply,

Ill give that a go :-) Ty, regards

Good luck with sales

What plugin are you using for the reviews in the right bottom? I need to know this before buying it, thanks!

Thats the flex slider. Very easy to sue and setup!

WOW ! A beautiful theme. Congratulations!

Thank you very much!

I like it…..Would have liked a popup video example in the lightbox for the video items in the portfolio though.

Really nice job!

the lighbox plugin we used already supports that so its no problem!

we will make sure it shows up like that, new feature update coming soon!

Hi Everyone! Thanks for purchases and great feedback we really appreciate it. We’ve just completed our first update that has fixed a few minor issues. See the change log on the item page, the info is also below and includes a list of files that were changed for you to update in case you already have added all your content. Let us know if you have any questions. Thansk!

v1.0.1 – August 16th, 2012
- Changed “MOre” to “More” from the blog page
- Removed style selector
- Added “Blog” to breadcrumbs for the blog page
- Made the post thumbnails height to be flexible with the “Medium Image Layout”
- Added color scheme option in backend
- Added option to disable footer widgets and footer
- Added option to add a favicon
- Added “open” option to toggle shortcode to keep it open by default

Files Changes:
- Edited index.php
- Edited footer.php
- Edited framework/custom_functions.php
- Edited css/all.css
- Added js/options-custom.js
- Edited functions.php
- Edited options.php
- Edited shortcodes.php
- Edited js/main.js

Hi guys, sorry again…but how do we update? I am not an avid WP user more of a standard developer. Do we have to uninstall the theme and reinstall the update—-or does it work like plugins where WP alerts us of an available update?

thanks, Mitch

You can either delete the theme and reinstall it. This would work. Just don’t forget to dismiss any plugin notices, if it comes up since you’ve already installed them OR you can just replace the files with the files from the latest package. It its included in the chanelog.txt file :)

Thanks for the answer. Where can I find a list of shortcodes.

When you edit a post or page, you can see a list of all the shortcodes available (icons).

hi, Do portfolio items support iframe?


You can use iframe on the content page of portfolio items.

Thanks for the answer. I have some issues on iphone 4: - on single portfolio item, the related project slider doesn’t work

It works fine on Android and Ipad, though.

Ok, we’ll take a look and fix it another bug update soon. :)


Hi, and thanks for a great theme, nice one!

Is it possible to make the side navigation page a left panel insted of a right panel for the menu to show up there ?

Regards Charles

I have emailed you. Lets follow up through that. :)

Im trying to post at plugin with a popup, non of these plugins work on the theme how is that?

Not sure if you’re using them correctly. We have proper tags in places to support any kind of plugin.

Which plugin are you using?

Anyways, we are already following up in email so its better to email me there. :)

Hi, i’d like to buy your nice theme, i have 2 questions:

1) Does the contact module support anti-spam? 2) I need the pictures inside the portfolio page to link to a page instead of a picture. Is this possible?

Thank you


I can answer #1 for you now, yes you can have the portfolio items link to page instead of a lightbox.

Muhammad will get with you on the anti-spam contact module. I think it currently does, but if it doesn’t we can help you add it or add it to our first update.

Thanks! Luke

At the moment, we don’t have any captcha module installed to the contact form.

I like the look of this theme and I think it will be perfect for a corporate site I need to update. I do have one question/concern. When I view the demo page on the Ipad or on a mobile device the layer slider only shows the first slide (does not advance to the next slide) and only shows the bolded title with the picture (not the rest of the layers). Any ideas?

Yes, all you need to do is make a jpg of your final slide and insert that into the “fallback” image field in the page options. Easy! Yes, if you use a fallback image only one slide shows. Thats why I recommend using the flex slider. Avada includes an awesome plugin for it making it super easy to make the slides and its fully responsive.

The author of layer slider said they are working hard on the update right now, but did not give me an exact ETA .

Thank you for the quick replies. I will purchase and direct future Flex Slider questions to the creator via the codecanyon link you provided.

Good luck with sales and I look forward to working with your theme.

Thank you! Just to clarify, the layer slider (not flex slider) is the slider that was created by another author.


Hello Luke,

I installed the theme. All fine. The only thing is, that I get a little error if I edit pages. Between “Slider Type” and “Select Slider” there is the following error: .../wp-content/themes/Avada/framework/views/metaboxes/page_options.php on line 20 Do you know what is this?

And a 2nd question, is it possible to use custom css?

Thanks Manny

Hmm, not sure what that error is off hand. But don’t worry, Muhammad will take a look and and let you know shortly.

You can enter custom css in the “stylesheet.css” file. If you go to the editor under appearance, you will see a stylesheet.css at the bottom of the file list on the right side.

Thanks for quick reply. If I crate the first Layer Slider I get no error. So I think the system is missing the Slider :)

Yes, we have noted the error and fixed it in the dev version. We’ll upload it tonight to make sure that it works correctly when there is no active slider for both layerslider and flexslider.


As far as custom CSS is concerned, just enter it in style.css file using file editor.

- M


Please forgive my English! :)

I installed the Avada on wordpress 3.4.1.

Then, i get 2 problems:

- about mandatory plugin: LayerSlider already been installed, but he dont leave from the list. The warnings runs all time.

- Maybe that is preventing me from getting same layout details like i see on yours demo theme on Themeforest.

In the same browser, i get 2 diferent visual results, but i would like to get same visual result on the home page’s LayerSlider.

I hope have described correctly the problem. lol.

Would you help me?

Thank you.

Yes we can help :) Let me clarify something ….

1. If you dismiss the error message, does it go away?

Lets get that issue fixed first then we can look at the other issue where you are getting 2 different results. Im not sure I understand what you mean on that one. CAn you provide a link to your site as well?

1. Yes, we are aware of that. Just dismiss the notice if you see LayerSlider WP and FlexSlider WP in your wp-admin. If not, send us your wp-admin info using the contact form on our profile.

2. All our homepages are using a slider. On how to setup a slider, read the documentation. There is a section for setting up the sliders.

3. Can you redescribe what do you mean by 2 different visual results? Send us an email with link, I guess.


Hi, Im trying to find the CSS code for the footer. I would like to change the two grey footer bg colors as well as take the shadow away from the text in the footer. Also change my main font color. I have looked in the appearance – editor panel. But I do no see any specifics on the footer or font? I have searched all files?? Can you help please?



Thanks for the purchase!

For the footer color, look for ”.footer-area” in the all.css file. Change the background color value.

For the footer text, look for ”.footer-area ul li a” in the all.css file. Simply remove the “text-shadow” line to get rid of drop shadow.

To change the color of the body font, look for “body” in the all.css file and change the color value.

Let us know if you need anything else!

Hi Everyone! New update has been released that squashed a few minor bugs. See change log below!

v1.0.2 – August 17th, 2012
- Fixed a page bug options which happened when there were no slider groups created
- Fixed the FlexSlider plugin installation notice nags

Files Changes:
- Edited framework/metaboxes/page_options.php
- Edited functions.php

Presale question: Am I able to change the main white background color to a dark color and reverse the main text color to a lighter color? Basically I’d like to make a dark theme if possible. Thank you for your time.

Yes you can change colors like that by editing the CSS . Easy to do!

Ok I looked again not seeing the “all.css file.” This is what I see. http://wearecre8.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/Screen-shot-2012-08-17-at-1.00.55-AM.png

Is their anyway I could give you my admin to go in and fix things? Also how do I get all the updated files?

The all.css is in a folder called “CSS” do a search from the root package file to find it

To get the updated files, redownload the theme from your downloads tab. Replace the files that are listed as “files changed”

Are there things that need fixed or are you referring to the color changes? Email us your admin info and we can take a look. But I also recommend finding the all.css file, you will most likely need to use it for other things. It’s easy to make those edits once you find it.

Lt us know, thanks.

maybe a stupid question – but I still don’t find the reason ;) I installed everything – everything works well so far – thanks for the theme and the great work ;)

now I realized that my fonts are smaller (everywhere – headlines, text, navigation…) and I want to find the reason. I know how to change things in the css – but maybe there is a easier solution? the background image unter the navigation is not displayed too – any idea? www.inspectandadapt.de

To change the font sizes, you’ll have to login to FTP and change the font sizes in CSS . The CSS file to change the font sizes is all.css

I suggest you use firebug to find the right css selector.

Maybe you don’t even have to change the font sizes, navigate to WP Admin -> Apperance -> Theme Options -> Appearance tab and try changing the actual google font which might look better to you.

As far as the setting up slider is concerned, a section is written in the documentation for it, read it up. :)


Hi I have tried to insirt several popup plugins but with no result. Can you help me on that ?


You were using Lightbox POP which was generating a PHP error entirely irrelevant to our theme. Contact the author of the plugin. What other plugins did you use? Please name them.

I found a nice link on setting up popups, there are two suggestions in it, http://www.wpbeginner.com/plugins/how-to-do-lead-generation-in-wordpress-part-3-lightbox-popups/

Also maybe look for a plugin on CodeCanyon, there will be a few reliable plugins to help our with video popups in a lightbox.


I have a little problem with the “Layer Slider”. If I create a “Sub Layer” the layer will be aligned to browsers left side and not the border of the layer. I use your theme in boxed mode. If I change the browser size, the sub layer displace his own position. What can i do? Helpful is an example of the layer settings. I try to import your XML file, but the settings for the slider layer are empty.

Regards Manny

Hi Genloc!

Yes we can’t provide the layer slettings in the XML file, thats only for the wordpress data.

Please see the above response to Russel Davies, it outlines how to always have your content positioned within site width, in our case its 940px. I’ve listed some example settings for it.

thanks and let us know if you need anything else!

Thanks for fast reply, that works!

After this I have some questions for the final. Do you have a email address for me, i would like to send some screen shots, that helps me to explain.


Yes you can email us from our profile page here on TF. But I see the other post with the screenshot link so that works of us!

We’ll get you answers asap. Thanks!

i am trying to get the contact page working but i can’t see the map after i put in the address in contact info. Do i need a special plugin to generate the map in front end ? Please let me know. Thanks.

Nope, no plugins required for contact form.

Are you using the contact form page template?