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Again with more plugin issues, so after spending all day I found out the this theme doesn’t work with membership pro, contact form 7, contact form 7 to database extension plus a few more had i had known I would not have bought this template just made my life hell…..not worth it. They won’t give you your money back on third party plugins but the most popular plugin like membership pro plugin and working with a database should work…....all my plugin worked before this template. I thought it would cut my time by buying the template only to find out I can’t really us it for anything more than a shopping cart.

Hey @teresakirk!

As a theme developer, we can’t provide a guarantee that all third party plugins will work with Avada. We test a bunch of the major plugins with Avada, but Membership Pro is not on our list of tried and tested plugins. Having said that, Avada conforms to WordPress’s coding standards, which allows us to be compatible with as many plugins as possible. If you would like us to take a look at this and see if it’s something we can resolve from our end, you will need to submit a ticket via our support center, which I can see you have since done.

Avada works with Contact Form 7 out of the box. That plugin is used on almost all of our live demo’s and we don’t have any issues. Your comments about not being able to use Avada for anything other than a shopping cart are simply incorrect. We have quite a lot of demo’s that don’t use the WooCommerce plugin at all and therefore have no shop/cart functionality.

I have read your previous comment it sounds like you’re having some issues getting Avada installed on your server correctly. I implore you to work with us via the ticketing system so that we can assist you with getting your site up and running.

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Hi there

I am afraid that what you are stating here is premature in the least. I have had a close look at your support ticket and feel compelled to reply to clarify a few things here:

- You created your one and only support ticket a little under 24hrs ago, and all it stated is [SIC]:

“avada fusion core plugin conflict with membership pro it was working before perfectly before i bought the template”

- Our support has since replied twice, the ticket is open and we need additional information from you and access credentials so that we can investigate this alleged plugin conflict.

- You have not yet replied back with the info we need, once you do we can assist and guide you correctly

- As Ryan stated, plugins like the Contact Form 7 are 100% compatible with Avada

- Avada does in fact work with several different membership plugins like Member Mouse and paid Membership Pro. We have a couple articles detailing this:

- – Membership Plugins Roundup ->

- – Create a membership site with MemberMouse ->

- To reiterate, please engage with out support team so that we can assist you

Thank you, MB

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Hey @nexthere!

As this comments section is intended for pre-sale questions only, if you have any suggestions for features you would like to see added to Avada, please take the time to email them through to with “Avada Suggestion” in the title so that it can be reviewed by our development team.




You are most welcome :)



Hi, as of now I dont have any issues but a quick question which live chat plugin compatible with Avada theme? Thanks

Hello @mk-diva

We have never personally tried any live chat plugin ourselves but i have seen a lot of our customers using the chat plugin, I did a quick google search and found these ones on top :

Hope that will help.

Thanks for choosing Avada.


I would like to use this version of Avada: I have question about the vertical navigation on left. I am on Chrome, when you click from one navigation item to another the font changes in transition. Is this intended? Thanks.

Hello @suzywonton.

This should never happen and the only reason behind this is the loading time of page as it appears the video sliders are getting a bit of delay there, however not everyone gets this issue specially if you have a good ISP. I will get this in notification of our developers, but to answer your query no its not intended at all and should be all good for you :)



Avada cadabra :grin:

Avada Kedavra :D

Have fun working with the best WP theme out there :)



Hello there,

Pre-sales question: I’ve seen three different themes so far (The7, Enfold, Stockholm). What they do have in common is a way to represent online a menu for restaurants / cafeterias / etc. An example would be: .

Although I’m one step away from buying Avada (I loved it’s speed), I wanna know if there’s a way to represent a menu (WITHOUT coding anything new), if there’s one, a demo to see it, and finally, if there’s a multi-authors like “skin” for blogs. I think i’ve asked you this one in the past, although, blog styles never changed in version 4, so far.

I would really like (as a visitor to an avada theme based website) to see a blog with more modern / less classic design. A design similar to Moz blog, for example :) Link: (and especially I liked the blog post view of this blog).

Hello There.

That menu you see on the site is actually not using any specific shortcode and was simply creating using text and some images, same menu can be seen on our Avada Cafe demo as well here :

We are just using a different type of style and layout with it but you can indeed change it as per your own requirements and create any layout you prefer, it should be easy for you and no special coding is required :)

when it comes to blog we also have a number of different layouts and all of them can be seen on our demo pages but here is a screenshot for you :

Also, We are continuously listening to our customers so any feature request you have you can always send it our way to please.

We will be delighted for you to be a part of this Amazing community :)



Before I buy – could you tell me – does your theme include visual composer style animations and functions to create animated stats similar to this page: Thanks!

Hello AnaG

We have our countdown shortcode as well as the progress (stat) bars shortcode that you can set as per your requirement and yes they do animate, you can see them working on our demo and let me link them to you here aswell.

Progress bars :

Counter Circles :

Counter Boxes :

Hope that will suffice :)

We will be delighted for you to be a part of this Amazing community :)



Hi there,

Is it possible to use your blog posts widget to pull through different categories of blog posts into the same landing page and display each category of blog posts using a different layout?


Hello @Gn1000

Yes, we have our blog shortcode which can be filtered on the basis of categories and a different layout can be set to each of the shortcode, that is exactly what it does and you can read all about it here in our documentation :

We will be delighted for you to be a part of this Amazing community :)



If all portfolio’s are in same category, then how to define it’s order .

Hello @Bhanu2217

Because the Themeforest comments section is meant only for rep-sale questions and generalities, we are not able to provide support here. Please create a support ticket using the link below and out support team will gladly assist and guide you.

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Hi, i’m just curious … is this normal if the site loads a google font twice ?

Once it’s loaded by theme: and once by RevSlider, right before the slider appears in page:

Hello @Moviemaker

If its loading second time from Revolution slider than i am not sure about that, we might have to get this checked so please open a ticket with our support and our team will gladly take a look at it.

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Hi guys,

how can I change the title settings from h2 to h1 on the single post pages?

For SEO reasons, it’s very important to have it h1.

Thanks in advance

P.S.: Great work BTW! Love Avada <3

Hello @kuhglocke.

We already have the H1 if you enable the Page Title bar, that is the sole reason the post title is set to H2 to follow the SEO standards on customer’s demand however if you want to change it still you have to make a coding change inside single.php file.

For any other info please do open a support ticket and our tech. reps will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Thanks for choosing Avada :)


Where can I set the post title bar?


I’m considering to buy your theme, but I’d like to clarify a few questions first:

1) Can I use 2 simultaneous sidebar layout for post? I saw only a page example. Can those sidebars contain different widgets (not duplicate each other)?

2) I’d like to create a complex site using your portfolio functionality for a database of sorts. I mean, for example, books. Can I rename the portfolio into books? Can I have various categories there, separate from categories of the blog? Also, can I have tags for portfolio and rename this too? Can I show the portfolio in a grid with a real-time filter above?

3) I read about customizing category and archive pages. Can I ‘pin’ some posts on the top of the category page? Can I add some content like a paragraph of description and maybe an image on the top of the category page? Can I have all my categories with different design (not site-wide)?

4) I’d like to put ads on my future blog. For sidebar it’s easy, just a text widget. How about ads inside the page (built with your page builder) and in the header/footer? I could use some popular news/magazines themes like Sahifa or NewsMag that make placing ads very easy (they gave an admin interface for all the ad spots), but I really like your theme’s versatility and I want to build a site with 2 simultaneous sidebars.

Thanks in advance for answering these questions.

__ Alex

And one more question: can I create multiple portfolios with different sets of categories/tags in each? Thanks.

Hello @koolaev_writer

I will try to answer your queries one by one here :)

1. Yes you can use different sidebars in our theme and assign any kind of widgets as well, you can read more about the sidebars and widgets here :

2. Changing the portfolio post name to books is going to take you some theme file edits however on front end its doable simply by using the translation technique, also yes you can have different categories for the portfolios and can also use a nice filter as well which you can see here :

3. Yes, All of it is doable simply by using our Recent post shortcode with the category filter and then you can create your own category pages, however the default category pages will obviously have the same layout as they are not editable from back end as per WordPress default behavior.

4. You can use our widget shortcode to put the ads inside the page content as well.

5. This is already an option in our theme, you can definitely move from one post to another like you see in our demo or you can also have them in a specific category.

6. Yes, You can create multiple portfolios with multiple categories.

Hope that was helpful.

We will be delighted for you to join the largest theme community out there :)



Hello Ammar,

Thanks for answering my questions in detail!

I have to add a couple things though to clarify what I meant for number 5:

I didn’t talk about moving from one post to another, this functionality I already saw in your demo. But what I meant is creating a paginated post, divided into several ‘chapters’ and moving from chapter to chapter. Like it is done here, for example:

And with regards to the 3rd one, you’re telling me it’s possible but not for default category pages. But then how it is possible at all? Because I was asking if I can edit and remake those category pages, index pages for posts from those categories. Could you please elaborate on what you meant by ‘creating your own category pages’?


— Alex

how to change the video background from avada agency please ?

Hello @elimedia.

That is assigned to our Fusion Slider actually, you can read how to assign and create a fusion slider below please.

If you need any further assistance, please do open a ticket and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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I upgraded to the newest version template and now on explorer the events do not open up half way down the page.


Do i need a patch for explorer or what do i need to do?


will a catalog mode ever be implemented? I know there are plugins for woocommerce but honestly that’s still too heavy. More of a portfolio but purely for products. for example like RT theme 19 has built in.