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Today I realised that the size of my site backup was increased dramatically. While I was trying to find the reason, I found out that 5 seperate thumbs are generated for each post I create. But I am using only 275 width for pins. How can I turn of the thumb generation for the other sizes and generate only 275px wide thums (only one thumb for a post)?


Yeah, WordPress is going to create 3 by default (Check if you want to disable any of these, they have plugins to do). If you wanted to disable any that are added by the theme, you can do so at the top of the functions.php file. The original image you add is going to be the largest file-size. The additional thumbnail sizes should not really add much in terms of site backup sizes.

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How do I hide or remove the Top Header Menu?

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Does it supports post pagination such that I can divide the post into multiple parts? :impatient:

Yeah, all of our themes support post pagination :-)

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Do you need third-party plugin(s) to support it?

Can you include that demo in the theme demo too?

No plugins required for that, this is built-in to WordPress. Here is an example post:

Will you respond to me if I send you support request using the contact form on your profile page?

I think we have a mis-understanding. I merely was helping you trouble-shoot if your e-mail was getting blocked. If you don’t get the notification in the forums, you will just need to bookmark the forum thread. I was just pointing you in the right direction since you were not receiving e-mails.

If you have any questions, post away in the forums, we are happy to help.

Thanks, indeed I receive email notifications after bookmarking the thread/topic.

PS: You’re really a registered company and has multiple employees?

Yeah, we are a registered company from the U.S.


I am interested in purchasing this template. However, I have a small doubt before I can do that. It would be very kind of you if you answer promptly.

I wish to categorize all the posts in the masonry layout by a) Interest b) Location

The Interest problem is sorted as I can assign categories to each post. However, what do you think about a simple Location sorting by City. Will I be able to do that? If yes, can you also tell me how?

You could do this a number of ways. You could use categories for both and setup child categories. One of course would be location and the other interests. Or you could utilize the tag feature for one of these as tags work very similar to categories.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Is there a way to make the left side navigation fixed similar to the header being fixed?


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Looks like an awesome theme! Before buying I would like to know:

1. Can a custom subscription box be included in the sidebar? 2. How easy it is to translate it into spanish?

Thanks! What happens if the menu elements (sections) are more than 7? How does it look?

You can have as many or as few items in the menu as you need. The only limitation would be after a certain number, they won’t fit on one line. Other than that you can have as many item as you need.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


i got this message when i tried to upload the theme:

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet. Theme install failed.

Make sure you unzip the initial download from ThemeForest. Inside the .zipped file you will find the theme documentation, photoshop files, and actual WordPress theme.

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We can help you disable that via our support forums. Feel free to post any support questions in the forums:

If cant disabled it, I think I dont like this template, so I cant to buy it.

I see, this is a pre-purchase question. Yeah, you can easily disable the social sharing on post pages.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

why is theme leaning to the left???

What do you mean leaning to the left? It does have a left sidebar but it should be displaying normal.

Let me know if you have any questions.

hi, how can I update the theme to v1.5 from v1.4, wordpress tells me that there is already a bayside folder there and fails to update, thanks.

You can update the theme a number of ways. Make sure you save a backup before updating just in case anything goes wrong.

1) Delete the existing them via WordPress and upload the new theme. You will not lose any data or settings.

2) Upload the files via FTP under wp-content/themes/bayside. This is the recommended solution.

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Thanks for your help, meanwhile would like to know if the v1.5 version is being with a bug of the comment section? I find that there is no “post” button in the v1.5 comment section, while it works fine when I am using v1.4

If you have any questions/concerns about the update, go ahead and post in our forums. We did not update the comments so there is no issue there:

Hi, is the theme compatible with WordPress 4.4.1? Thanks.

We are currently advising not upgrading to WordPress 4.4.1 and waiting until 4.4.2. WordPress 4.4.1 currently has a pagination bug that is being patched for 4.4.2. If you have already updated, we have a support forum thread with directions on how to fix the update:

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I would like to find out if this theme is compatible with the WordPress Visual Composer plugin?


Yeah, this theme will work great with the Visual Composer plugin.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


I’ve just purchased this theme.

I would like to know if there is a way to show posts from all categories on the homepage?


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Can users post as well? Im looking for something like this theme that will allow for users to sign up and post as well. Thanks.

We don’t have any front-end posting built-in. However you could easily add this in a number of ways. There are some plugins on and that allow for this functionality like: and

Either of those plugins will work with our Bayside theme. Let me know if you have any other questions.

How to fix the video player on Mobile? Suggestions?

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Note: The video player should be working on mobile just fine as shown in the live preview.

pre-sales questions – 1. for the loading of the posts, can it be configured such that it will automatically load the additional posts when user keep scrolling, instead of clicking the “load more” link?

Yeah, you can turn on posts sot hey load as you scroll instead of requiring the load more link. Here is an example of this:

Let me know if you have any other questions.

pre-sales questions – when displaying all the feed, I can see the categories on each pic and post. Can it be configure that it shows the author’s avatar or name as well?

Unfortunetly we do not have an option for author avatar and name. You could however customize the theme and add that feature in. It would take less than 30 minutes for a developer to do that.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Can this theme be use to aggregate RSS feed from other blogs and show into 1 website?

Unfortunetly that is not possible by default. I recommend checking out plugins that can add-in this functionality.

i am all sold for this theme. just one question before buying. is there an option where it pull desired content (e.g trendy/techy content )from web on auto pilot mode?

Unfortunately that is not possible. However there are a couple of plugins on that can add-in this functionality. Check out code canyon for a list of these, any of them will work with our theme: