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Hi – Where can I find the option to change the color of the line between the logo and the menu on the Mining demo? Thx!


you can change it’s color with an extra css:

.header-stack #Top_bar .logo { border-color: #E2E2E2 !important; }

Thanks! :)

More important question: I have installed this theme:

But I want this theme to be ONLY the front page.

Like this one:

So when you click on any menu button it redirect you to a spot below but still on the same page (See the service theme for example. When you click on any menu button it redirect you below)

Can you please explain to me how to do this for the theme electric? Thanks you very much.

2. I find NO h1 tag on the electric template. I changed the BE ELECTRIC LOGO on the top menu for some text and its still not H1. How do I create an H1 tag ?

Same for the H2 no h2 at all how do I create one?


1. It’s called One Page. All details about this feature you can read on

2. If you want logo to be H1, you can do this under Theme options > Global > Logo section where the right option is.

Thanks! :)

How to change the size of the text on the site ? I do not know how to do HTML. How to change the appearance of text in wordpress How to space text embarking on, no option is available for that The map is not showing, I’v entered everything correctly but it shows up an error When I put some pictures on the website they are always fuzzy. Even the original photos that come with the template are fuzzy.

Thank you


1. Font size and space can be changed under Theme options > Fonts > Size & Style section.

2. The map is not showing probably because you didn’t set API key for the map. More details about it you can find on support forum.

3. Images might be fuzzy if you didn’t set the right sizes. More details about it you can read on support forum as well.



The text in ‘Footer #4’ is invisible. How can I solve it?


you set up 1/3 footer layout and that’s why the content of ‘Footer #4’ does not display. You need to set 1/4 layout instead.

Thanks! :)

When I am in the dashboard and click on BE Theme options and I am in the muffin options. I am unable to click into any of the specific options ie Global, Header and sub header, Menu and action bar. When I hover over that sections, I get a javascriptvoid(0); Any idea how to fix this? I have updated the theme to the newest one. Please help!!

I change the theme settings, all the pages “blank pages” is coming. I’m installing demo data is improving. what is the problem?