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staycu Purchased

Hi, please tell me, how can I add 5 logo images instead of 4 in Clients SLider? Is it possible?

Best regards.


we are sorry but we do not have possibility to increase the number of items per row unfortunately.

Thanks for understanding!

I can’t save any more content to my page

I did do it, if it worked can you show me the way to do it?

Did you guys try it already?

We get your e-mail and we will check it soon. Please notice that we get many requests every day and we always check them from the oldest to newest. For more details about what time and when we work, please check our profile’s page

Thanks for your patience.


bsdirect Purchased


I am having issues with the dropdown nav menu after I just updated.

This website

I have a mega menu drop down on the nav menu item “product range”, when I open the drop down and try to click a sub menu the dropdown disappears.



we checked your site and everything seems to be fine, what you can see yourself on – of course we are able to navigate to sub-menu and those menu items.

P.S. As you can see, your Themeforest’s support has expired so we would be greatly appreciated if you can extend it’s period before future support questions.



Dogus4133 Purchased


How can I remove the description of a demo template that is displayed in Google?

I’ve downloaded BeSki and now I’m looking for the text in Google to search for my website: BeSki | Best WordPress theme for skis and snowboard fans.

How can i remove that?

Please help me, thanks.


default description is located under Theme options > SEO section.

P.S. As you can see, your Themeforest’s support has expired so we would be greatly appreciated if you can extend it’s period before future support questions.


Great template!

Thanks :)


saitam Purchased


How i can have a fullwidth vídeo (Youtube) in a section o wrap?

Thanks, Greetings!


to set up full width video inside section, you need to set up FULL WIDTH NO MARGIN style for the section where the video is.



saitam Purchased



You are welcome! ;)

I am unable to remove the slider in the page options. When I deselect the slider and I select “-Select-” since there is not a none option, I save/update it and the old slider keeps being reselected automatically.


please send us WordPress dashboard access privately thru contact form which is on the right side at and we will check what might be the reason. Please don’t forget to let us know what for the access is.



bluecom99 Purchased

hi. i can’t find demo (DETAILING). where is Demo DETAILING file?

I want to download DETAILING DEMO. (ex. )


all pre-built websites are located under Appearance > BeTheme Demo Data section. However, make sure, you have latest theme version installed if any demos are missing on your side.

P.S. As you can see, your Themeforest’s support has expired so we would be greatly appreciated if you can extend it’s period before future support questions.


WOW NICE THEME :O – I’m considering buying it. But is easy to demo importen this version? ? :) And how is the admin panel, is it easy to manage?


yes, it is very easy in use. However, we suggest to watch our instructional video, where we explained how to import, included pre-built websites. But more details about Muffin Options panel, right now you can find in the documentation (we are working on some new videos where Muffin Options panel would be presented as well).

Thanks for your interest in Be! :)


camalot Purchased


I have two pre-sales questions – actually we use your theme once and like it very much!

However, is it possible to have a user-based internal area (with a nice order of about 30 download files) and not just password-protected and to log the logins of these people? Could you recommend a plugin working with BeTheme? Second question is if you can recommend a plugin working with BeTheme we can use organize and protect download files in different directories (instead of the normal Wordpress file order, ...)

Regards! David

Hey David,

at first, we are very happy to know that you like BeTheme. However, we did never tested any plugin you need and that’s why we can not recommend any unfortunately.

Thanks for understanding!


mporsinck Purchased


I’d like to know which theme’s in BeTheme can be customised by Visual Composer. The most of the theme’s previously installed are only customisable by Muffin Builder.

Can you inform me about a couple who are customisable by Visual Composer?

Regards! Marit

Hey Marit,

all pre-built layouts were built with Muffin Builder tool which is much lighter, easier in use and faster. We can not build those demos with Visual Composer because it’s an additional plugin and in reference to right agreements, we can not force users to use 3rd party plugins (the more plugins is being installed, the more memory is required for server). Also, for many users, Visual Composer just doesn’t work right because plugin is quite heavy and requires good hosting service.

Thanks! :)

Hello i activate sticky menu, but i want only menu in the sticy menu. Can you help me please?

i put this code but not work

it’s ok i change your code

Ok, great!

The Revslider has a different design from the Themeforest Demo

my mistake, nvmnd

Ok, we are glad to know that you found it yourself :)


espo1950 Purchased

How do I update a theme?


there is few different ways to update theme: via WP dashboard, FTP or auto-updates using WP Envato Market plugin. In our opinion, FTP way is the safest one. However, more details about theme update & installation, you can find in the documentation.

Thanks! :)

Hey I do not want to use Muffin Builder. Instead want to use Visual Composer. How to disabled Muffin Builder from the theme to show at all? Also, how to convert all the muffin builder layout in the Visual Composer?

Please assist. Thank You

How to update theme using WP CLI? I have uploaded the new to the Themes folder, but what do I go from here thanks

re last update 16.9: what do you mean by “Multiple Blog Items on the same page”? thanks

Hi, experiencing FOUC (Flash of Unstyled Text) on a page from the demos, how can I fix that?

Hey, If I dont want to show my portfolio detail but just the image can i hide the link?

Sorry, just saw in the options Thanks for the good work!