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Hi, how i can put some items of portfolios (Maybe with categories or ID) in the single page of woocommerce, in the bottom?, like a similar products, but with porfolios.

Thanks and Greetings!


we are sorry but it is not possible to use portfolio items as related products under woocommerce.


Anyone else having issues with the Google Maps module not working? Says

Oops! Something went wrong. This page didn’t load Google Maps correctly. See the JavaScript console for technical details.

Never had this issue with Be themes before….weird.

NVM, found the answer in your Support forum.


you probably forgot to set Google Maps API key. We are glad that you found it on support forum :)


Is it compatible with wp 4.7 ?


yes, theme is compatible with latest WP 4.7 of course.

Thanks :)

ok, thanks!

You are welcome.


jhat3k1 Purchased

Over a year ago you said in several threads that you planned on adding a yelp icon to the social list, yet this has never happened in subsequent updates. I really need this functionality. Can you please add Yelp to the social list? I’m not sure where you guys are located, but Yelp is huge in the states, and a must have in the social category.



If you will have a look into Theme options > Social section, you will see that we added an option to set custom icon and this is where you can set Yelp icon.



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I am very sorry. I have searched for 2 hours on the support forums and can’t find what I am looking for. Every time we post the website on Facebook or in a chat, the Title and Meta Description are correct. But under it, it says BeYoga/ Best Wordpress Theme for People Who Love Yoga. I can’t find that anywhere on the backend. I put the new title and description in the SEO portion of BeTheme. I then turned BeTheme’s SEO portion off and tried Yoast SEO. I also used and open graph protocol plugin, but it is still pulling the betheme information from somewhere. I feel like I am missing it somewhere. Please advise!

BTW, I have bought 15 of your themes for websites – I obviously love the theme – very user friendly.


please be so kind and send us WordPress dashboard access privately thru contact form which is on the right side at and we will check what might be the reason. Please don’t forget to let us know what for the access is.

Thanks :)


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Hi, how can I achieve the hover effect on an image like in the bottom of your barber2 demo (View our showcase)? The image is zoomed without any overlay color. You use an image item in that demo, but when I use it without first installing the demo the image item is with overlay color and a link bar in the bottom. Thx!


these are just Image items with Zoom | without icons image frame style set under Theme options > Global > General section.

Next time, we recommend to create an extra WP instance where you can download demos you like as it’s be fastest and easiest way to learn how some things were done.

Thanks! :)

Thanks guys!

I have a WP instance with the demos, but with so many options I have missed it. I used zoom boxes with transparent overlay :)

I love your theme. Keep up the good work!

(PS: It would be great if we have an option for sleeker lightbox than “pretty photo”)

Thanks for suggestion, we will consider this while future updates.


shg16 Purchased

Hi I am receiving periodic emails from themeforest about the update of theme but i never thought to upgrade but now i wanted to upgrade with latest build. so my quetion is how to upgrade and if i upgrade now will that create any issue to current site?

let me know



for more details about theme update please visit our documentation.

Thanks :)


I used this theme to build up a website and it works fine. But all the buttons (edit, duplicate and delete) in muffin builder is not working out of sudden. Can I get some help from you on this? Thank you so much.


please send us WordPress dashboard access privately thru contact form which is on the right side at and we will check what might be the reason. Please don’t forget to let us know what for the access is.


Thank you for your great work. I really appreciate the quality of the code and the design.

However, for the “press” theme, there is a bug concerning the “heart/love” button. If you click “quickly” on it you could register “many” +1. It seems like there is no restriction or check procedure to allow only +1 for an article for one user session.

If my message is not clear please notify me, I will send you a recorded video.

Thank you.


this is how this feature works and it was never limited to one user session only. We did it exactly the way many customers wanted.

Thanks! :)

I think you didn’t understand me. When you click just one time, you could not click again as the heart will be red. But if you click “very quickly” 3 times for example, you will get 3 Ajax request and the number will be incremented by 3 instead of one.

Hope I made it clear.

Thanks for your reply :)

Ok, we will have a look on it closer then while future updates then :)

Hey guys..

My client is not very happy with the responsive menu. and i kinda agree with him. the dropdown menu is to hard to use.

its not intuitive enough.. The “plus” icon is the only thing that activates the dropdown. and its all the way to the right, and when you click the text, you go straight to that page.

Is it possible to move the “plus” icon to the left of the text? so you dont oversee it. it took my client a while, before he even noticed it was there, and he could click it. Same for his clients as well..



we understand what you mean but this is how it supposed to work. Many users need to open main menu items even if these items has sub-menus and this is the reason why +/- icons need to be on the right side so they can avoid mistaken click on menu item instead of icon. Anyway, if you really want to move those icons on the left, you need to use the following custom css:

@media only screen and (max-width: 767px) {
    #Top_bar #menu ul li.submenu .menu-toggle { left: -30px !important; }

Thanks! :)

I have 9 menu items on my top bar (classic) and normally this looks good on a screen size around 2560px wide. When I view it on any screen under 1684px the entire menu drops down one line. Looks aweful. Especially on sticky. What can I do to make my menu items shrink, like the content text?


you can change moment in which responsive menu appears instead of the regular under Theme options > Responsive section where Responsive Menu Initial Width option is.


Hi guys, I was wondering if you may help me out with a question concerning the slider revolution. I’ve integrated a video in my slider and am using images as buttons (onClick event) to start and stop the video. Currently I would need 4 buttons to play and stop the video and to mute and unmute it. So I thought it would be a lot nicer to have just 2 buttons instead and use the toggle function for start/stop and mute/unmute. Of course this is easy to handle and would already work so far. The problem is, that the image/icon would stay the same. But my wish is that the icon changes to a pause sign when the video is running and vice versa to a play sign when it is stopped. So what I tried so far was to assign an id to the button (attributes tab) and to create a function in the custom javascript area like this:

(function() {

$(’#playPauseButton’).on(‘click’, function(e){ if (document.getElementById(“playPauseButton”).src == “http://www…imagePlay”) { document.getElementById(“playPauseButton”).src = “http://www.imagePause”; } else { document.getElementById(“playPauseButton”).src = “http://www.imagePlay”; } }); })


But it’s not working. The website is:

Maybe you can help me out with that.

Thanks in advance and best wishes.


please be so kind and send us WordPress dashboard access privately thru contact form which is on the right side at so wen can have a look on it closer. Please don’t forget to let us know what for the access is.


Hello, I’m trying to register on the BeTheme forums to get some support but it says that my purchase code or my username is invalid. I changed my envato user name a few months ago and I don’t know if this is relevant.

I have question about how to get the same 50px padding below the blue blog header (example: on this page where the categories of the blogs are listed. Thanks for your time.

Hi! I have bought this theme. How can I use this template??? –

Please help me!

What if I am interested in using a particular page set up from a different template design? How can I do that?

Since updating WP core, theme & plugins today, I have noticed an issue with the menu. The site here: is showing a double logo (even though only 1 logo should be showing – not 2) & the responsive menu has disappeared…

Before updating: After updating: