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Hi There. I wonder if you know why my captcha doesn’t authenticate on your default theme email form. Instead it keeps saying wrong catcha even when its defo the correct letters. any ideas what and why this is happening. not getting any emails just now. i have contact form 7 installed would this be conflicting with your themes email form? any advice would be greatly appreciated cheers

Hi, Contact form 7 will work fine and I strongly recommend to use it instead of our default email form.

Is it works fine at the WP 4.6?

I’ve bought this theme and when i try to import the demo version some errors appear. Here i can’t attach the print-screen. I would like to receive the support email to contact and fix my problems

There’s a support forum, so please, register and post it there.

Everything works fine with WP 4.7

I am no longer on the support (I’ve bought the them on 2012), but I might need to renew it. Let me explain: I now can’t save or create any new pages on my website, cause there is this line: “file_get_contents(/homepages/3/d422771771/htdocs/cadillacvintagebar/site/wp-content/themes/cadillacproject/backend/inclu.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /homepages/3/d422771771/htdocs/cadillacvintagebar/site/wp-includes/class-wp-theme.php on line 936”

What would be that? Is this some glitch on my server? Or is this a bug on the template? Please let me have a quick reply from you.

Are you sure it’s our theme? I’ve checked you style.css and I’ve got

Theme Name: Retro – Premium Vintage WordPress Theme Version: 1.0.2 Theme URI: Description: This elegant and extremely flexible WordPress theme. Author: olegnax

Oh wow, sorry! haha. Wrong page. I’ve bought your theme, too. But this issue regards the other theme. Nevermind! lol. Happy new year!

Hi, when I try to open the Brankic Panel I get the following message: “Sorry, you are not allowed to access this page.” Just installed the theme again on a new domain and not much I can do without changing the settings… Any quick fix out there? /Jakob

You have to install mandatory plugin Theme Options.

Ok, found it. Missing plugin…

Great. If there is some other issue, don’t hesitate to post on support forum.

Is your theme compatible with Wordpress 4.7.2?

Hiya doin, bought this theme 3 years, only going into now for updating. upgraded to 4.7.2. Having an issue with Brankic uploading. Anytime I want to upload an image through the Brankic widgets or Brankic panel it just hangs there, it dosen’t want to connect to the WordPress uploading panel??? has this issue came up before?

Fixed it, needed to add …. add_theme_support(‘category-thumbnails’); to my functions.php page. Cheers

Hi, Theme update should fix this. I think it was cache issue, but if it works now with you – GREAT.


dindmg Purchased

The ‘shortcode menu’ doesn’t work. I clicked the shortcode icon on a page and nothing comes up. Please tell me how I can fix this. Do I need to update my theme? If so, how do I update it?

You have to update your theme. On Support forum are detailed instructions, or you can post there, and I’ll do it for you if you haven’t changed theme files.

Is it works fine at the WP 4.7?

Soory, I overlooked that. I will buy it soon.

Hey there

Thanks for a goodlooking theme which tought me how to use shortcodes instead of visual composer.

I have one issue left with the theme. Some of the headings are not formatted correctly (i have checked and the “Add class ‘title’ to all headings” is on on all pages).

As you can see on: the headings in “publikationer and kontakt” is correct while the rest are formatted differently.

Hope you can help me out :)

All the best Peter

Hi Peter, Thanks, I’ve answered you on support forum.

It is really strange my posts featured images have been greyed out not all but some. Why is this?

Please post a topic on our support forum –

Also, include URLs to these posts with greyed out images.

What’s wrong with this template on Safari 9.1.3? It gets completely messed up. As a customer that bought this product, I’d really like to know!

We’re also using that version of Safari on Mac and everything looks fine.

Does our Live preview looks OK on your computer?

Please check it also on some other computer. I guess it’s something about plugins / add-ons on your computer since nobody else reported similar issue.

Apparently you are correct cause another Mac user just told me the website looks fine on his Safari. Any hint on what is the root of the issue on my laptop?

To be honest, I don’t know. I don’t use any of plugins or add-ons on any of my computers / browsers just because of possibility of such an issues.


enokki Purchased

This theme ceased working, and when I tried to upload and activate it it white screens the entire site.

You have to import demo content. After uploading and activating you have blank site. You have to activate all the mandatory plugins and import demo content if you want to have same content like on our Live preview.