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Hi, How do you change the logo “BigBang” on the home page??!


I don’t see purchase tag next to your name. Please use your purchase account when asking questions.

Yes that is because themeforest was having an issue with taking Payment and my bf already bought it for me by the time they got back to me!! Can you please answer my questions??? I really need the help!


but without purchase tag next to your name I can’t answer. I hope you understand…

1. How do you add the roll over social icons in widget areas? 2. How do you get a photo stream in widget areas? 3. My flickr images will not fill up shapes when in photo stream.

1. and 2. You have to upload plugins (which are in plugins folder in the file you’ve download).

You can download these plugins from here too After activation you'll have new widgets in your dashboard.

3. I can see your Flickr images in hexagons. What exactly is the problem?

ps: add some description/title to your images on Flickr…

Hi, there! Just wondering: is it possible to center the height of the logo company on the top of the page when the logo is bigger then 60px?

Best regards

Not sure if I understand properly, but with some Extra CSS code you can position your logo almost everywhere.

Hi… so bad. I can’t find the way to add items and to see “works” on my portfolio section… The subnavigation is only showing all (I added portfolio categories…) Could you help me please? Many thanks for this theme, I really love it


you have to create PAGE and add this page to menu. On that page you have to insert shortcode Portfolio.

If you have problems, please send me your wp-admin URL , u/p via contact form on our profile page and I’ll do it for you.

Many thanks but the section is always empty.

I send you my wp-admin URL now.

Best regards,

Sorry, I missed to “reply”...

Me again… Do you know why my hover color menu is grey and no blue (brankic panel setting)?


It’s grey in all color schemes.

If you want to change hover color add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
#primary-menu ul li a:hover {
  background-color: #7CC0CB!important;

thx, it was blue before updating the theme.

I wish you a lot of sales.

Hi. I can’t figure out how to insert images into my portfolio, or add a thumbnail of a project on my portfolio page. Help Please!


You must create portfolio category with it’s subcats. After that create portfolio items and assign them to these subcats (filters). Each portfolio item must have featured image. Slides are extra images (below featured image)

After that create new page and insert portfolio short code with selected parent portfolio category.

If you can’t figure it out, contact me via email form on our profile page.

Another bug: there seems to be a bit of open code (?)that is causing a formatting glitch on my portfolio page. When you hover over the hexagons, everything after the 3rd or 4th hexagon changes from the pretty paragraph formatting to all italics and emphasized formatting (see here: The issue persists all the way down to the footer. I cannot, for the life of me, figure out what is causing it. As I add new portfolio posts, it stays at the top 3/4 hexagons. Possibly related? It doesn’t seem to matter what number I enter in the portfolio shortcode “no”/# (negative 1 or 30), it still shows them all.

[bra_portfolio title="" cat_id="65" no="30" show_filters="yes" columns="4" shape="hexagon"]

Re: your earlier answer. If it is not too much trouble, could you send me the code to use more than 20 images? I agree 20 looks great, but I have one portfolio post where I’m trying to show all the pages of a digital artist book, which has a smidge over 20 pages. (info at

Finally, this theme looks great with horizontal images, but blows my portrait images way up to fit the correct width. I understand why (and, again, it looks good), but I can’t re-take some of those images (which have to be portrait), and I don’t feel comfortable putting high-enough-res versions online so that they won’t be blurry on the slider. Any chance you could create an option to tile two portrait images together (like twins), so they would play in one slide instead of separately in two? Then they won’t spread so wide and my viewers won’t have to scroll as the portfolio slider changes from horizontal to portrait. (I hope I explained that right… it would save me countless hours of editing images to look good horizontal).

I think that is everything. Thanks again for an excellent theme for artists and for the speedy support. Cheers!


italic text appears in Thou Salt / Not portfolio item. Please manually insert Excerpt (I haven’t tested it with formatted text, so this is why this happened) I hope this make sense.

Please give me 24hrs to make changes for more than 20 Extra images and “twin” slide option for portfolio single page slider. I have an idea how to do that, and this could be very useful for portrait oriented extra images.

Contact me via email form on our profile page, so I could get your email.

Hi there. I’m interested in this theme but I have a couple of questions.

Can I disable/hide the homepage slider?

Can I alter the CSS successfully on my own?

TIA ! :)


each page can have it’s own slider. Our home page is “normal” page with some shortcodes and slider images set.

You can add your own CSS into Brankic Panel -> Extra CSS .

First off Great theme!

Secondly, I am having an issue with the contact page. Every time i hit the “send message” button it says “email server problem” do you have any ideas on how i can get this to work properly?

It looks like you have some server problem :)

Please send me your wp-admin URL , u/p (via email form on our profile page) so I could fix this for you.

Also, please include your question into this email

email sent

Hi! First of all, thanks for this nice, minimalistic theme! Branka seems to be an awesome designer, with a good eye for the beauty and simplicity! So big props to Branka! To Dusan’s work I can’t tell so much, because I’m honestly kind of poor in coding, especially in php, but everything he had done just runs and works, without issues… However… I just wanted to say thanks for this nice bijou. Simultaneously I would like to ask, if you (Dusan) could do an itsi bitsi, tiny customisation job with the slider of my theme? I would need to have video (vimeo and/or youtube) implemented in the slider. How much would this job cost, if you bear in mind to be kind!??

Thank you on very kind words.

To be honest we don’t like videos in sliders because there are some limitations and questions what to do when slide with video is shown, and what to do when it’s hidden. We can’t control play/pause feature in Flex slider and this is the reason why we can’t incorporate video into this slider.

I see! Maybe you’re right with your philosophy, that it’s a kind of a “design significance” question, as well. But hopefully Tyler Smith will work on this feature prospectively. And what do you think about opening a lightbox with a video, through the slider? However thanks for the share of your way of thinking! Now I’m thinking about linking to the video (on the -hoster) from the slider, in a new tab, will be a quite nice solution for me. So how can I make links target= “_blank” in the “extra images” feature??

This can be done with some Extra JavaScript (jQuery). Just send me URL of website, and what slide should link to what and I’ll sent you the code (or do this for you if you send me login credentials)

You can use contact form on our profile page…

Hi, I tried using the bigbangwp.xml file, but it seems to have given me something that is different to the one in the example.

eg, yours goes ‘home, about, work, blog, features, contact’ mine goes ‘blog1, column 4, default layout, elements, home, shortcakes, team’ and when i click the logo top left, it takes me to the blog rather than the home page. Any ideas?

You have to customize Menus in your Dashboard.

shortcake > shortcode

Hi again, don’t worry – I sorted it out. I hadn’t activated “top menu” in the primary menu options. I dont think that this is mentioned in the installation of the theme instructions.

Hi, I’m glad you figure it out. This is not mentioned in help file because this is standard (default) WordPress option (Menus)

Aha, I figured out the “Excerpt” thing. I’ve never had a theme that actually used that (correctly) before. Fancy. Thx.

Another issue I’ve noticed: on a mac laptop, using both Safari and Firefox, the first few seconds after the page has loaded, anything formatted as a header (h1, h2, h3 or h4 – with option for title to be hidden from page) is ENORMOUS and then a couple of seconds later it pops down to the size it is supposed to be. Every page does this. There also doesn’t seem to be a differentiation between h1, h2, h3, and h4 either – they are all the same size in both browsers. Am I missing something obvious?

I’m also going to throw this out to the cosmos… with over a million users of Ravelry (social networking site for knitters), it sure would be nice if someone designed a Socialize Icon for it that would match this theme. (see their icon here: Maybe for a future update? Or Christmas? :)

Finally, maybe I missed it?... but shouldn’t there be a way to make the text wrap around the bottom of the slider on a portfolio page? Instead of remaining in a column on the left all the way down.... (i.e: (Sorry, some projects, especially artist books, go hand in hand with a lot of text).

Okay, I think I’m almost done finding bugs and troubleshooting the theme. Cheers!


we’ve made the same size for all headings with class title. Because it’s custom Google Font it takes few moments to load these fonts. This doesn’t affect SEO because in source you can see difference.

Ravelry? Will try to include this Icon to our Socialize Icon set

About a lots of text on portfolio items: you can use Toggle/Accordion Shortcode for that text. We like to make it clean and simple without to much text.

I hope this helps…

A newbie. I want to set up my site like your example. Do you have a reference guide on how I configure for example the main rollover images? I’ve started by puting in a background and logo but couldn’t use background image for individiual pages. Not tried setting up blog pages yet.

OK. Now 2.30am. No slider. Can’t see any of the pages I have created except for a home page and blank blog pages. I need to carry on tomorrow and I shall need a load of help! Thanks.


new record in most consecutive questions here :)

No worries. You said you’re a newbie. Most themes here are easy to setup if you have some WP knowledge. Shortcodes, categories, menus, custom fields are what you have to know.

I’m sure it will be much easier if you send me your wp-admin URL , u/p and let me set your website like our Live preview. This is the best way to start if you’re newbie, trust me. After that you’ll see how easy is to customize things…

Totally agree with you and appreciate your patience. You suggested this before but I thought I could make some progress. A preview site would certainly get me sailing.. thank you very much. Will send u details.


I would like to change the slug “portfolio” from the url. Where do I change that?


Thanks! But why the slug can’t have the same name of the page?..


I’m not an expert on WP permalinks, but I guess this is the pattern WP is using for custom post types. I’ve also noticed (from my previous templates) that custom permalink structure can make some problems (in cases when category name isn’t in permalink).

It’s funny, because when I set the page name url “portfolio” and the slug is “portfolio” as well works fine!! Everything else the portfolio page looks like a blog page.

For example:


Don’t work

Hi, me again. ;-)

When I am on a single portfolio. Il I click on the mosaic icon, it redirects me to a wrong page. How can I change it?

When I am on my portfolio page, I click on the magnifying glass for an image and if I click on next, it shows me the next image of the portfolio but O would like it will be the second image of my portfolio item. Is it possible ?

Many thanks

Hi fratier,

try to change your Permalink setting. I guess your using some very simply permalink structure and in that case WP sometimes screw things.

I was thinking of showing all post images in slider, but in that case page woud load much slower.

Hi, I apologise if this is another noob question… I want my default landing page to be the “home” page but at the moment, it’s going to a blog page. Current landing page: The page I want to be the landing page: Is there a simple answer to this that I’m just not seeing? Cheers

Hi Richard, it’s standard setting. Go to Settings -> Reading and set Static Page for home, and select page you want to be on front page.

Also, the button on the portfolio items page between the arrows (the button with the symbol of three rows of three squares) takes the user to the wrong page – I guess this is also a noob question, but how do I set it to take them back to the portfolio page? Thanks – loving how the theme looks btw

For each portfolio post, you have to set this page via Brankic Custom Field – (Select parent page for this item)

Legend, thanks for both answers.

Pre-purchase question, if you don’t mind. Can I move the social connectivity icons anywhere on the pages? Specifically, I would like to have the social rollover widget at the top of the page as well as the bottom. Is this possible? Thanks, Josh


You can’t place social rollover widget in the header, because there is no sidebar for header area. With some custom coding you can do it, but we don’t provide support for this.

You can place social icons anywhere into page or post because there is shortcode for this. Also, there are 6 footer sidebars where you can place this widget and right sidebars.

Good to know! Thank you.