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Yes. that worked! thanks. But now there is another problem. When I click a portfolio piece to view it, not only is it all black faded, the image itself is tiny. like as if it is still desktop view. see screenshot here of my phone

This is prettyPhoto script. Not much we can do about it :(

Love the theme! I’ve been stuck at getting the portfolio item’s individual page to work. I’ve added my portfolio items and when I preview it without publishing, it looks great and works fine but when I publish it and try to view it, the page states that “No posts were found.” What am I missing here?

Wild guess: try to change permalink settings.

It wasn’t a permalink setting issue but somehow it just started working without me doing anything. Thanks :)

That’s my voodoo :)

How can I put recent blog posts to my home page? I couldn’t find a shortcode for that. Thanks

Settings -> Reading : Latest posts, or

Create page, assign category with your posts, assign page template and go to Settings -> Reading : Static page and select this new page.


Thank you for this wonderful theme, is there a way to easily change the main theme color of the site? currently is orange, I would like it to be blue. please?



Brankic Panel -> Global settings and choose color…

Hi there, great theme. I have a few questions before I purchase if you don’t mind.

1) On rollover of a portfolio item the links are in the bottom right. Is there a way to make the whole square clickable and have it take you to the portfolio item? Part two to this question is; can I also deactivate the modal pop up and have it just go to the items page?

2) When in the portfolio item is there any image size restrictions Vertically. Horizontally it looks like I have about 650px…but Vertically is there a limit? Can the potfolio unit push down if needed to accommodate Print posters?

3) Flash…..I know, I know. I have some flash units that I display on my site. Is there a way to display them with a play button inside a portoflio page?

Thanks for your help, I look forward to hearing back from you. Keith

Hi highbias,

1) You can’t do it out of box. However, this is not more than 1hr customization, so if you hire someone you won’t spent too much $$$

2) No vertical limit. Here is layout with vertical slides

We also made interesting option if you want to show vertical slides next to each other- twin slides

3) If you have Vimeo, YouTube, MOV of SWF content you can show it on portfolio. Check Video filter on In some of our old templates we had custom field for additional HTML content where you could insert HTML code which will appear on the side where slider is. In that field you can insert any embed code. I’m thinking of adding this option here to in some of next updates.

I hope this helps…

Thanks that helps a little. As long as I can figure out the click action I will buy this, btw I would love to be able to put custom HTML into the portfolio frame. That way I can pull things in with iframes.

As far as the customization. Can you help me out and tell me where in the code/style sheet that property lives?


I’ll include custom HTML field for portfolio item in next update, so stay tuned.

I can’t give you specific answer because you’re not purchaser (yet). For all buyers I’m giving support in such issues.

Hi – great theme – can you please tell me where I can adjust the color for the “blue” setting. I would like to have it in a different shade.


Hi oxscott,

blue css file is wp-content/themes/bigbangwp/css/colors/color-blue.css

Great! Thank you.

Sorry I now this is a newbie question but how do I get a different block color like you have in your example. I.e. normal white background, but with a block of grey at the bottom


Hi danbrinnand,

not sure if I 100 % understand what you want to achieve :), but try to change layout between boxed and stretched in Brankic Panel.

On our live preview we’re using stretched layout.

Hi Brankic1979

Sorry what I mean is in your example on the home page as you work your way down the page you have the title, slider,info, recent work – all with a white background. Then at the bottom of the page you have 4 sections: about us, recent posts, latest tweets and flickr – these 4 sections are on a grey background. How do I create the same sections at the bottoms with a grey background


I see,

you have to insert widgets to footer sidebars. Go to your Dashboard -> Appearance -> Widgets

In the package you’ve download is folder “plugins” where you’ll fine 3 widgets I’m using. Upload these plugins and you’ll have new widgets.

I love the theme! Question before I buy: Is the blog sidebar widgetized? Thanks!

For blog page (or any other page) you can choose one of 4 sidebars with as many widgets as you want.

(Select sidebar option – Default, 1, 2, 3)

pre purchase question:

is there an easy plug-in that would work with this theme for mailing list sign-ups?


I don’t see any reason why this kind of plugin wouldn’t work on our theme:)

Hello, I purchased this wonderful theme. I searched through the forum here and I saw only one person had a problem with the clients page (the logos were all squished together in one line. I saw you responded to replace javascript/custom.js with

Where is that file? Is it through the editor or do I have to change it via FTP ? Thanks!


you should do it via FTP , or you can download latest update and update the theme.

Instructions how to update this theme can be found here

Hey! Another question,

For some reason my “work/portfolio” page is showing up with the portfolio items stacked, blog style. I added the 3 column preset portfolio to the page’s HTML , but it still shows up like that. I also have all the portfolio items set as child pages to the main portfolio parent page. view here.

I must have something set wrong?

Thanks! Stephanie

Have you brought CATEGORY to menu?

You should create PAGE and add portfolio shortcode

After that bring this PAGE to menu.

hi, My button shortcode generator is not working? When I click the “buttons” in the shortcode dropdown i get a blank scrrn pop up? All the other work fine…


have you changed the name of theme folder? It must be bigbangwp…

Hi I have some questions before buying this:

Is it possible to have separate portfolio pages for portfolio items from different categories? Or are they all lumped together and can only be separated by choosing from the category “breadcrumbs” at the top of the portfolio page?

Is there a shortcode available to display only certain categories of portfolio items on a given page? If so, can different pages of portfolios be displayed with different column layouts?

Thank you

This may be a dumb question, but I’m going to be working on this site on a local virtual server and I wanted to know if theres any way you could help me get it set up with the demo content from the live preview, but just on my computer?

BTW , just purchased :-)


in help file it’s explained how to make it looks like on Live preview.

I can’t help you on local server. There are a lots of plugins called “Maintaince mode” which shows under construction page for not logged users.

Hi , Please help

I want to change the permalinks of “column-4” portfolio page to > “portfolio” . When I try to do it , The layout of column-4 page change to blog layout , I don’t know why , I just only change the permalinks. Please tell me how to change column-4 to portfolio. Thank you


depending on your permalink settings you can’t name the page same as category because WP will display that category instead of page.

Hi, i’ve recently purchased your theme. Everything looks great but for some reason the colour block around the top menu displaying what page you are on is not working. I’ve selected the colour (red) from the menu and everything else has changed. Any ideas?

Please send me your wp-admin URL , u/p (via email form on our profile page) so I could fix this for you. Also, please include your question into this email

Like this! Good luck ;)

I have worked with some WP themes before (by no means an expert), but I am having the hardest time figuring out how to insert the slider on the main page. Your demo looks great with the big picture slider and I want to do that. How?

Settings -> Reading -> Static page

On the page which you select for home page, insert few extra images and that’s all…

I added the extra images, but do I have to do something to make it scroll? And how do I get it looking exactly like your demo page?

Slider appears on page if there are Extra images. May I get URL of your website to see what’s wrong. You can use email form on our profile page to send me URL & u/p


I on the other hand have set up a million word press sites with templates. What I cannot figure out is; how do I set up the contact form in YOUR theme. All see (depending on the option I choose) is either the map or the Captcha. Did I miss something in the help files. Please advise cos this MOST URGENT ! and will be obsolete by tomorrow evening. It was JUST for these few hours that I had to purchase the theme some minutes ago as the first on the list without looking at others. Thanks in advance N.

Brankic Panel -> Contact

Thanks..just found it and was going to let you know but you had already replied. :-)

Good stuff. I purchased last night and I’m still trying to get it to work. I’m confident I will get there. I did e-mail you with a particular problem, but I have an additional question that was asked earlier by another user, and I want to know if it has been addressed and where in the panel.

Is there a way to make the navigation not “blink” when scrolling? Also, where do I go to make the height of the navigation bar bigger. I like the pinned menu, I’d just like it to not disappear for a second when first scrolling and I’d like to make it just a little bit taller.

Thanks, Jos

the original question is here: shanta9486 SAYS Love! However, is there a way to make the navigation bar static and not “blink” 9 DAYS AGO REPORT AUTHOR Brankic1979 REPLIED There is no option in Brankic Panel for this, but I’ll add it in next update. I’m giving full support if you want to remove pinned menu (which appears when you scroll down the page)


Update with option for hiding pinned menu is just approved (few seconds ago)

Not sure what do you mean by “blink” while scroll. Top menu must fade out, and pinned menu is fading in.

About height issue: Maybe it will be enough if you move your logo to the top.

To do that add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
#logo {
  margin-top: 0px!important;
.fixed .logo2 {
  top: 0px!important;
To increase height of pinned menu add this to Extra CSS
.fixed {
  height: 70px!important;

Awesome. And got your email response to my other issue and the site is working very well now. The extra CSS you provided did exactly what I wanted to do without needing to reduce the size of my logo. Thank you so much.

Yes, that’s exactly what I mean by blink. I suppose a way around this would be to lengthen the time of fade out for the top menu and accelerate the fade in of the pinned menu, so it appears more fluid, almost as one piece. Think that would work? Where would I go to edit that? Though it may be more than I need to be doing at my level of familiarity with this.

Try to play with javascript/header.js

Try to change values in fadeIn and fadeOut (500, 300)

Hi awsome work

a few questions,

Will this work as a child theme for thesis?

do it support plugins like “all in one seo”

when building a static landing page whit a custom background , how barebone can the landing page get, i mean can you strip all element off it, and only have menus and text.

the licence im a bit confused, i can have sponcers and sell my own stuff from there, just as long it got noting to do whit layouts?