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Hey again mate, I’m having a few issues:

1. Can’t get comments to show up under blog posts

2. Can’t seem to get the title appearing on the main blog page


Thanks, Marc

Hi Braco

1) Maybe stupid question: are comments enabled (both in global options and on post)

2) You are using Latest posts for front page? You should create blog page like a PAGE and choose blog category via Brankic custom fields and title will be shown. In that case you should use Static page for front page.

Thank you for noticing this. I’ll find workaround for this issue in next update.

Also, the z-index for the Brankic shortcodes buttons need to be upped as it’s showing behind the custom fields when it drops down.


add: z-index:9999;

to: .wp_themeSkin table,.wp_themeSkin tbody,.wp_themeSkin a,.wp_themeSkin img,.wp_themeSkin tr,.wp_themeSkin div,.wp_themeSkin td,.wp_themeSkin iframe,.wp_themeSkin span,.wp_themeSkin *,.wp_themeSkin .mceText{border:0;margin:0;padding:0;white-space:nowrap;text-decoration:none;font-weight:normal;cursor:default;vertical-align:baseline;width:auto;border-collapse:separate;}


Thank you for noticing this too Braco. Another solution is to scale editor area.

Also, please do not change WP core files, because you’ll lose changes after WP update. Here is better solution. Add
.wp_themeSkin div{
to bigbangwp/zigzagwp/includes/bra_admin_style.css

Thanks again for this fix (it will be included in next update)

I was wondering if it’s possible to assign different backgrounds to certain pages.

Love this theme, btw. ;)

Hi redsticker,

it’s possible for pages (not for portfolio items or posts)

BG image can be stretched or tiled

Thanks for the reply. I just have one more question. (I think.)

Would I be able to link the portfolio pictures to a page instead of a static image?

When you hover portfolio item you can see 2 icons – preview and portfolio item single page. These links are created automatically. If you want to change these links to custom URLs I can show you jQuery trick (for free of course) to do that, but you’ll have to do it manually for each portfolio item.

tried to buy it through paypal and that transaction cannot be completed and to reach out to merchant…...


this is not theme related. Try to contact ThemeForest support…


I would like to buy this Bigbang – Responsive theme, but I need you to send me a demo as my previous template I bought are giving a lot of trouble.

In this theme demo content and instructions how to set it like on our live preview are included.

If anyone have problems, for free I can set the template like on Live preview

Nice theme. presale questions :D

1. this theme have different blog post formats? like video post, quote post, gallery post, audio post… dont see it in your theme :(

2. Images at single portfolio can be set vertically? Some of my Portfolio images are portrait.

3. Can I change fonts, font sizes and colors?

4. Sliders: Can we build Sliders? Change height, width? can we add buttons, call to actions, links buttons, etc..?

5. I want to restyle my blog ( and in my posts image width are 640px. So I will use ur theme in my blog, questions is: can I change width on post images with a right sidebar. I see in ur demos images are 606px. Not sure if I explain myself :D

Thx :D

Hi virplay,

1) no different blog post formats :(

2) Here is an example with portrait oriented images.

3) There are 11 predefined colors. All styles are listed in Style panel button on the left hand side of Live Preview

4) All sliders auto adjust to width of the page. Height is the height of the slide. Each slide can be linked (like our 3rd slide on Live preview Home page). Of course there are a lots of slider plugins which can be used…

5) If I understand right your question, I think you can use our theme. Here is an example of the post with image wider than 600px As you can see image shrinks to the width of post inner content.


Just wondering if you have a option or bit of code I could have to change the font colour from grey to white? I’d like to have a dark image background.

Cheers, Sarah

Hi sarahcreative,

Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel
body {
  color: #fff !important;
This will change most text to white. Depending on your BG image, maybe you’ll have to change some other section. I prefer to use Inspect Element feature in Chrome and Firefox which shows CSS rules for desired section of web page.

Thanks! Ooh also I’m having issues with the pinterest photostream widget, can’t get it to recognise my username…

Hi sarahcreative,

Please send me your wp-admin URL , u/p (via email form on our profile page) so I could fix this for you. We?ve tried several Pinterest usernames and it worked fine. Also, please include your question into this email.

Great theme – love the many, many built in options to customize. Question: the online user guide for this template mentions a “google maps” plugin for the map to work on the “Contact” page… this plugin was not included in my download. Is it is a specific Brankic plugin or should I use a generic? Please advise. Thanks!

Hi haleynagy,

this plugin is included in the theme. To use it, you have to click shortcode button and go to MAP .

Hello, this is an interesting theme, but I would still need a couple changes. Are you available for that and what would be your hourly rate? You can email me at bjorninou at gmail dot com


sorry but we’re not available for any customization work :(

Ouch! No different blog post formats :(


Hello, as i mentioned before, very nice looking, bute let me have some more questions:

a) do you have an support dorum ? b) Color does not work in menu panel ( just dark gray, hove and an clicked ). c) i want to have no logo, no log2, or no favicon. Not possible to blank this fields. d) do you plan to add more functions in the branic panel ? if yes = wonderful | if no = please be so kind and give me a couple of custom css code for changing colors and font-sizes, ( links, text, h1, h2, h3 … hover, visited ) as well as backround color.

Thank you again in advance and have a nice day, rrwp87

Does the fullwidth instagram option allow feeding of # hashtag photos as well? (i.e. A fullwidth page with a feed of #NYGiants images)

Can I create multiple portfolios? I will want to create a portfolio of individual galleries. I will want to create another portfolio of individual Vimeo/Youtube videos. Lastly, I will want to create a 3rd portfolio of individual events that will take place.

Can we stream Flickr sets? I love the fullwidth streams.

I have different sets. Can each individual page I create have its own fullwidth Flickr streaming gallery?

(i.e. I’d like this set on one page: and this set on another page: )

Sorry for all the multiple questions.

Hi there

Just purchased this – great looking theme – can you advise me what the ideal dimensions are for the slider?



you don’t have to worry about the size. Just don’t make it smaller than 1000px for full width page and 700px for all other pages. Images adjust to the width of page content. Of course, slides must have same dimensions.

Also – what is the max size the logo can be?

If you have logo with height > 100px there will be the big gap in header. 60px height looks good.

The simplicity, design, code and pixel perfectness of this theme is why I am only a few clicks away from purchasing. Few initial questions mind you:

a) will the comments count on the blog post change if I swap the commenting system over to Disqus?

b) I’ve read you don’t do custom work, but I’ll ask anyway, I’d like the ‘authors’ of the posts to show under the comment/date graphic? Possibly a photo of the author? Can the authors then link to an authors page list?

Thanks, Jonny


Really don’t know how Disqus work, but I don’t think it will count :(

I can make the code for showing author and author image, but you’ll have to create CSS because it doesn’t fit into our design.

*All comments are related to when browsing from a mobile *

When you are browsing you cant scroll to the bottom of the page on the fullwidth-map-popup-box page – because the map is so big that you cant touch any where but the map and when you slide downwards with your finger on the map it obviously only scrolls the inside the map. Quick fix is to use the other contact page if you want it to work on iPhone as well :)

Also its not 100% centered on the iphone – its like a few pixels to the right so that the spacing on the right side is bigger than the spacing on the left side.

last comment it would be nice if you could make some CSS for the menu when browsing on a handset :)

Hi Tarzan786,

yes, full width map layout can be tricky on mobile devices :(

Here is the fix for slight misalignment on iPhone portrait orientation. Add this to Extra CSS in Brankic Panel. I’ll add this fix to next update (to
@media only screen and (min-width: 320px) and (max-width: 479px) {
#footer-content {padding:0px!important;}


I can’t seem to get the twitter widget to say anything other than “loading tweets”... cause the tweets never load. I noticed it’s the same on your demo version.

Can you help with this?

thx, Stephanie

Sometimes Twitter is down (not main site, but feed which we’re using for plugin). I guess now it’s fine…

You’re right! Sorry, i was impatient. I love this theme, btw. highly recommend.

No worries,

we’re here to help…

Thanks for the speedy response! Two more quick questions:

Am I limited to only 20 images in a slideshow on a portfolio page?

On my android device, the octagonal portfolio images are not linking to the portfolio post page. I have java and pop-ups enabled… is there a setting I should tweek to fix this? Or will every mobile user likely have this issue?

Thanks again!


out of box you’re limited to 20 images. I can send you the code for more images, but to be honest, I think it’s too much :(

Thank you for noticing bug on portfolio page when looking on touch device. To fix this change (in bigbangwp/javascript/custom.js)
var count_before = $(this).closest("li").prevAll("li").length;
var count_before = jQuery(this).closest("li").prevAll("li").length;
Or wait few hours before update is available for download.