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Glad to see this in WP. Choose your styles button does not work.

Hi Wesley,

in what browser you’ve tested Style panel button? In all of my browsers it’s working.

Don’t tell me you’re using Safari 6 (because there is no Safari 6 for Windows yet)

chrome and I’m on a mac.

Does it work now?

Look’s great! I’m a huge fan of yours by the way!

Hi Braco,

You’re the 1st buyer! THANKS !

Great theme!! It only miss different types of posts like video, audio…

Thanks Tinasamia, maybe in next update.

awesome work again!

Thanks Mabuc :-)

Nice styling… but, you need to change “6 blog post formats” in your description to “6 blog post layouts”... blog post format has a very specific meaning these days…

nice work dude, what happens with the portfolio when it goes over the 12 preview boxes? do you get a 2nd page it rotates too or do they just keep adding to the next line? Also will yoast work ok with your theme? thanks

Hi hairybobo,

there is no pagination on Portfolio pages, so you can add as many as you want portfolio items (custom post type) there.

Any SEO plugin should work just fine this template.

Love this theme, just what i was looking for but i have a questions about a few elements of the theme.

the social media bar which rolls over, can that be placed in the footer bar right at the bottom.

The Home page, can the slider be above the 1st block of text, followed by the next section which has the icon headings


This social media roll over is a widget and there are 6 footer sidebars (2 at the bottom, and 4 above). I’ve tried to insert this widget to bottom footer sections and it looks fine.

Something like this layout

ps: Home page is a normal page. For each page you can hide title. Slider is inserted on the top of the page if the page has Extra images set.

thats kwl

just to clarify

the social media roll over can be placed in the footer section which is below:

Copyright © 2012 Brankic1979. All rights reserved. Socialize with us on Twitter, Facebook, Dribbble or Rss


In fact there are 2 widget areas (1/2 + 1/2) and you can place this widget below existing widgets.

I’m providing full support on this issue, so don’t worry…

Looks great, best of luck with sales :)

Thanks ChrisMooney :-)

Great job guys, nice theme ;)

Thanks Navigator :-)

Looks great , congrats ; just wonderful :)

Thanks Bedros :-)

Looks great! One question.. Is there any backend functionality to change fonts?

Good luck with sales!

Hi Marsa,

You can use any of Google web fonts.

There is also Extra CSS field in Brankic Panel, where you can modify or insert new any CSS rule/declaration.

Love! However, is there a way to make the navigation bar static and not “blink”

There is no option in Brankic Panel for this, but I’ll add it in next update. I’m giving full support if you want to remove pinned menu (which appears when you scroll down the page)

Fantastic theme for use.

Thanks Logomaster :-)

Before I buy, this theme is translation ready (.mo/.po files included)?


I updated the theme and put this extra css, however the theme still looks wrong on mobile!

Could you be more precise?

May I get the URL of your website (with the list of issues)

Yeah sure!

I sent a message to you! :)

Thank you!

Loved the preview so bought it immediately and I still love it although it’s pretty hard to get it done for someone who doesn’t know CSS /html.

But I will make it work, thanks for great design!

How can i change name of “Send message” button in /contact, please?

Hi Niether,

It’s in page-contact.php (or page-contact-2.php – depending on layout you’re using)
<?php _e('Send Message', BRANKIC_THEME); ?>
You can edit this file if you go to Dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor.

Thanks :)

Hi, looks great! 2 small presales questions:

1) possible to change colors and font-size in admin panel ? 2) possible to set specific portfolio categories to specific portfolio pages ?

Thanks in advance! rrwp87

Thanks rrwp87,

It’s possible to change colors (you can see Style panel to see list of predefined colors).

To change font-size you can use Extra CSS field in Brankic Panel. I’m providing basic support for CSS issues.

You can set different portfolio categories for each portfolio page. You just have to choose one from drop down…

Hi, sorry, forgot one question: 3) possible to get an 6 col portfolio page template ?

Thanks in advance! rrwp87


No 6 columns portfolio layout.

We listed all portfolio layouts in Live preview (2, 3, 4 columns and shaped (triangle, circle and hexagon))

Question before I buy. All my portfolio images have a square ratio format. Will the 4 column porfolio show the thumbnails as squares? If not, is it an easy code or css fix? Thanks.

Hi shanerich,

As you can see on Pintereset photostream page ( column layouts adjust to original image proportions.

So answer is YES , squares will be used.

Hi, thanks for the quick response! I will try.

Have a nice day and good luck for sales! rrwo87