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Wow! Awesome work! Congrats! ;)

Thank you! We’re glad you liked it. :)

Good work. But left navigation have problem when it is hide and resizing window.

Hi ThemeBucket,

Can you kindly share the details to fametaxi@gmail.com with screenshots, if possible. We’ve tested it on all major browsers with maximum possible layout combinations.

Thank you.

Hi ThemeBucket,

We’ve fixed that bug now. If you check the live preview, please make sure to force-refresh (refreshing by holding the Shift button on your keyboard) to reflect the new changes.

Thanks again for helping. :)

Yes I got same problem like ThemeBucket.

Hi westilian,

Thank you for your quick response. We’ve fixed that bug now. If you check the live preview, please make sure to force-refresh (refreshing by holding the Shift button on your keyboard) to reflect the new changes.

Thanks again for helping. :)

Is a database connection with the calendar included?

You’re welcome.

Are you referring to the auto-scroll that happens when you expand a menu item? That is provided to align the line of sight. E.g. if an item is hidden initially (coz the window size is small), then auto-scroll helps.

You can disable it by changing it in javascript. But thanks for asking, we’ve noted it down & will surely release a quick toggle to enable/disable it in future releases. :)

Thanks, I will try to find it! A quick toggle would be very useful.

My final question, do you know why, for example, the calendar (and other javascript visual stuff) on the dashboard doesn’t work anymore if I remove certain boxes from the source HTML? For example;
<div class="demo-container">
   <div id="placeholder" class="demo-placeholder"> </div>

Hi Jerome,

When you remove certain components that has an attached javascript code with it, there’s a javascript error & hence items break. You can opt in the javascript which items to opt initialize, then it won’t break.

Thank you. You can drop us a line at fametaxi@gmail.com for further support.

Congratulations, beautiful theme.

Some suggestions:

- In order screen insert option for printing. (Considering the location format for printing out only the area of the order)

- Have option box without the colorful header such as the initial dashboard page (http://cloudadminenvironment-fqbevfzncm.elasticbeanstalk.com/index.html) where the item is located: ‘New Orders, Recent Activities’


Thank you so much for the wonderful suggestions. We’ve taken a note & shall surely consider them during our next update.

Great work. Love this template.

Looking forward for the fixes to the radial charts in IE.

Hi Francis,

You’re welcome. The changes are mentioned in the Release Notes. You can find them here: http://themeforest.net/item/cloud-admin-bootstrap-3-responsive-dashboard/6069264#item-description__release-notes

Loving the updates. Is there a planned update to address the search when using the mini sidebar? I know it is easier said than done.

Thank you Francis for your kind words. That’s a wonderful suggestion, I’ve noted it down for the next update. We’ll work something out to make it more user friendly, you’re correct. Thank you. :)

There is a small “gap” between the header and the sidebar on the fixed layout http://cloudadmin-theme.elasticbeanstalk.com/fixed_header_sidebar.html .. you can see it better when you use high contrast skin.

Nice work. I’m currently analyzing if your template has everything I need for my next project :)


Thank you for finding & reporting the glitch. Yes, you’re right, there’s a small ‘gap’. We went through the code & fixed it.

We shall push the change along with our next update. (in a day or two)

Glad to know you’re considering Cloud Admin. :)

This is fixed in today’s update (v1.1.2) Thank you!

Hi, was just about to purchase this theme as it looks great on a PC. However, I also need it to work on iPad. Every time I try to view the live preview on my iPad it either crashes the browser or restarts the iPad. I have an iPad 3 with iOS 7.0.4 and the same happens in both Safari and Chrome. If this can be fixed I will definitely be buying this theme.


Thank you for liking the template. The template has been tested successfully on iPad 3 (iOS 7) without any rendering problems. Here’s a screenshot https://s3.amazonaws.com/www.fametaxi.com/img/cloud-admin/iPad-testing.png

Can you kindly test it on another iPad. We strongly suspect it may be a hardware failure of some type (such as bad RAM or bad flash memory). It may be corrupt firmware, which is going to require either a DFU restore or for you to send it in to Apple for testing.

Hi, thanks for your prompt reply. The crash is definitely memory-related, as it generates a LowMemory diagnostic report in Settings -> About, with Chrome or Safari as the ‘Largest process’.

However, I have done some further tests with some interesting results. If I access the dashboard via http://cloudadmin-theme.elasticbeanstalk.com/index.html it works on the same iPad. The crash only occurs when going to http://themeforest.net/item/cloud-admin-bootstrap-3-responsive-dashboard/full_screen_preview/6069264 (ie the live preview on themeforest).

So I can only assume that the themeforest site is doing something which causes the iPad browsers to crash when loading the preview. I really don’t think it is my hardware as I have not experienced crashes on any other websites.

Now that I’ve seen the dashboard working through the other link I am happy to go ahead and purchase, as this issue must be associated with the themeforest site. Although obviously you may want to check it out for future users who might experience the same and think that the problem is with the theme itself.

There are a couple of iPad issues I have discovered in my tests which you might want to look at for a future release though:

1. When pressing Team Status the tooltip always pops up first – the team view only opens when pressed for the second time.

2. Scrolling is jittery on some pages, eg Dashboard, Elements. But fine on others, eg Typography, Forms. This may be related to the quantity and complexity of elements on each page, so may or may not happen in a real application.

I’m now looking forward to starting my MVC single page application with Knockout, Breeze, Entity Framework and this theme…and also looking forward to all the new features, especially the Inbox!


Thank you so much for your comments. We shall surely look into the issue of Themeforest live preview crashing on iPad because of the Themeforest “Live Preview” top frame, as you rightly observed; some users might blame the theme for it.

1. The classic iOS hover problem: If you use a no-touch device (like PC, Mac etc.), hovering the mouse over “Team Status” will show a tooltip and clicking on it will open the Team Status slider.

But while iPad (or touch devices) can’t understand hover, when you touch an item on a webpage, it first triggers a hover state and then triggers the “click”. You end up tapping twice. You may read more about it here: http://www.nczonline.net/blog/2012/07/05/ios-has-a-hover-problem/

Thank you for reminding it to us, we shall make changes to the design so that on touch devices hover elements are deactivated. :)

2. Can you kindly send us an email at fametaxi@gmail.com with the list of pages where you experienced jittery behavior. We’ll either find out the culprit or add an advisory in the documentation against the erring plugin/css.

We sincerely hope your final application rock. With the array of frameworks/toolkits you’ve mentioned, we’re sure Cloud Admin will be a potent ally. :)

You can drop us a line at fametaxi@gmail.com for further support.

This is an awesome bootstrap theme! I’m considering buying it, however…there is a bug in the Rich Text Page.

When I click in the text area of the bootstrap editor, the CKEEditor Menu shows up around the bootstrap editor.

Using Chrome.


We’re glad you liked the theme! :)

And thank you so much for reporting the problem. Our bad. The problem is with Javascript initialization. We’ll fix it immediately.

Rest assured, the fix will be included in the update we’ll push today.


The issue is fixed now. You may like to re-check. Please make sure to force-refresh( holding the Shift key while refreshing) to get the latest files from server. The fix will ship in today’s update. Thank you again.

This is fixed in today’s update (v1.1.2) Thank you!

Wow.. This is exactly what I was looking for… Finally a clean user friendly interface. Good work. Checking out the features. Will definitely buy this.

Thank you so much. I’m glad you liked the template. :)

Awesome piece of work. Almost buying it.

I’m only going to test again on iOS 7 (iPad mini) cause yesterday I’ve got some crashes on Safari, but cannot say that the problem was on Cloud Admin theme.

I suggest that you add even more value to your product making the Invoice page (among other pages) to print nicely. Some other admin themes around here already do so.

Thanks for your business.

Luciano (from Brazil)

Hi Luciano,

Thank you for testing it out on iPad mini. Would you be kind to send an email to fametaxi@gmail.com if you find any glitches.

That’s a great suggestion. We’ll surely upgrade the invoice page to a printer friendly version in our next update.


I bought the Cloud Admin theme today. All running on local server already, congratulations again on the good work.

Thanks for accepting my suggestion about printing, will wait for the next release.

Saphari crashes every single time on iPad Mini on the maps pages, but the other pages seems to work fine until now.

Hi Luciano,

Congratulation on the successful local run & the purchase. Thank you again for your wishes.

We’ve pushed v1.1.2 to Themeforest for review. It includes printer friendly invoice among many other bug fixes. And yes, Ajax powered Inbox too. Stay tuned.

The most beautiful admin theme I’ve seen in a long time!

My only concern is lack of IE8….has anyone tried Modernizer on it and what is the effect? (I’m a non-dev who would be passing this onto a dev…but need reasonable degrading of IE8)

Hi Carley,

Thank you for the wonderful compliment. :)

We’re working on making the theme compatible with IE7-8. Most probably, we’ll ship it in our next update. Stay tuned.

accessing cell. the frontend is perfect. but administrator is not responsive. Samsung Galaxy S2


The administrator is fully responsive & has been tested on a multitude of devices. Would you kindly send us a screenshot at fametaxt@gmail.com so that we can check.

I strongly suspect that you’ve not removed the themeforest “purchase now” top navigation bar from the live preview while previewing it on your mobile. Try removing that & the template will be responsive.

p.s. I too own a Galaxy S2 & it works absolutely fine on it. :)

Great Theme and wonderful work, is there any plans for RTL version ?

Thank you, we will consider it for our future releases.

Hi, was thinking of purchasing this for our next admin panel for a client.

I will not be needing the frontend, is there enough documentation for the admin section to not have to delve into the frontend to see how it works?



Thats all I needed to know, thanks :)

Thank you for the purchase.

Thank you for making my life easier and making this admin area ;)

hi fameTaxi, nice theme!! but still i would like to ask you if you can add the simple page template, i think that would really help, so that we developer can use that as layout without spending time removing “useless” html code… thanks :D

Hi, The simple page layout (or the blank page to get started) is at http://cloudadmin-theme.elasticbeanstalk.com/blank_page.html :)

thank you… and sorry i didn’t know about that :D

I have spent a bit of time looking for a good Bootstrap admin panel, I just found it… Cloud Admin is brilliant, I am so pleased I waited to purchase this product. This is the most comprehensive, well thought out application, and it looks so good… Well done you guy deserve every sale you make.

Hi, Thank you so much for the kind words. We’re very glad you liked the theme. :) It’s ‘pat on the back’ like these that keeps us motivated & going. Have a nice day!

I’m delighted with this item. I note that you have a markdown editor listed in your roadmap. Markdown support is a core element for my application. What can you tell me about your plans? How soon, planned implementation direction, etc.

(If you’d like to know my markdown editor requirements as a potential use case for your testing / sample page, let me know.)

Hi, I’m glad the theme helps you in your application. The good news is that Markdown Editor will be bundled in our next update v1.1.3.

Can you kindly send us your potential use case to fametaxi@gmail.com

use case sent.

I am a new jack…. How would I connect this? Thanks =)

Lol… A tad bit past that. Here is my site http://www.websitecandi.com

Cool :) We don’t provide backend support. You may hire a freelancer, if you’re interested in implementing this theme. Have a nice day ahead.

This template is terribly awesome @Fametaxi! I’m going to study it in the next few days and try to figure out how I can use it for my site. And even though I won’t be needing the front-page right now I like it and might be using it later because parallax scrollers are so cool. :D

The downside of Bootstrap as its basis is, of course, the bloated code base for JS and CSS and the similar look of all those themes.

Hi, thank you for the kind words. I’m glad you liked the theme. And yeah, parallax are pretty cool when used in a subtle way. :)

You can try to create a custom distribution from Bootstrap (http://getbootstrap.com/customize/) & pick only the things you require. In that case it’ll be much less light and nimble. Just a thought.