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Thank you for the great theme.

Have you managed to fix the layout issues of the Login page in IE10 and FF? The text box’s text is too big to fit into the box.

Thank you.

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This issues will be fixed in the next update. Thank you.

Hi I emailed you about and issue with the page and removing some things that is breaking the website layout i really need to know what to do to get it fixed as this is holding up the project.

I have also found many other issues when viewing the site on a Mobile device can you please get back to me.

thank you.

You wrote in your email : “The site I am using it for we really don’t need the sections to show up in the screen shot attached I can remove the sections and it is ok on desktop but the website breaks in mobile version can you help please.” To reiterate, if you’re removing any component and the theme misbehaves, I’m not in a position to fix that. Only the developer making the changes can fix it. It’s not a bug of the theme. It’s customization errors. As for the bug mentioned by heubel, I’ve already made my stand clear.

that is crap and not very much help i have never had so many issues with a theme before

Kindly refrain from making derogatory remarks in a public forum. This theme has been rated by more than 50 buyers and still stands at a respectable rating of 4.75.You may read through the positive comments too. It’s sad to see a developer being targeted because you’re unable to find your own bug.

Hi just two questions related to the sidebar:

1) If we use sidebar-fixed the submenus does not show up on mouse hover. How to fix it?

2) On small screens there is always a grey bar on the left side of the page. How to remove it? Selection 042

These issues will be fixed in the next update. Thank you.

Hi pre-sale question. How do I get the dashboard to show Google AdWords / Analytics data? thanks.

How do you get the WIZARD FORM to submit the data inputted? I opened up form-wizard.js and don’t know what I need to do to get this to POST the information to a php file.

This is how I inputted the form tags <form id=”wizForm” action=”process_user.php” method=”post” class=”form-horizontal” >

I’m assuming in form-wizard I have to put something here?

$('#formWizard .submitBtn').click(function () {
bootbox.alert("Form submitted ");

Please respond ASAP as I need to get this form fixed and submitted to a client. THANK YOU for your help

You’re correct. You need to add your own code in place of ADD SOME CODE HERE

LOL. I understand that but there is no documentation on how to do so. How do I get the Wizard to actually DO SOMETHING with the data inputted. Do you have any code or reference I can use?

Hello? Can you please reply with support as a paying customer?


I am trying to find where the graphs are generated for the ‘traffic and sales’ charts and the ‘revenue’ chart on the main admin dashboard. I need to plug in values from my database, and am unable to find where this data is being pulled from in teh code. The below code is not too helpful and I’m not seeing an external reference. The 01_GETTING_STARTED doc refers to a helpful that doesn’t exist for further information on the charts.

<div class="tab-pane fade in active" id="box_tab1">
<!-- TAB 1 -->
                        <div id="chart-dash" class="chart" />
                                                    <hr class="margin-bottom-0" />
 <!-- /TAB 1 -->
Otherwise, I love the layout!


The dashboad graphs pull data from script.js. You can search for the code:
if (App.isPage("index")) {

The functions under this

conditions are responsible for the dashboard.

Thanks for the great Theme,

i have a problem on the frontend with the background. it somehow jumps when initially scroll one time to the left which looks anoying. once scrolled it looks perfect: if you want to test it, open the frontend theme in a new browser.. watch the backgroundpic while start scrolling. it will jump. any way how to fix this? bought the latest version.

thx fpr help

I had a question…I read the comments…I went back to using this AMAZING theme.

Still have a question. I’m getting this error: “Warning: TableTools2 requires DataTables 1.9.0 or newer – www.datatables.net/download” I’ve just downloaded Datatables 1.9.4 and replaced the contents of js/datatables/media/ with the contents from the download….still get the same error. Any ideas? Those dynamic tables are a strongly desired feature

Oh and yes I cleared my cache

Fixed…Script file order that’s all.

What about when to upload a new version?


I`m trying to install the theme, but after upload all files I always receive the message: The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet

Where can I found this file?

Forget about it. Wrong message

Hey. love the theme and the front end. I am having some issues with the scrolling accuracy of the links for the front end. Where / how do I edit the targets for the links best? I have played with the CSS sizing the elements to get them to work but no joy. the site is under development at new.goredshift.com if you could lend a thought or point to the JS file or other file for assistance I would appreciate it. Thanks!

Also.. looking for best way to control the layout for the portfolio. I have toyed with the @media min-width 1170px and with lowering the column width to 3 but I can’t seem to get them to go 4 wide.

Did you launch an update that fixes IE7 and IE8 issues yet? Do you have an ETA on it if not? Love the theme but we can’t use it if 5% of our users are still having major issues. Any guidance would be much appreciated.

Great theme! Pre-Purchase question: How active is this theme being updated and supported and what updates should be expected in the next version?


We have an issue with pagination in dynamic data tables. Please refer to dynamic_tables.html which came with the standard download.

When we click on Next of first table, following is happening: 1) The first table pagination is missing the numbers. And it is showing Prev First Last Next only. 2) The 2nd table pagination is also getting effected at the same time. Instead of showing Prev 1 2 3 4 5 Next, it is showing as Prev 1 2 3 4 5 1 Next in the 2nd table.

Can you please let me know how to fix this issue as we have used more than one dynamic data table in a page.

Appreciate your quick response.


Dear Admin – We want to understand if this is some thing you can fix or help us with the fix. I hope you would understand the urgency of the issue.


Hello Admin,

Could you please reply back to my previous question as we are running on very tight schedules with our existing project.


Hi, thinking about buying cloud admin, however, I want to know if I can make graphs display my own data. For example, me and 5 more freelancers are working together, I want it to show the performance per week per each freelancer.

When are you going to fix the grey area in the left and menus to work properly in small screen phones? I want to buy the theme and can’t proceed to buy with these important bugs. Please let me know how long will it take for your next release.


Lovely looking work, one quick question is the background picture included in the frontend theme royalty free ? Did you purchase it or download from a royalty free site ?


Hi Fametaxi!

Saw you have included “Hubspot Notifications” as the notification system, but you make the initial notifications like “Welcome to Cloud Admin!” with another component, “gritter”.

Why not simplify using just one, to make sure all CSS will match?

Which one do you recommend for a starting project?

Thanks for your business and congratulations on the big sales! Hope you double that soon! :)