Fametaxi does not currently provide support for this item.

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Why this admin template not supported? I mean, release of new versions….

_______ support flatlined ???

I’m giving up and “declaring” Support as dead on this one.. it’s a great template and I’m able to do my own fixes but it would have been nice to have updates on this.

Seems like they’ve abandoned this product. It doesn’t work right on Chrome on Mac OSX. Menus fail if you have pages in a subfolder. Would be great if it were supported and updated…

Now I have to move to another them that is supported…

And under the support tab it says that Fametaxi does not provide support for this product… sheesh…

Am also having problems trying to get the Bootstrap modal dialog showing remote URL’s. Is this issue likely to be addressed anytime soon?

AS tadesky says:

Why this admin template not supported :(



KPR Purchased

Shame we can’t get our money back to purchase a supported product!!

Service is dead. Should be removed from this website… Issuing refund through Paypal. BE WARNED THIS IS NOT A WORDPRESS THEME! This is for you to update yourself

necesito alguien me ayude en español

mi problema es que no se ve el sitio en un celular de forma para smartphone

Hi Fametaxi, Its really a great template with lots of features.

there is small problem i’m facing when i click MAPS/Google Maps page, It says Geolocation Failed. Please check in the below link to find the error screenshot. http://goo.gl/pN2x95

And i wanted to know, Can i get basic Dashboard(home page) Design PSD file. To change color, font & Icons as per requirements.

Thank You

template/lessver/bootstrap/js/typeahead.js template/lessver/js/bootstrap-daterangepicker/date.js template/lessver/js/jquery/jquery-2.0.3.min.map

no files in less folder

I’d like to add my comments…. Support is NOT available got this product. I have written the author (FameTaxi) 3 times with technical questions. He has failed to respond. The last response on this forum by him WAS 4 months ago! I do not care about the $20, but I have invested hours into development so far and cannot get any answers. It’s a shame because this is a beautiful template with loads of nice features. I am going to contact Envato directly.

I’m using the mini-menu/mini-sidebar, but when I resize to the mobile version, the menu does not appear. Any solution?

i made a great RTL version of it, if anyone wants to get it please contact me

Hey guys, i Cant login or Register, Or login with facebook or nothing. nothing happens, what may be the problem

hi there,

the staff is great, beautiful, but I have a problem, when the page is accessed by Smartphone or tablets looks like this: How I can fix this?

Hi Fametaxi,

Really good theme Thanks for Cloud Admin. I like all the features which you given in this.

I have some bugs and requirement on this.

Dynamic Tables some times the pagination not working properly on IE9 and IE10. and CSV, Excel, PDF doesn't work on IE9.
Date & Time Picker widget have only few options. Could you please give me some more options like datetime picker and date range selector.

Thanks and Regards: Sundar Raj


I need js file, *.js not *.min.js. Because my app is ASP.NET MVC, we use a bunder, it can use file *.js. we can file .js to convert *.map

What is the logo font?