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Bravo, your template is beautiful.

I will use your model to set up a model of my future application (which will not be an admin console but applying business intelligence)

I have a problem when I want to remove it:

The other functions fails (eg drop-down menu, statistics)


Sorry for my language, I speak and write English like a Spanish cow

Hi, Thank you for the purchase.

When you remove any element from the demo, the corresponding javascript related to that element must also be removed. Otherwise, the javascript fails & hence the other failures.

In your case, you’ll have to go to script.js and remove the function chart_revenue() under handleDashFlotCharts.

If you require further assistance, kindly drop us an email at fametaxi@gmail.com

And your English is pretty awesome! :)

Thank you for reactivity. It’s ok.

Merci beaucoup et bonne journée.

Hello, and congratulations for this theme! One question. When the sidebar is collapsed, if I change to a new menu, the sidebar doesn’t remain collapsed, but it defaults to expanded. Is there a way to fix this?

Thank you.

Hi, thanks for the wishes. You can fix the problem by setting the sidebar explicitly in javascript everytime the new page loads. But it should actually be set in a cookie so that it’s checked everytime on pageload.

We’ll add the fix in the next release. Thank you.

When will you be expecting to release “eCommorce UI for Admin and Frontend” ?


We’re planning things out. The eCommerce UI is a bit low on priority as of now, it’s still in our future roadmap.

Hi, I like this, and will consider purchase, i love your drag and drop, this is my primary reason. I want to integrate gridster also

1) can you provide sample on drag and drop widgets, with post back to asp MVC with Ajax call help, this is needed for me to capture the layout after user changes layout

2) can you provide a sidebar with little menu items and sparklines to do drag/drop rearrange items in a right sidebar

3) its missing geoview /gis map view (Jquery)

4) interactive icons

5) http://aqvatarius.com/themes/virgo_v16/ I have made this purchase already, can you help me integrate the quick navigation on the right

6) how can I change edit theme colors 4) for e.g. see features on metro nic theme


Thank you for considering “Cloud Admin”.

1) Sorry but we won’t be able to provide backend functionality.

2) Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll discus within our team.

3) Geoview/GIS is a niche requirement, hence we haven’t included it. We’ll discuss the feasibility.

4) Thank you for the suggestion. We’ll discus within our team.

5) Sorry, but we won’t be able to provide support for another theme.

6) There are 6 skins included with the template. You can easily switch between them by including/not-including the respective CSS file. To create a custom one yourself, you’ll have to tweak some simple CSS rules.

Hope that helps. :)

Excellent Theme for my future project, I am happy that I found your theme. Keep up the good work !!! Nazeer :)

Hi Nazeer,

Thanks a lot for being our client. We’re so glad you liked the theme. And all the best for your future endeavor. Have a nice day ahead!


Congrats, great layout. Just one doubt: I’ve read this layout has support for LESS. Does it support SASS too?

Regards, Bernardo

Hi, Thank you for the wishes. It does come with LESS files, but not SASS. It’s on the future roadmap.


I see that the script.js in the Demo are scrambled..

But when i buy this is there an non compressed and documented version?


Thanks for your interest in this theme. Yes the files you will download after purchasing are non compressed and well documented.

great work, thanks

I have been playing with cloud Admin all week, I have one question, which approach would be best to make the nav and side bars static (load once) and only update the main-content area – DIVs or Frames? I like the idea of frames for the separation of code and loading, but it seems ‘old fashioned’ somehow

Can’t wait to see what you do next…

Thank you for being our client. I think you can use a framework like Apache Tiles or similar tiling framework to separate the sidebar, header and content area. Then you may use Ajax to load your main content area. You may ask your concern at stack overflow.com of a better answer. :-)

We’re planning a lot of things for future updates. Stay tuned.

Hi. I am not sure if I missed anything, but I do not see the VERTICAL TIMELINE on the example pages? I do see the Horizontal Timeline, but underneath that section where it says Vertical Timeline, there is only an Expand/Colaps buttons?? Is this correct or is the Vertical Time line missing?


Hi, Thank you for being our client. The vertical timeline exists in the example page. It does takes little bit of time to pull contents from s Google spreadsheet. So maybe it’s still loading the contents of there’s a bit of latency from Google server side. Would you kindly stay on the page s little bit longer and check if the timeline shows up. Also, on slower connections, the timeline might take a tad bit longer to load than other contents.

Please check and let me know if you’ve any further queries.

Hi, Thank you for the response. I have left the page open for an hour with no time line. If you go to the forestheme “live demo” you will see it does not pull through either. I use Firefox, so is it browser issue? thanks

Hi, That’s strange. Can you send me an email at fametaxi@gmail.com with the exact steps to recreate the issue with a screenshot? I’ve checked it on IE9, Firefox, Chrome etc. Also, can you try to run Firefox in safe mode (maybe some add-on/plugin is causing the issue) & let me know if the issue still persists. Thank you.

I wish I had seen your admin before my last purchase.. Figures I only have $19 bucks in my account :(

Any plans to update to the newly released BootStrap 3.0.3??

And What about a footer and making the left menu bar collapse slowly??

Cloud Admin v1.1.3 is now powered by Bootstrap 3.0.3. :)


This looks amazing. As owner of a web & print media bus, I have emailed you some questions. Please get back to me asap. Best regards. :)

Hi, I’ve replied to your email.

Hi :) When using chome style tabs, there is a big gap between the title bar and the position where text or the next element in the box starts… is this by design? Is there a way to reduce that gap?

Thank you!

Hi, we’ve fixed that in our latest update v1.1.3, which is currently in the review process on ThemeForest. You can check out fix the live preview now though. :)

And thank you for being our client.

Great work, great timing. Keep up the good work :)


KPR Purchased

You’ve got me sold.. Thanks for such a great product, and I am excited to start playing with this..

Wow, comments and kind words like these keep us moving. Thank you so much for the appreciation. Rest assured, we’ll keep pouring out features if this is the kind of hi5 we get in return. :) We’re obliged.


KPR Purchased

It is just really nice to see pride in workmanship.. and a simple thank-you never hurts!

re: v1.1.3, which is currently in the review process on ThemeForest

How long does this review process typically take?

Any chance to get an early look at the release notes? I’m eager to see what you decided to do with the markdown editor feature.


The good news is that the great folks at Themeforest have already approved the item. It’s live now and you can download the latest update too.

Let’s talk about your advanced usage of the Markdown Editor. I remember your use case with Math function etc. :)Drop me a line at fametaxi@gmail.com with your comments.

Cloud Admin v1.1.3 Released

Cloud Admin has been upgraded to the latest & best Bootstrap 3.0.3. Bug fixes and features added.

Have a look at the complete changelog here


Hey Fametaxi,

I love design and simplicity of the template. I’ve been reviewing several admin skins over the past several weeks but none hit home with my team like yours. Pulled the trigger and made the purchase today. We’re going to start playing with it over the weekend. Great work, can’t wait to see future updates and new projects!

Hi, Thank you for putting your faith on Cloud Admin. I’m sure you guys will hack your way through the template code and make it more awesome. Do share your final product, if you want. We would love to have a look. :-)


KPR Purchased

Viewing the code with IE causes issues if the browser is in compatibility mode which is default if I am not mistaken.. Have you ever considered forcing non compatibility mode to deal with Ie and it’s issues?

Can you kindly email us at fametaxi @gmail.com with more details like IE version and steps to recreate the issue. We’ll look into it.


KPR Purchased

email sent!

Me (again) :) Changelog on theme forest is a nice touch, but do you use any VCS like SVN/GIT and could provide a list of changed files with a new release?

People like me implement your design and keep it in a separate project. When a new version is published I need to know which files to update in my project (since I am not using all of them).

Again – great work!

Hi, Being a developer myself, I can empathize with your problem. Let us discuss internally within our team and come up with a solution. Thank you for the suggestion. We really appreciate and want more of such constructive advice.

First off, brilliant admin theme!

Only problem I have just noticed is when using firefox the chrome tabs don’t appear to display correctly. Is there a fix in the works for this?

Hi, Thank you for being our client. We’ve developed the theme on Firefox, so this is strange. Can you send us the following details via email to fametaxi@gmail.com

1. Which version of Firefox are you using? 2. Can you try running Firefox in safemode and report if the issue persists? Can you kindly attach a screenshot of the issue. Thank you!

Your theme is very nice and I’m thinking of buying. But on the iPhone (Safari) does not open the menu above. Why?


Can you kindly share the following details on fametaxi@gmail.com

1. Your iPhone and iOS version

2. A screenshot, if possible

3. Steps to recreate the issue