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Just confirming I have the same issue as beyhan80 (I think).

iPhone 5 with ios 6

To reproduce.

1) Browse the live demo page, with the themeforest frame etc removed. So just cloudadmin-theme.elasticbeanstalk.com/index.html

2) Click on the Menu (fa-bars) icon.


Thank you for reporting the problem. We shall look into it and fix it asap.

Bought it and am using it on a big rails project. Awesome so far, but the non-sticky sidebar eventually drives me bonkers. Any progress with this…

You can fix the problem by setting the sidebar explicitly in javascript everytime the new page loads. But it should actually be set in a cookie so that it’s checked everytime on pageload.

We’ll add the fix in the next release. Thank you.


Sorry to hear that. The good news is that we’ve already fixed the sidebar cookie issue in v1.1.3 (released on 7th Dec 2013). Kindly download the new bundle from themeforest and you’re good to go. :) Happy New Year!

Thanks. One another note it looks like the fixed sidebar (class=sidebar-fixed) with corresponding css (position=fixed) eliminates the min-sidebar hover menu. Thoughts?


Great find. That totally went overlooked. It’s a bug. Let us fix that in the next update. Thank you so much for finding this issue. :)

Nice theme! Pre-purchase question: how difficult to configure the menu toggle to switch between No sidebar and the full (fixed) sidebar menu (avoiding the min-sidebar)? Current behavior seems to toggle between full sidebar and min-sidebar. Want to rely mostly on a top menu with the full sidebar menu for extended operations.

One feature suggestion: implement a sticky header that stays in place when scrolling down the page. This is particularly useful for mobile browsers.


One of our client has effortlessly implemented the no sidebar to full sidebar effect without any involvement from our side. They got stuck on only one point, and we mailed them the fix. So it’s fairly easy. Some minor CSS & HTML changes & you’re good to go.

Thanks for the feature suggestion. We do have the fixed header option. Kindly check the demo. Are you talking of something else? Kindly let us know.

Found the fixed header option now – thanks!


V1.1.3 bug

1.modal unable to invoke any URL address 2.script.js blank_page.html page’s too much content, it makes me very difficult to streamline. 3.”Help” tab content misplaced user_profile.html page. 4.”Form element” style modal content can not be used, they are difficult to see the display.

Users of non-English speaking countries, using Google Translate, sorry! ~


Thank you so much for reporting the bugs/glitches. We need more people reporting bugs so that we can up our game. We’ll make sure these are fixed in the next update. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year~~

Quick question for you. Are all possible javascripts used throughout the sites pages listed in index.html?

Thanks… great theme b.t.w. :)

Hi, No, each page has it’s own share of javascript files. That is done to load pages faster. The javascript files can be found under the folder named “js”. It also contains all the plugins. Please refer to the documentation. Kindly send a mail to fametaxi@gmail.com if you need further assistance.

well… I asked because I am looking to make it faster via concatenating and minifying…

That’s true. You may merge them together and minify it for production environment.

Recently I have purchased the Admin Template. It is great to have all features in one admin template. I have question I am implementing this using PHP. usually we give form action for URL path in form action tag and based on submit click check validation or direct to new page.. <form role=”form” action=”brule/userDologin.php”> gave like this. how i get ajax response show the result …

Is there any step missing here… I didnt find anything related in Documentation.


Can you kindly elaborate on your problem and send the steps to recreate the situation you’re in. And send a mail to fametaxi@gmail.com with the details. We’ll take it from there.


KPR Purchased

I have a simple question.. I started using the blank_page.html and removed some of the sidebar items, and now the line that divides the sidebar from the body no longer goes to the bottom of the page.. How can I make it so the sidebar is always 100% of the window??



Can you kindly share your dev url/IP with us by mailing at fametaxi@gmail.com so that we can check. Else, can you email us the steps and maybe a screenshot to recreate the problem. That will help us diagnose the problem.

Ideally, we’ve a javascript function that takes care of this exact situation, so we’re curious in which scenario it breaks. Will wait for your email. Thank you.


KPR Purchased

I will send code since it’s running locally in dev at the moment… Thanks..

overall i really like it. great job!

One pre-sale question: is there simple way to apply the ‘skin’ colors from the admin ui to the frontend one? (i’d like them to match) or is it manually matching the colors between both?

There’s a footer section, but currently it’s in white so it merges with the page content section. You can easily add footer links there.

I bought the template and i’m looking index.html. Do you mean the section

<div class="footer-tools">? or is there another page i should check out?</div>

Sorry for the confusion. You’re correct, that’s the footer area which now contain only the “goto top” button. You may change it to any footer you like. We’ll include a proper easily editable footer in the next update.

This is a question to the rest of the board who has already purchased the theme.

Do you all have anybody who you would or could recommend for developing the server side logic/ functionality? I’m even able and willing to take a shot at it myself but I’m thinking my time would be far better served by sticking to what I know best and hiring someone who knows backend programing to complete this project.

I appreciate any advice.

IE8 Fix

One of our client did a fix for IE8. Quoting him directly:
If you want share with your users how we did it, we just put the jQuery 1.9.1 and use the Modernizr and Respond.js.

Thank you.

IOS 7 the mobile Navigation bar isn’t working correctly. Can u fix this?

Sent, hoping to here from you soon.

Seems the sidebar html on some pages is different. Sometimes sidebar works on mobile, sometimes it won’t. Copying html from other pages seems to solve this problem.

Can you let us know on which page you faced the problem? Thank you so much.

Hi, I have purchased the theme, its look great but when i want to create login page in asp.net the design is getting messed up. I think this is because of <Form> tag using in web form.

I have copied all js and css on right place. When I am running aspx page without form tag its working fine. But to use asp.net controls i have to use form tag too.

I appreciate any advice.


Can you kindly send us a screenshot of the messed up login page with the code to our email fametaxi@gmail.com. We’ll surely guide you.

Hi Fametaxi, We are facing with few bugs in current version of this theme. Please guide me how to handle it.

1. There is bug Inbox > Compose > TO , BB, and CC field are merged with each other pl have a look. 2. ALL the js files are not flexible. For example on chart i want to use the interactive chart for multiple time at same page but i can not use it if i don’t use the first chart. This is not working if i don’t use

Please guide me in this regard



Can you kindly drop an email to fametaxi@gmail.com with your purchase code/license code. Please don’t mind, but Envato tells me that you’ve not purchased the item. We’ll surely guide our clients.

I just purchased the theme and got busy digging into it. I have a question about the CSS. You say ‘built on the top of latest Bootstrap 3’ but when looking through the pages, I hadn’t seen a single page that actually uses the bootstrap CSS. All the main CSS is coming from cloud-admin.css.


It looks like you’ve copied the bootstrap CSS into the cloud-admin.css and then chopped it up and added your own custom CSS. Why not leave the bootstrap files intact and add your custom CSS in a separate file? This will make upgrading to future bootstrap releases so much easier and cleaner.

On top of that there’s parts of the bootstrap files I don’t need or want to use. If the files were used separately, I would customize bootstrap and optimize my file sizes. With your setup I cannot do that. I’m stuck using your cloud-admin.css that’s 9000 lines of code.

Is there anyway to get these files separated out?

when you lay it out like that it makes more sense. I hadn’t jumped on the LESS bandwagon yet so I really didn’t consider that side of building the files. Thanks for the reply

I have another question. I see you’re using jquery.cookie. I checked the documentation but I do not see anything about how you used the plugin. What elements/features are using the cookies? Will every page need that plugin?


Cookies are used to store intermittent data about the user currently viewing the page. E.g. if the user has chosen to keep the sidebar as mini, then this preference is store in a cookie in the browser for that user only. So that when the user opens another page, the mini sidebar preference is preserved. Same with the theme color preference.

You can remove the skin preference cookie, if you intend to keep a single skin. The sidebar pref. cookie should be kept as it as or enhanced accordingly.

HI, about when to have the new version? I have some BUG currently experiencing an urgent problem. Please tell me about the time, thank you!

Hi sorry to hear that. I was on vacation, so couldn’t work. We’ve started work on the next release now. You can expect the new release in Feb.

I really like this theme, the only thing that’s keeping me from purchasing it is the calendar; it’s too difficult to use. It would be nice if I could get a Bootstrap modal (instead of an alert window) when clicking on a date, and it would be really nice if I could change the name of an event (or delete it!) once it’s been placed. As it is now, I’m sorry to say, it’s pretty much unusable.

Hi, I’m glad you liked the theme. The calendar plugin is very flexible. You can check its documentation and tweak the plugin to your needs. There are other plugins too available.

I have a problem with the DataTables pagination at the dynamic tables page. There seems to be a bug. When you click on the Page numbers from the first table (Dynamic Data Tables), the Page numbers will disappear and then appear next to the page numbers at the second table (Copy, Print, CSV, Excel, PDF).

Is there anyway to resolve it?

We’ll test it and get back to you. Can you kindly drop an email at fametaxi@gmail.com, so that we can respond personally. Thank you.

Hi there, I’ve dropped you an email! Hope you have received it ~

Hi,when i clear (revenue chart) and (hero Graph) ,teamstatus and sidebar’s dropdown doesnt working how can i fix that,Second question , how can i acces to pop ups when browser compile theme eg. “6 notifications you have”


1. Please make sure to remove respective javascript sections from script.js while removing HTML contents.

2. Those are Growl notifications. Can you kindly drop an email to fametaxi@gmail.com so that I can guide you better.

Hi, Any chance I can see the documentation first? I bought another admin theme in the other day and the docs were horrible, had to figured out how to use the elements myself and it really takes a lot of time.

Thank you

Thank you for your interest in Cloud Admin. I’m sorry to say that the only way to access the documentation is by buying a license. I can assure you that you won’t be disappointed. I’ve testimonies of clients who have sent me emails praising the documentation. :)

I would just like to point out that there appears to be a bug if you try to load both the inbox and and the function for flotcharts. If you do both on a given page, the inbox fails to load…took me awhile to realize why the inbox wouldn’t load, but when I removed handleDashFlotCharts(); from the given page….worked just fine.