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I really love your theme, but it needs a little more css tweaks and java debugging. Please do look closer at all the functions and how that effects other elements.

Its very nice otherwise, but not complete yet, needs some more QA testing, which; I do not want to spend that time to do so. Sorry otherwise it’s one of the better ones I have seen here.


Thank you for your suggestion. We’re constantly working on the theme to make it better. We’re great believers in the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) theory and hence we do incremental updates. Each update (which is free for everyone who has bought the theme) gets bug fixes, new features and the theme gets better.

Thank you for your kind words.

Great theme. Just bought it. Its great. For a few of my pages I would like to remove the sidebar. What is the best way to accomplish this?

Can you kindly drop an email to fametaxi@gmail.com so that I can guide you better.

Hi. I am just wondering if this records its data to a database. If so, what webhost platform do i need ie php & mysql database?

I have number of ads that needs to be tracked, may i know if it can track specific ad id ie number of clicks, bounced, etc.

Can i customize the sidebar?


The theme is only the frontend. You can hook up any backend you like to it. Yes, you can customize the sidebar. Infact everything is customizable as long as you have a frontend developer working on it.

Hello – We have a requirement where in we have to include code from various pages of your template.

For eg: We have a page which has forms, charts, select menu’s etc.. We are facing issue when we tried to include the Javascript and CSS from corresponding pages of the default download. Check the below one for eg. And not all functionality is working fine when we have these multiple elements in the same page.

Question: What is the best way of including them in the same page?

        jQuery(document).ready(function() {        
            App.setPage("forms");  //Set current page
            App.init(); //Initialise plugins and elements
        jQuery(document).ready(function() {        
            App.setPage("flot_charts");  //Set current page
            App.init(); //Initialise plugins and elements

        jQuery(document).ready(function() {        
            App.setPage("index");  //Set current page
            App.init(); //Initialise plugins and elements


is used to give a name to the current page. So you don’t have to include it multiple times. You can simply call it once e.g.
Then in script.js, you can add corresponding functions under
if (App.isPage("anything-goes")) {

Kindly drop an email to fametaxi@gmail.com for further assistance.

Hello… the theme looks amazing.. may i ask if this is linked to the database? like the messaging.. talk management.. and also how do you track the analytics using your template? do you have third party ie google or you have your own?

The theme is only the frontend. You can hook up any backend you like to it.

Great theme!!

What are your next adventures to add to this theme?

We’re working on the update.

Great admin Theme

When using the Dynamic Data Tables is there a option for check boxes with select all button ?

You can do that. Kindly check the DataTables official documentation at http://datatables.net/forums/

Hi there,

Great app! Do you have a link or code snippet to help with saving table data (jqgridexport) to a local .json file? I’ve looked everywhere and cannot seem to get the function right.

(Also sent via email).


Thanks! I actually reviewed both of these links. No joy… Yet. If you have a working example, that would be great.

Love to see the bug fixes for this theme, then I will buy, it’s only $20 its the work to convert sites that I don’t want to change if the theme is buggy, which it is for now. I have been here before, so I hesitate to buy something until im 100% sure and its; 95% bug free. Thanks

Great Theme,

Any ETA on the updated release, been waiting to start this new project with this theme but want to start on the new version.


Sorry for the unavoidable delay.

Great looking admin theme. When you say it has LESS support – do you mean the source can be completed compiled from the LESS files? I only really want to buy themes that have this support from now on.

Yes, the CSS files (both custom and bootstrap) can be compiled from the LESS files. It’s included in the package.

@FameTaxi Any plan to upgrade Cloud Admin to Bootstrap 3.1?

We had plans to upgrade to 3.1, but due to unavoidable personal problem, it’s getting delayed.


can you give us a hint how to make a search for the addressbook?


Can you kindly ask on a forum like StackOverflow where you’ll find best suggestions.

okay.. any eta on the update?

Hey, I purchased the template, but I can’t seem to find the PSD in any of the files. I was hoping to be able to edit some of the images in photoshop, is this not possible, or am I not looking in the right place.

Hi, PSDs are not included in the theme. It’s not mentioned in the ThemeForest Included File list too.


We have a requirement to show our data in the timeline format which you have included (flikr timeline).

Is there a way to change the script so that the data comes from local file or XML or any other local data store rather than from flikr?

Appreciate your response.


Can you kindly refer to the documentation. It’s not a flickr timeline. It’s an open source timeline plugin that can be tweaked to fit your requirement. Thank you.

Hello, What Happened I am Waiting for your reply.

We have a requirement to show our data in the timeline format which you have included (Flickr timeline).

Is there a way to change the script so that the data comes from local file or XML or any other local data store rather than from Flickr?


Replied above. Sorry for the delay.


Great product!!

I have a suggestion though, you would nice to see you implement the gridster.js plugin for layout, resize, and widget/portlet management.

Check it out here: http://gridster.net/

Looking forward the next release!! Take care!


Which plugin connects the messenger feature?

In the demo it’s titled “Chat Window”.


Any update / releases coming in the near future???

Hello, Have little wrong working with iOS 7, I don’t try in andoid.

See the image: http://es.tinypic.com/r/2lwt947/8 This is tables, the problem is have white space left. If test with computer browser and resize the windows, this white space left don’t exist, only see in the device.

Other problem is whit calendar, I don’t if this problem have new version full calendar, I have webapp, with old version fullcalendar, can see calendar in week format. Attach the image too.




This issues will be fixed in the next update. Thank you.