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Are people allowed to ask questions for this knowledge-base or is this supposed to be populated with just answers to the questions I have to find?

I am a little lost here…I know with WP you can pretty much figure it out given enough time but I have zero patience and I am at the point where I can’t figure out how to go further.

Are you able to help me finish setting up my site? I don’t think there is much left to do, but I just don’t know where certain things should go. for example…you have this big blue part with a search thing and I can’t figure out where to edit the size of that or why the icons on the homepage are not showing up. I’ve done a few hrs of trial and error and really I need to work on other things.

Thanks, Steve

Hi, you will need to modify the theme to change the big blue part. Email me at your site login details and i will have a look at the icon issue. Regards, Ivan

Hello, I would like to exclude some categories on the knowledge base page and put them into the article page. How can I do that ?

Hi, if you have some coding skills you can modify the WP_Query in page-articles.php and get_categories() in page-knowledge-base.php Regards, Ivan

Thanks for your quick answer ;-)


I’m thinking about purchasing this theme, I just wanted to ask are there built-in forums, and if not, is this theme compatible with bbpress?

Thanks, Dehed.

Hi, there isn’t a built in forum but the theme supports bbpress.

Hi there, Sub-menu’s don’t seem to be working any more on my site. Not sure if it’s related to wordpress being upgraded or the theme or perhaps even a plugin. Is it a known issue with the theme + latest WP upgrade? If so, how do I upgrade it to the latest version? I notice your sub-menus work fine on the demo site, so I’m starting to think it’s something else that is causing the issue, but thought I’d try here first and see if it’s a known issue that is easily fixed :) Kind Regards, Penny

Hi, I dont have this issue on my end, please email me your site url and theme version you are using to

Just installed on fresh wordpress 3.6 installation. Getting javascript errors in the console along with a front page that doesn’t look right. Can you help please? Have also emailed you.

Already replied to your email. This is a WP 3.6 issue some users face see the WP bug ticket and solution:

Please email me at if you already haven’t done so, i will send you an updated theme.

For some reason shortcodes are not working. Also the responsive video is not working. I think it is something with my site. Could you check it out for me?

This is a WP 3.6 issue some users face see the WP bug ticket and solution:

Please email me at if you already haven’t done so, i will send you an updated theme.

Hi ! I need to create a page template for specific taxonomies. So I created a page called “single-mytaxonomyname” and wordpress call that page template when I display such an entry.

However, I don’t want the “base.php” to be called, because it displays the standard sidebar and I want to display a specific one.

How can I prevent the default “base.php” template to be called ?

Thank you for your help, Ken

Hi, you can find more info on the wrapper here Alternatively just add if condition using is_page_template function to base.php

Hi, is there a tutorial/documentation on how to update the theme? Thanks!

Theme update is essentially a new install. Activate some other theme, delete the old KnowledgePress theme and install and activate the new version.

Hi Ivan,
Do you have a solution for how to add html within the shortcodes in a way that preserves double and single quotes when switching from VISUAL to TEXT tabs in the editor?
I am now on 2.0.1 – but this was also problem in earlier versions. However, now the visual editor has the shortcode function this is now more of an issue as I am in Visual mode more often- but do need to switch back to TEXT mode regularly

E.g. – I use double and single quotes when I want to embed HTML (typically anchor tags). See this screenshot

And if I now switch to the VISUAL tab, the single quotes are immediately changed to double quotes thus breaking the shortcode.
I hope this makes sense

Hi, this is how wordpress behaves by default regardless of theme of shortcode plugin. I believe there is a way to hack workpress to stop the single to double quotes conversion but i wouldnt recommend that. I might be easier just forget the shortcode and just add alert HTML to text editor, you can find the component’s html code on bbotstrap site

Shortcodes are not working at all on the new update.. Any help with that?

Never mind, I just figured out they are in a separate plug in.. Thanks

Hi! Very good theme! This theme supports the child theme? Thanks!

Child theme support will be added in the next update, in the meantime i can provide instructions on how add it, it is only 3 lines of code. Regards, ivan

How do you disable comments?

Go to Settings>>Discussion>>Allow people to post comments on new articles.

Hello i am going to purchase this really beautful but my question is can i make the knowledge base only to the members of the site not as public can you explain about that ??

and some thing public and some as private is that also possible explain i could buy immediately

Hi, thank you for your interest, the member only feature is not part of the themes as there are number of premium and free plugin that will achieve what you need. Have a look in plugins section, install and test them with your default theme. This gives you also more choice over the features you need. Regards, Ivan

can i get your skype or somehting i want to speak some business to you really can you get me private chat,

You can email me at, thank you.


I purchased the theme but the live search doesn’t seem to work. Any special thing I need to do beside activate it in theme options?

Thanks, Dehed.

Thank you for your purchase, no there is no other requirements for the live search, please email me your site url and theme version at

Sent, thanks

Getting errors trying to install the pressapps-faq:

Unpacking the package…

Could not copy file. D:/websites/

And pressapps-shortcodes:

Unpacking the package…

Could not copy file. D:/websites/


It is probably file size issue please email me at and i will send you an updated plugins. Ivan

i have purchased your theme, see i need the view like this ( but i have tried but not working what i need to do for getting this view a category and below post, i am getting like latest post

Hi, create a page, set page template to “Home” and save the page. After saving the page additional metaboxes are revealed where you can select the featured posts. Ivan

can i return it coz i cannot work with this it would be highly useful is anything like that

I not sure what are you trying to say but for refund contact theme forest as they handing payments.

I wanted to change the dimensions of one of the divs in your theme, but the style.css file seems to be empty??! Where can I edit the stylesheet itself? Am I totally missing it?

Hi, you will find it in assets/css/app.css

Hi, how are you?

I couldnt fine the following translations in .po file.

- View all (articles) - mins (last update) - 2 Responses (the word)

Could you include an option in the admin panel to disable all comments? It would be nice so I dont need to remove it from theme.


Hi, yes these were left out I will have them added, thank you. You can disable comments in Settings>Discussion>Allow people to post comments on new articles . Regards, Ivan

Hello Ivan.

This theme looks great. I’m in search of a wiki theme that looks good and so far yours is at the top of my list.

Three Questions: Is there an option to enable “jump to top” links? Can articles be tagged or placed in multiple categories?


Have you considered or are you planning to add a page jumper to the left side navigation and article page? By that I mean the links that help you navigate to specific parts of a document by “jumping” (I think jump links or anchors). I don’t know the official name so it’s “jumper” for now. A few examples from around the web are:

Wikipedia: Content jumper at the beginning of every article. WooCommerce docs section. Docstheme also has a left side jumper. I like this one because the jumper stays in view and the articles scroll into view.

Here are the links to my examples. Wikipedia: WooDocs: Docstheme:

IF the answer is no, you are not planning it… Can this be done as a custom feature? If the category, say, “Getting Started” is selected, the other categories names would push down and show the article names (similar to Docstheme). Then when an article is clicked on, a new “jumper” (specific to the article) would display the article headings so they could be “jumped” to? (similar to Woo Docs).

Sorry for the lengthily explanation. I just want to be clear and would love these features in your theme. Thank you sir!

Hi, thank you. the tags are enabled but the live search currently doesn’t search the tags (this will be added in future). Yes the article can be in multiple categories. There is no jump to top and i am not planing on adding it as believe it is more suited for documentation style theme (long list of full length articles and no single page) knowledge base theme displays single article. The customisation can be done but I don’t do customisations. Have a look at my documentation plugin:

Regards, Ivan

Thanks Ivan! The plugin looks like it will be exactly what I’ll need. I’m showing theme to the client.


When trying to upload a new logo, the logo doesn’t show. It uploads, however there is no preview image available in the uploader, nor when it uploads to your framework. I do see it visible in the media library, but not in the front-end.

Hi, can you check if there are any notices/errors in the browser console (back end). Please email me the site details and theme version at Ivan

Actually, I think this has to due with permissions errors from Windows IIS (since my company is making me do a virtual install of WP on Windows) Thanks!

Thank you for letting me know, hope you sort it out. Ivan