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Hey there,

Would it be simple to change the header/footer to look like a previous html template?


It wouldn’t be a quick job it is bit more involved. Ivan

Hi there, I’m decent with html and css. If I have troubles is there support w/ this theme?


Hi, I support the theme and it’s unique functionalities, but I don’t provide modification support, it is just not feasible, thank you. Ivan

This is more of a CSS question, and I was wondering if you could help. I am trying to replicate this photoshop mockup:

I want to center an icon between the header and container. And then add a white line below the nav.

I have gone into the header.php file and created a div that looks like this:

(editor won’t let me use real greater/less signs):

(<)div class=”topicon”(/ >) (<)/div(/ >)

However, I don’t know where to place this in the header, nor do I know which CSS file to input my CSS:

.topicon { content:url(path/image.jpg); }

Once I’m able to input the HTML and the CSS, I should be able to position it properly with CSS (position: absolute)

Is this even the proper CSS to use to center the incon there? If you were going to center an icon right in the middle (and make it responsive and static), how would you do it?

Also – how can I add that white line of CSS under the NAV? I know some CSS, but it’s difficult modifying templates sometimes.


Hi, I understand you need help to solve this but I cant provide modification especially to this extent. You can add the icon to the top of hero div in template-home.php (if you want display it only on home page, if you want it on every page add it to header) the icon relative position with lets say top position -50px, and left 50% and left margin of minus half the icon width. Css file is located in assets/css/app.css. For your header line add “border-bottom” to the header container and specify thickness. i would suggest you learn to use Chrome or Firefox inspector window, this help you to find css classes and files and text in browser. Regards, Ivan

Nvm, figured it out.

Can you email me the site link and i will have a look

In the font options, there is only a choice between 9 google fonts. Is it not possible to have the classic web fonts like Georgia, Verdana, etc? What would also be the best practice to change the line-height of the content? I am a bit reluctant to buy your Plugin KnowledgeBase / WikiWordPress for this reason

The best practice would be to create a child theme where you could change the line height as well as the fonts. I am not planing to add system fonts as it can be easily modified in assets/css/app.css or in child theme. Can I ask why are you thinking about buying the plugin if you already have the theme?

I just tried to upgrade from 1.3 to 2.1 and it totally broke the site. Can anyone help with this process?

Hi, the 2.0 was a major update, I would suggest checking the changelog on the product page before making updates so you know what to expect. Please use the bundled documentation to familiarise yourself with the new setup and features. Regards, Ivan

Hi Ivan,

I would like to change the color and appearance of the icons on the front page. They are white now, but since my background will be white as well, I need to make some modifications.

Problem is that I cannot find the location of these icons anywhere. It seems they are implemented in the font somehow.

So my question is: what’s going on with these icons and how can I redesign them / change color, give shadow etc?

Thanks for your answer in advance!

Underneath the CSS-part:

.box i { font-size:86px; } app.css [class*=” icon-”] { background-image:none; background-position:0 0; background-repeat:repeat repeat; display:inline; height:auto; line-height:normal; margin-top:0; vertical-align:baseline; width:auto; }

For this you will have to edit template-home.php file, boxes section starts on line 75.

Thanks again. Is there any easier way to do this, with html by example instead of via .php? I don’t like screwing up the php… ;)

The other way would be to modify the metabox textfield to accept html…but that is pho modification as well. You can certainly add background image to the element using just css but not a link.

cam the forum part be switched off?

The forum is not part of the theme, it is bbPress plugin, the theme only adds custom formatting for the bbPress plugin.

Hey, you should badly rework your shortcode stuff. It ain’t working throwing a 500 error on both dialog.php and dialog-js.php.

I do have a standard open_basedir restriction, but this doesn’t affect it anyways.

Please have a reading and understanding on this post:

I’m looking forward to get a working copy of the shortcodes plugin.


PS: I was able to get it working by defining constants for PATH and URL in functions.php ripping the rookie stuff out of both php files. Also fixed several mistakes… :notfunny:

Hi Ivan, Is there a method you suggest so I can create a link that shows a page with a tabset – and makes tab #4 the initial view?

Hi, you can’t do this using a link but if you have some jQuery skills you could activate the tab on page load, see the bootstrap

Hey! Great theme. Just wondering if it is possible to change the number of columns from three to two, on the KB page?

I changed the column width from 4 to 6, which changed the width of the columns, but the number of columns in each row i still three – resulting in an odd looking layout ;)

Hope you can help. Thanks.

Thank you, appreciated. Open template-knowledgebase.php file and find 3 instances of “%3” and replace them by “%2”. Regards, Ivan

have a WP Multisite… want to replace my existing help support site which is on a subdomain, e.g. with this theme… question is, will i be able to sow a widget with the latest articles on my MAIN site sidebar.

If that widget is built into a theme then no, if that widgets is a plugin and is network enabled the yes. Ivan

Hello PressApps,

Great job! I wonder if there is any login configuration for users or any way to authentication for members or subscribers? Any way to split the content into two levels, one open to all users and other exclusive material upon login. Thank you.

Hi thank you. Login or member only features are not part of the theme but you should be able to find a plugin for that. Regards, Ivan


Already tested some of this plugin? Recommend any in particular? Thanks.

No I have’t used them much.

Hello PressApps,

Is it possible to insert some rating plugin for users evaluating the content?

Thanks again.

Hi, do you mean a widget listing top rated articles, yes it is already on the list for future updates. Thank you, Ivan

Hello Ivan,

It is possible to upload my own videos? Or only through youtube, vimeo … When search result returns an image with content, you can insert multiple images one below the other? Or some slider gallery? Thanks.

Hi, you add your own videos to the post content but they will not be responsive. Only one image image can be set as featured and there is no gallery post type. Thank you Ivan

Hello Ivan.

Does Knowledge Base have a blog and blog roll?

Asking because I didn’t see it in the demo site.

Thank you.

Hi, no the posts are used for KB articles. Regards, Ivan

Hello PressApps,

Great work, I am suggesting this theme for a project for a client. Fantastic live search, a suggestion: it would be possible to remove the search button next to the search field on the homepage, making it equal to the page field knowledge base? Live search is so fast that it makes no sense that big button on the side, especially when the display is on the phone. Good sales!

Thank you for your purchase and comments. I believe there are customers who would want to keep the submit button including me and it is easier to delete 3 lines of code to remove it then adding it in. Regards, Ivan

How can I set my home as like your demo at

I don’t see any template or import for this. Thanks in advance.

The page settings are not imported with the xml file. Create a page, set page template to “Home” and save then additional metaboxes will be revealed where you can set home page options. Please see the documentation. Regards, Ivan

Nope… my live search just shows ajax spinner… never shows suggested list…. YES, NO other plugins active on site except for the FAQ and shortcode plugin, latest version of WP…..

Second issue, is when i add video post… and add ti the Featured Post section on frontpage… it uses the video which , no smaller vid or thumbnail shows

HI, can you please send me your site details at and clarify the second issue, Thank you.

This Theme is nice but I purchased it because it should be compatible with IE8 (according to the specifications) and it is definitely not… Just try to open the demo page in IE8 and you’ll see that the layout is completly broken. So could you please provide a CSS which is really compatible with IE8.

Thank you.

Hi, i apologise the EI8 support was in the them description by mistake, the theme doesn’t support IE8, please request a refund from Theme Forest, again I am sorry for the inconvenience. Regards, Ivan

Please provide IE8 compatibility – this takes 2-3 hours to do – but will be very useful for your clients, that still have windows xp visitors – will still be there until approx april next year (where windows xp support is shut down by microsoft).

Hi, I would like to edit the /category/ pages (clicking on category name in the knoledgebase page – where you see all the posts in the category selected)

and ad all posts name + link in the category (as a sub menu above all post titles).

How can i do that ? which page is the category page (could not find it)?


Hi, categories are displayed by index.php, this is more involved modification so if you don’t have the skills i would suggest you gat a developer to do this for you. Regards, Ivan