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Welcome to TF & Awesome theme!

Best of the best! I’m loving the user experience.

Very best of luck with sales :)

Very nice!

Is this buddy press or BBpress forum plugin compatible? Would be perfect for all around support.

Also, do you plan on offering a ticketing system for support?

You deserve many sales, can’t believe it’s taken this long for this style of WP theme to come out on TF…?

Welcome to the wonderful world of ThemeForest, and what an amazing theme. Nice work!

MY GOD THIS IS BEAUTIFULLY SIMPLE! SO PERFECT WOW! Where have you been all my life :-) I am so excited to see what else you come out with! I hope you come out with a learning management system (LMS) theme! You could almost do a slight variation of this theme to make it and if you do PLEASE CONTACT ME because I will be the 1st one in line to buy it from you! (by the way WooThemes is coming out with a LMS wordpress plugin very soon and if you can some how make your theme work with that then this is going to be a TOP SELLER! FYI if you have not heard about that plugin yet you can check it out here:

I am anxiously awaiting your next themes!

Thank you for you comments, much appreciated. The LMS theme is a great idea, to be honest I wasnt even aware of the possible demand for this type of theme. I had a quick look into it (and required features) and to do it well would be quite a project. What are the main features you need from LMS theme?

Here is the type of LMS website I want to make: (yes that is an affiliate link :-) You will have to sign up to see how it works….. but it is free. I can send you a video of me showing you my screen once I am signed in (I did buy one of the packages on it so it will let me do more things then just a free account) I think that MOST of the features that I will need will already be included with the LMS plugin that WooThemes is making but I think you will need to make your theme work with some of there features of the plugin (kinda like the their woocommerce plugin) I am sure if you contact them they would give you a beta version of the plugin to work with but if not they said it will be out by the end of this month too!

Hi GuerillaThemes, So WooThemes finally came out with there LMS plugin today and I would like to know if it would work with your theme? or if not then, if you could make it work with it? You can see that plugin here: and also if their WooCommerce plugin here: will work with this theme as well?

Wonderlicious ! :)

this is a nice work… good job!

Excellent theme, love it, congrats!


Does this have a custom registration for clients?

Defo purchase of 2013

Nice looking theme.

What would you recommend for integrating a support forum and/or support ticket system?

This is spectacular. I need this :) Now all it needs is bbpress integration.

Congratulations my fellow Brit!!

Thank you all the warm welcome and your comments, it is much appreciated! I am very excited to be here!

Hi – I just bought this theme via mojo themes.

Is this theme exactly the same?

Many thanks

I am the creator of both themes, they are both KB /wiki themes but there are both front end and back end differences between these themes.

We want as html template. Please.

I dont have plans to create a html template at the moment as I want to concentrate on developing the theme further, thank you.

looks the same as the one on mojo where it’s $8.00 cheaper

I found the documentation that comes with this theme to be pretty lacking I hope Ivan considers redoing it to help those that buy the theme use it as he has in the demo here…...

I will include an xlm file with the next update and also i am working on some video tutorials. Let me know if you need help with anything.

thanks its a great theme, I have it figured out and thank you for the fast reply to my e-mail. Can’t wait to see what you come up with next them wise. Have a great 2013

Thank you, same to you.

Hi, Any chance on an update to my original query please?

If this is an updated version to the one on mojo themes, then are you going to update the one on there to the same one on here?

Hi Jason, I have emailed you the xml file.

Maybe I understand something wrong. You bought this template form Mojo Themes and sell it here more expensive. Or you are the creator of the theme and Mojo Theme sell it for less. In my opinion both themes are the same,or ? Please help to clear my confusion because I’m interested in it.

I am the creator of both themes, they are both KB /wiki themes but there are both front end and back end differences between these themes.

Thanks for your quick answer. And congratulations for your good work !

Can you remove the admin thing from the bottom of posts it’s looks ugly there and very unprofessional?

Ca you be more specific what do you mean by admin “thing”? Do you mean post meta info? Send me a marked screenshot if you can at:

I mean the author !

I will review that, thank you.

I bought your theme on Mojo and completely hated your support – You have never replied to my request. Nice theme but HORRIBLE support!

I have sent my messages directly to the email you have provided and never got any reply back… I did this twice. I have figure it out myself but was really disappointed by the difference in the quality of your work compared to the after purchase support.

I found your query which you posted yesterday (sunday)! Because I didnt respond on the same day on Sunday you leave me a hate comment, are you for real.

Not at all…. I bought the day Mojo posted your theme on their site… I’m the first transaction ever made and you have never dare to reply to my XML request. It’s not a HATE comment… It’s just a fact… You have enormous talent… I was just extremely frustrated that it didn’t work out of the box as it is with hundreds of other themes I have bought (look at my awards… it’s not the first time I buy something). So don’t take this as a HATE comment…. look in your “email sent’ and recognize you didn’t do a good job there…