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Can you export the KB content to create a word / pdf documentation?

No, this is not a plugin feature.

Hi, I would like my site to be like the demo and only have the KP Live Search widget on the home page. I have enabled the widget in the header but that is a global setting.

How can I disable it on the KP Live Seach widget on other pages, or only enable it for my home page.

Hello! We purchase your theme year ago, suddenly loose account, but we really purchase – i have a question – how we can delete this section – https://prnt.sc/npi83j too much place …

Hi, contact Envato to recover your account, extend support and contact us through support tab contact form.

It is hard to find a man, who bought themes and plugins – he is freelancer and did not appear more. Please, answer on very simple question – we really need help with your advise

Does the live search only recognize page titles or will it recognize the items in the accordion based FAQ pages?

Hi, the live search can search in post titles and contents, but not in accordion faqs.

Hello, is integrated with other wp plugin to manage and open support ticket?

Hi, no this is knowledge base only.

thank you. My client buy this plugin but how install theme? Also is possible add a fix messagge under every article?

Can I export the Analytics from the Knowledgepress theme into a spreadsheet?

I would like to know if it can work as a Wikipedia, that is, users can upload articles and a moderator publishes them. In your demo I don’t see the option to register or log in for users. Thank you!

Hi, please, could you answer to me to know if i buy your theme or not?

When i click in login in your demo i have an error. How can i access to see private area?

Hello, I would like my site to look exactly like the demo. How should I set up? I submitted a request for support and got no response.

Hi, I am interested to purchase but may I know is it possible to have advanced search feature which can tick a few optins? Do I need to add on other plugin? Thanks

Hi, our plugin does’t provide this feature so you would need some third-party plugin that can do that for custom post types, I haven’t tested any so I can’t recommend or guarantee that it will work exactly as you want.

Hi – is it possible to allow users to add to articles to the KB? we want to use for the intranet where employees can add tutorials. is there some sort of user permissions option? (or thorough 3rd party plugin)

Hi, this is not part of the theme so you would need to look for a third-party plugin.

Any ideas on what to look for which will work with your theme?

Anything that will work with default WP posts, you can test it under default theme.


Do you have a site running this you can share so I can run pagespeed. Has it been optimized for speed?

I like this theme very much. If i brought this theme, how can I add adsense code to the top, bottom, sidebar and under the title? I want to buy this theme, but I must solve this problem. Help.

hello, several questions about this theme:

1. is it possible to create unlimited sub-categories, sub-forums, topics, etc?

2. can categories, forums, sub-categories (if they can be created) and sub-forums (if they can be created) be organized in alphabetical order?

3. is there a limit to the number of topics and questions from customers?

4. can the database created from this theme be migrated to another wordpress theme (a social network theme in my case) without much difficulty? Would I need a plugin to do that and if so, which plugin exactly so I can read up on it?


Hi, the theme uses free bbPress plugin for forums https://bbpress.org/ you can download it and test if it right for you.


The search box does not see the contents of the forum..

Could you help?

Hi, if you need customization you can contact us through the support tab.


margaes Purchased

Hi, I am interested to purchase but I would like to know if knowledge articles uses default Wordpress post or its a plugin

Hi it uses default WP post for knowledge base articles


margaes Purchased

Hi, two questions:

1. How can I remove the live search from the all post headers. I only want to display the tittle. 2. How can I reorder the categories? I don’t want to appear alphabetically. I would like to show my own order



margaes Purchased


I wrote you an email 3 days ago and I still haven’t received a reply, have you received it?


I have sent several emails for support and I have not received a answer. Through the comments either. I purchased the item and I still have three months of assistance. Is there a problem?

Hi, replied to you customization request.

I have sent a email for support and I have not received a answer. Through the comments either. I purchased the item and I still have three months of assistance.

Hi, replied to you customization request.

Hi, I am about to purchase but I have an important question:

-is it possible to create blocks of text that can be edited and then used inside multiple pages/posts?

So that if I have a piece of information that is used in various parts of the documentation I can update this piece of information in just 1 PLACE and then see the changes in all the pages in which the piece of information is used.

Thanks, Francesco

Hi, no there is no such feature.