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I´ts SEO Ready? Can I use SEO in this plugin? Yoast or other plugins will works with this plugin. Can I have SEO Advantage?


Hi, Bought this theme and took it for a drive. The issue that im facing is quite surprising actually.

1. The screen options and the help tab do not pull down in the edit screen of the page designated Home. 2. Problem persists after deactivating ALL plugins 3. Swapping themes to the WP 2010 makes the error disappear… pointing at something to do with this theme. 4. In the edit Home screen, only the three boxes section load. 5. Featured posts section loads to only show the title on one of the four featured posts.

Accordingly the most beautiful aspect of the theme the homepage is curtailed for me at this time.

I request urgent help from you.

Thanks graphite

None of the sections under the broken “featured posts” load … author etc :((

HI, please email with login details as we can’t replicate the issue on our end. Ivan

Hi again … I emailed the login details to you.

Demo broken ? I can test your template.

404 page

WP Engine – Finely Tuned WordPress

Sorry, we couldn’t find the domain you’re looking for.

Did you just signup? We’re still creating the account. Did you point DNS to the correct IP address? Please find the current IP address for your site, under the WP Engine plugin page in the /wp-admin/ for your site. Did you configure the domain under your account at WP Engine?

If you’ve completed the above, then please contact us through, so we can help get this fixed as soon as possible. 404.

Works fine now :) thanks !

Hi, I’m thinking about purshasing this theme, but first I need to know about something: Can I create pages (about, services etc)? Can I have a Blog page? Is the theme compatible with WPLM?

Waiting for an answer! Thanks, Fernanda

Hi, pages are default WP feature so yes.Theme uses default blog posts for knowledge base so you can’t have a separate blog. WPML is supported. The demo site offers ability to fully test drive the theme backend which will give you a better idea of its features. Regards, Ivan

When i use the main seach feature on the home page, it only seems to auto-suggest content from articles, but not from FAQ’s. When pressed to do a search on a FAQ-specific term, it will return a result for that FAQ as if it was an article.

Can the FAQ’s be included in what is auto-suggested in the main search box?

The theme has just been updated and the FAQs can be included in live search (currently not set on demo) but the faq page is styled as single post, you can test drive the theme


can you please explain which files should be replaced for the new update so that it doesn’t affect the previous custom code we did

thanks UOU

+ do you have a plugin to recommend for having a gallery with filterable categories ?

(we were thinking of having a simple homepage where we have a portfolio of our items that are filterable by category)

Hi, that is not HTML but rather seams like shortcodes generated/added by Visual Composer plugin within the FAQ post contents. I haven’t used any gallery plugins i can recommend. Ivan

Hi PressApp !

One question, can I filter articles by category or tag on the home page?


Hi, no this is not a plugin feature. You can test drive plugin front and back end on the demo site. Ivan


How I can remove, If I want to, few sections from homepage. For example if I don’t want “Staff” section and Video on homepage..I could not find an option for it in sandbox.

I know how to do it manually from the concerned php file but I am looking for an easy way to switch on/off these sections.


Hi those sections are build using page builder so they can added/removed. Sandbox:

Wonderful Theme. Love the frontend editor.

Thank you, appreciated.

When some one submits a question to the forum does the theme email them when it’s been answered?

The theme doesn’t email for the forum plugin. Check the forum plugin (bbPress) if it has that feature, it is a free plugin.

Hi I have purchased this theme, but facing difficulties in setting it up. How to get the Home page like you have in demo, I am not able to see any Home Template to select while creating page, nor I am getting any metaboxes. Documentation doesn’t provide much insight to all these. Please help ASAP

Its Urgent actually


Ok.. but how to add the Live Search box in Home Page Header.. Ivan can you please guide me through this, because by default I am unable to see the live search box


Header can be set globally in Them Options settings or just per page template (in Header Options metabox). Live search is a widget that can be added to a sidebar, global Header sidebar or any custom sidebar you create and select on page template options.

Thanks Ivan.. :) Appreciate your help, Please never mind my queries as I am very old to Wordpress, but novice to Page Builder in kbase, was not knowing how actually it works. Thanks again :)


How to use shortcodes in Page Builder/Live Composer. I need to create layouts


Hi, please see the documentation folder for Live Composer documentation located in the download package. Regards, Ivan

How do I update my site from Version 1.3 to Version 3.0?

Delete old version and install new version, please read the documentation as the 3.0 has been completely rewritten and requires setup.

I’m sorry – delete what exactly? The wp-content/themes/knowledgepress folder or other? What will happen to all existing posts?

yes delete the above folder or use WP admin to delete and install the theme. Your contend will not be deleted, it is stored in database.

Hi, how can i center align the live-search widget on the home page?

Add custom CSS to options page, you may need modify the following example depending on your home page class:
.home .header-wrapper .live-search {
margin: 0 auto;

Hi, is it possible to show/hide different categories/pages or posts from the live search widget?

Hi, no this is not possible (not without customisation). Regards, Ivan

Will you be updating this for WP 4.0? Thanks J

Hi, not specifically for 4.0 as all should work fine under 4.0

Hi. What page do I assign as the home page and how do I tweak it? Right now my homepage is just the last posts rather than the homepage shown in your demo?

Hi, if you want the main knowledge base page to be also your site home pages then set the page you set under Settings>>PA Knowledge Base>>Knowledge Base Page” as site home page under Settings>>Reading. Ivan

Hi. Probably a very basic question. On the forum section it says “You must be logged in to reply to this topic.” but doesn’t give the users an option to login or create an account to participate. How do I go about doing this? Thanks.

Hi, we don’t develop or support bbPress as such (we add styling for it), see bbpress forums for solutions eg Regards, Ivan

Is possible to create permissions in the Knowledge center, for just a the right person can see the right post. On beginning i just need for inside the knowledge center, don’t need for the rest of the website.

There is no access control feature so you will need third party plugin for that.

This looks like a beautiful theme. Certainly the best one I’ve seen for a knowledge base. However, I noticed in the demo that the buttons on the Shortcodes page, when hovered over, go completely black with the text color also black. Is that a bug in the CSS? Do the short codes provide options for hover color or is there a default or do we have to set that with custom CSS?

Hi, this is a bug, thank you for pointing that out. I will have this fixed, the text should be white on black on hover. Ivan